I'm so proud of my older cat for being 100% ready to protect her adopted younger sibling if she's ever in trouble

Really tired of people acting like theres a big difference between trans men and cis men. Men are men. Stop treating trans men like they're "men lite" and thus get special access to female culture.

Everyone has a right to identify as they wish. We have no time for gatekeeping nonsense!!

Try to have fun today, beautiful people.

Fun is the ultimate expression of liberty. Authoritarians hate people having fun.

It's even more amazing since Lilith's previous owner told us that she doesn't get along with other cats but here we are. Two new cats in Lilith's life and one she at the very least tolerates and the other she's ready to defend from any threats.

It's still kind of funny to me how whenever I go to my dad's place with my cats my oldest cat will always become the "boss", even though we're technically in dad's cat's territory.

Don't get me wrong, all three of the cats get along, but Lilith always makes it clear that she's the one who sets the rules and the kids just go with it.

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cops n security guards in sweden r assaulting brown people every goddam day on the tube on the bus in the street... obv they assault white ppl too but brown ppl especially at risk of police violence... and even just ignoring police brutality cops still fullfill the same societal role in sweden as in america: to uphold the current status quo, to enforce social hierarchy, to protect the capitalists and their property+capital. cops r cops no matter where they live.

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Anarchists in mainstream media: I WANT THE WORLD TO BE LIKE DARK SOULS
Anarchists IRL: I want the world to be like Animal Crossing

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re something I was thinking about recently. I feel anarchists in their social and activist lives should put a lot more focus on personal wellbeing, and shift it away from "pure" and martyresque sacrifice for a cause. is the world we're working towards one where people feel obligated and socially pressured to destroy themselves for others? I don't think that's a world I want to be a part of. I dont think that a world that can function.

If you believe in human rights then you must also believe that everyone should have access to free food, water, shelter, health care, etc.

If people have an inherent right to live then they also have the right to the things necessary to live. If people have the right to the things they need to live then there's literally no justification to deny people access to these things just because they don't have enough wealth.

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You know what is better than full employment?

Abolishing work.

That’s the world I want to...work toward.

and you better believe I'll only dress the protagonist as demi-fiend! atlus give us a mainline dancing game one day plz

ok so I know persona 5 dancing in star light has no plot and is just mindless fun but man did I need it right now

every day I'm more convinced that cats are the true rulers of the planet

As cute as it is to be woken up by a cat licking your face and trying to use her nose to lift your face up I still would have wanted to sleep a little bit longer

when you see that lil pouch of fat on your cat's belly and you must


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