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Moderated servers

Mastodon generally allows you to view content from and interact with users from any other server in the fediverse. These are the exceptions that have been made on this particular server.

Filtered media

Media files from these servers will not be processed or stored, and no thumbnails will be displayed, requiring manual click-through to the original file:

Server Reason
voluntaryism.club far-right instance

Suspended servers

No data from these servers will be processed, stored or exchanged, making any interaction or communication with users from these servers impossible:

Server Reason
2ar.xyz far-right "free speech" instance
80percent.social affiliated with nazi.social
a.sc nazi, kf-adjacent
amala.schwartzwelt.xyz antisemitism
angrytoday.com far-right bigotry hiding under "free speech"
antivaxxer.icu anti-vax, far-right
archivefedifor.fun fedi scraper instance
artalley.social Child pornography
bae.st nazi shit, lolicon
bajax.us transphobia, racism
beefyboys.win far-right hate speech instance
bleepp.com gab-affiliated
blob.cat federates with far-right instances, allows pedophiles
brasileiros.social bolsonarist
brighteon.social alt-right "free speech" instance
bwzone.xyz far-right "free speech" instance
cawfee.club alt-right nazi instance
censorship.icu far-right "free speech" instance
childlove.space pedos
chudbuds.lol exactly what the name says
cock.fish affiliated with nazi.social
collapsitarian.io antisemitism
contrapointsfan.club Child pornography, federates with far-right instances
counter.fedi.live affiliated with nazi.social
cum.desupost.soy federates with far-right instances
cunnyborea.space nazis, pedophilia
d-fens.systems kiwifarms adjacent
degenerates.fail nazi instance
degooglization.icu far-right "free speech" instance
develop.gab.com far-right instance
djsumdog.com far-right bullshit, covid denial
exited.eu gab-affiliated
fedi.absturztau.be affiliated with nazi.social
fiume.club affiliated with nazi.social
fluf.club neo-nazi kiwifarms-adjacent instance
freeatlantis.com white supremacist/MAGA instance
freespeech.icu far-right "free speech" instance
freespeechextremist.com right-wing + ancap bullshit, BlockNotification mrf
freezepeach.xyz far-right instance
frennet.link neo-nazi instance
gab.ai far-right instance
gab.com far-right instance
gleasonator.com alt-right "free speech" instance
glowers.club transphobia and nazi shit
hallsofamenti.io transphobic harassment
hellsite.site harassment
hentai.baby pedophilia
iddqd.social affiliated with nazi.social
katiehopkinspolitical.icu far-right "free speech" instance
kiwifarms.cc far-right instance
lain.sh racism
letalllovela.in encouraging suicide
liberdon.com ancaps, accounts praising Kyle Rittenhouse
libertarianism.club far-right instance
lol*.****ch nazi-adjacent
lolison.top it's in the name
marsey.club block notification bot
mastinator.com safety risk - block evasion tool, uses fake accounts to follow users & make private posts public
mastodon.scot bastards (police)
mhp.singleuser.club affiliated with nazi.social
midnightride.rs transphobia
monads.online targeted harassment, Stalin apologism
mulmeyun.church transphobic harassment
nazi.social nazi instance
neckbeard.xyz affiliated with nazi.social
newjack.city fediverse-scanning bot-only instance
nicecrew.digital racism, harassment
nnia.space Pedophilia
otr.rocks single-user right-winger instance
pieville.net Nazi instance
pirateradio.social affiliated with nazi.social
pl.anon-kenkai.com pedophilia, nazi shit
pl.moggy.xyz affiliated with nazi.social
pl.slash.cl affiliated with nazi.social
plandemic.icu far-right "free speech" instance
pler.spearman.xyz affiliated with nazi.social
pleroma.dbuild.xyz affiliated with nazi.social
pleroma.mouse.services affiliated with nazi.social
pleroma.soykaf.com nazi instance
poa.st moderation-less alt-right "free speech" instance
political.icu far-right "free speech" instance
pooper.social FSE-adjacent
posting.lolicon.rocks transphobia, pedophilia
povertypimps.xyz far-right "free speech" instance
preteengirls.biz child pornography
projectveritas.icu far-right "free speech" instance
psimon.world fedi scraper bot
pub.getgle.org yet another nazi instance
rage.lol affiliated with nazi.social
rakket.app "free speech" instance, transphobic harassment
rapemeat.shop loli rape porn instance
rdrama.cc kiwifarms-esque nazi instance
relay.freespeechextremist.com nazi instance relay
relay.nazrin.moe nazi instance relay
rino.icu far-right "free speech" instance
rojogato.com racism, transphobia, etc
ryona.agency neo-nazi instance
scamdemic.party affiliated with nazi.social, covid misinfo
scholar.social death threats
seal.cafe nazi instance
search.fedi.app post indexer
shitposter.club far-right instance
shortstackran.ch racism, homophobia, etc
silkhe.art transphobic harassment
skins.gay nazi instance
skippers-bin.com nazi instance
smat-app.com surveillance
social.076.ne.jp nazi
social.bund.de Instance run by German government
social.chadland.net homophobia, right-wing bullshit
social.getgle.org yet another nazi instance
social.here.blue affiliated with nazi.social
social.k3tan.com affiliated with nazi.social
social.lovingexpressions.net Nazi instance
social.midwaytrades.com transphobia
social.piaste.it affiliated with nazi.social
social.pseudo-whiskey.bar Pedophilia
social.quodverum.com right-wing "free speech" instance
social.urspringer.de covid denial
societal.co far-right "free speech" and qanon conspiracy instance
society.kalli.st hate speech
socnet.softgirl.online homophobia, ableist slurs, kf-adj
socnet.supes.com affiliated with nazi.social
spinster.xyz gab-affiliated, terf
squid.kids racism, homophobia, etc.
stereophonic.space federates with far-right instances
terrible.place hate speech, harassment
thecitizen.icu far-right "free speech" instance
theduran.icu far-right "free speech" instance
thepopulist.icu far-right "free speech" instance
threads.net meta/facebook
traboone.com allows racism/hate speech under guise of "free speech"
truthsocial.com alt-right, trump
tucson.claims affiliated with nazi.social
tweety.icu right-wing "free speech" instance
udongein.xyz affiliated with nazi.social
varishangout.net child pornography, harassment, bigotry
voicenews.icu far-right "free speech" instance
weedis.life spam bot instance
wintermute.fr.to affiliated with nazi.social
wurm.host Far-right instance, racism & harassment from admins
yggdrasil.social anti-LGBTQ nazi instance
zefirchik.xyz affiliated with nazi.social
voluntaryism.club far-right instance