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sometimes it seems like this world is breaking down so fast that capitalism and domination will soon be a thing of the past, that it can't possibly continue like this for much longer.

and then you read an article from 1973:

> The time we are now living through is without doubt the most critical period capitalist society has ever known. All the features which we associate with the classic crisis now exist as a permanent state of affairs

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Online forgive me for i have sinned i have said the B-word in this, the most holy of places

also got a possibly busted solar panel, some wire, and a metal toolbox. i'm going to use the busted panel or at least the individual cells for a trash art project

only got 9 from 2 different trees, could have got 3x that with a fruitpicker. i've gotta make a fruitpicker it's just a loop of wire on a stick

real life is messy. assholes are great at obeying the letter of the law and hiding behind process. flexibility and context are important

the kind of people who read tyranny of structurelessness and invent a cursed rule-based mirror image of the same power dynamic

scored some low-hanging avocado from the giant trees next to the transfer station

edgy 90s counterculture: kill your tv
2edgy4me2019: i'm baby

saw this in the fake pepsi logo design doc from 2008 that inspired the redesign your logo lemon demon song and thought this logo was a bit too obviously fake but it's real (what is reality?)

extremely fake history vibes:

> Originally created and developed in 1893 by Caleb Bradham and introduced as Brad's Drink

it's ok numbers aren't real they can't hurt you

cursed forever to be the same age as neilcic. condemned to get all the jokes



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