Sorry for the few days of down time, the machine crashed again and I have no idea why 😭

Hi everyone, I'm really sorry for the few days of downtime the instance experienced. The disk was full, I had to migrate the instance to a new server but I didn't have much spare time to deal with it until today. Sorry for that again 😣

This instance upgraded to Mastodon 2.8.0rc1.

This release allows us to somewhat reopen our registrations and request invites directly on the main page without having to contact someone on the instance.

This release also adds polls as one of its main features, and plenty of other things. Full changelog below:

Please report any bugs or problem you encounter here as it is still a release candidate.

The instance is gonna stay closed until someone finds a way to get rid of the spam bots is now temporary closed to registrations. However any users from can now invite people to this instance in « Preferences --> Invite people »

someone fucking implements something to not get fucking hundreds of spam, I can't do it anymore..

We now officially have a @Liberapay account for this instance. If you want to donate, feel free to do so.

We are currently experiencing a DDOS attack on our server which is slowing down federation considerably. Access and use of the instance is not affected though.

Sorry for the inconvenience, I'll do my best to mitigate the attack.

- @ChatLibertaire just got upgraded to Mastodon 2.6.1

Major feature: The direct messages column has been remastered

Highlights from the changelog:

The migration is done. If you see anything that doesn't work properly (email, missing image, mixed-up image, …) please report to me

- @ChatLibertaire

Migration done... though there was a problem with the media_attachments directory which, for some reason, wasn't picked up by rsync and is missing so lots of media/pictures are not accessible right now.
This issue is taking care of right now and should be fixed in the coming hour

ok let's actually do something here..

(sorry for the downtime people :/)

Instance going down in 3 .. 2 .. 1 .....

Transphobia, USA politics is going to be down for a few hours either tonight or tomorrow to migrate to a server with more disk space, I wasn't expecting the database to grow this quickly, it's my fault, I'm sorry.
However it should take a lot less time than the previous migration and cause much less problem.

- @ChatLibertaire

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