What is anarchism.space?

A mastodon instance for social anarchists and libertarian socialists. No anarcho-capitalists or anarcho-primitivists allowed, this is an instance for social anarchists and other libertarian socialists only. User Guide Here

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General Rules

  • In particular, all forms of transphobia, misogyny, homophobia, racism, fat-shaming, ableism, engaging in harassment, and any kind of oppressive slurs are strictly prohibited, and will be dealt with in due course.
  • The server is under United States jurisdiction, as such US internet laws apply here. (For better or worse)
  • Porn and nudity are allowed, with NSFW tag on.
  • Content Warning HAS to be used for the following :
    • violence (text and medias)
    • stories including *phobias (text and medias)
    • sexual content (text and medias)
  • In general, please be kind to other people and try to assume the best
  • If someone isn't following the rules, please report their toot. The rules on this instance are not strict and exist simply to protect users from harassment
  • Admins are: Anarchist Spectacle
  • Moderators are: Comrade JP and cuddlegutz
  • Please donate money to help keep the server up and running. Bitcoin Address: 1LMh1gkFVssCQiEVAArWGR4Ee7jvkfUuzG