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> Underlying all this is a profoundly important phenomenon: all human life, from the very beginning of its development within capitalist society, has undergone an impoverishment. More than this, capitalist society is death organized with all the appearances of life. Here it is not a question of death as the extinction of life, but death-in-life, death with all the substance and power of life. The human being is dead and is no more than a ritual of capital.

construction on the sonic pallet wall will commence shortly

hearing distant amplified sound makes me go full anti-technology

too many movies about robots, not enough movies about ghosts and satanic rituals in rural ireland

somebody to the southwest was blasting whitney houston out of nowhere at 22:00 a moment ago. now it's some other song i can't place

pg&e shuts off people's power all the time for being poor but it only makes the news when rich people who live in the hills get shut off too for a change

there's a very blissed out kitty on my lap right now

bug milk 

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tech industry innovators be like what if your light bulb was the cops

very satisfying seeing photos of people smashing up fare gates

all i want is a society organized around elaborately impractical contraptions

can't tell if XR is pro or anti extinction at this point

imagine organizing production of an "economy" according to "value" whatever that is

the only "immortal science" is whatever kind of egypt magic they had in the first mummy movie

had to explain why many of them support bashar al-assad which is another example of something nobody should have to know or explain

i had to explain tankies to someone today. nobody should have to explain that.

faucet is primed and working great. surprised that i didn't have to fiddle with more to get everything working well but it's based on the design i used for our other water system which is already proven. to prime the faucet i poured a jar of water into the tube instead of sucking it down because the tube is pretty wide and i was getting too much air in the line otherwise

planted ~100 peanuts under little pots. i'll take the pots out in ~4-8 weeks? that seems to be how long they take to germinate

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