This one bat at the zoo decided to be extra for some reason 😄

(Wrong guesses only...)

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We need to emphasize, over and over again, that the United States is neither a real democracy, nor a fully free society. That is propaganda.

When you look at what the American people actually want- jobs with livable wages, affordable housing and education, bodily autonomy, higher taxation on the rich, clean air and water- and you look at what our supposed leaders and courts do- working hard to deliver the opposite- it is plain we live in something more closely resembling an occupied country.

Yesterday I ran into someone with a bunch of cool zines who told me about a queer/trans zine fest happening soon, which I hadn't heard about - was upset bc I figured it was mostly only advertised on instagram, doh!

But then I looked it up and realized, yknow, I'm not into the kind of zines that mostly only get sold for $5-10 bucks at zine fests with official venues, sponsors, and an acceptance process.

I'm into anti-work zines that you leave in the break room, zines about direct action that you hand out at protests, and zines about burning cop cars that you slip into corporate newspaper boxes.

I wanna see the stuff you photocopied with a stolen code at kinkos (and then, maybe, you sewed together while watching @subMedia, if you really want it to look pretty) - not the stuff you paid $50 to make 10 copies off.


Kinda mad that Bandcamp doesn't have an "audio tape" quality setting.

This Greasemonkey script automates downloading your #BandCamp music collection, in the format of your choice.

I've been using it for years. Don't forget to download everything in FLAC or ALAC format! (So you have it in a lossless format that you can transcode as you please in the future.)


Heaven is full of bartenders who opened me a bomber of Arrogant Bastard long after it was clear I was fucking done and should have no more.

Weirdly there's yet another mantis in the same area and it's even cuter

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I just filed an appeal to the US Department of Education requesting they cancel my federal student debt using HEA authority. You should too. Use the Student Debt Release Tool at

Please boost and share widely elsewhere too.

#StudentLoan #DebtStrike #Strike


Oh yeah! Christmas came early. Can’t wait to “properly display” them!

Just took another look at the terms that ended the writers' strike and what stands out to me is that the total value of the deal is $233 million/year. To put that into perspective: Disney's streaming revenues were $5.5 billion *last quarter* and Netflix's profit was $1.5 billion *last quarter*

Upshot: the studios and streamers shut down production over a friggin rounding error on their accounting spreadsheet. smdh.

In retrospect you probably shouldn't go up against writers in a contest of who can keep doing something longer while not making any money.

Celebrate with @BikeEastBay at its annual Biketopia member party, silent auction, and fundraiser! 🚲

Thursday, October 5 | 5 - 8 pm
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#Google is trying again to convince you, YES YOU, to contribute for free to Google Maps.
Please don't.
It is 100% #proprietary, Google has full control over the data you added and people can only access Google Maps over proprietary channels where Google dictates the rules. This gives them too much power.

Contribute to #OpenStreetMap instead, it's a project by the community, for the community.

#OSM #GoogleMaps #PSA #scam #capitalism #OpenData

going back to college just so I can pull out my Crayola Alphabetical Horror. Hey, it's allowed on exams!

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I guess it's bad to not look like you urgently have to be somewhere so you do a big performative thing of it to anyone near you? This thing where NYers charge you the moment they can see you is a recurring thing.

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Walking, I see this thing over and over where there's someone apparently doing nothing or with no where to be, who will aggressively walk three paces a random directly, stop, rotate a random number of degrees, walk two or three paces that direction, and keep doing that. You can watch them as you approach from a block away. But as soon as you're in range, they dart straight at you (have to be in front suddenly now that there's a human there?), like the old ceiling Metroid enemies.

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