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very fast doggo

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yet another reminder that I have moved over here -> @postmasterdoggo

Hey if you didn't catch it earlier I'm moving to @postmasterdoggo

Please follow me there!

okay I think ive fixed it

Please follow me over at

Mastodon::HostValidationError on http://localhost:4000/users/postdoggo


now I have a different error >:(

Hey guys, make sure you also follow me over at

so is the matrix room for pleroma actually nonexistant or whats going on

Pleroma server is up but not fully functional

need help from someone who has adminstrated pleroma Show more

oooooooh maybe I can set up a pleroma instance

Maybe I make maildoggo into a mastodon instance!

@Gargron This is Zelda. She's a dog but I mean are you gonna say no to this dog

If you are writing tutorials, please avoid using elements that have been dropped and do not work. It's just confusing and missleading.

- what's updog?
- updog is a new cryptocurrency