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VOICE ACTORS! We are currently hard at work on pre-production for season 2 and we would love to meet some new voice actors! Please check out our form in the next tweet if any of the following apply to you: 1/2

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*144 new anti-trans bills introduced since january 1st*

gay normies: we need to educate people and show them we’re just like them!

all my friends:

We're running a giveaway to help ATL comrades grabbed by the cops. Head to atlsolidarity.org and give $5 per pack you'd like, then to acab.industries and pick them out 💜

#StopCopCity #Tort #ACAB #Stickers #Antifa #Atlanta #Solidarity

An enormous study of data on 3,814,479 participants (888,463 cases and 2,926,016 controls) found that #COVID19 increases the risk of:
Rheumatoid arthritis 198%
Ankylosing spondylitis 221%
Mixed connective tissue disease 214%
Systemic lupus erythematosus 199%
Inflammatory bowel disease 78%
Celiac disease 168%
Type 1 diabetes 168%
Mortality 20%

This isn't just "the flu." Please stay up to date on recommended boosters and #WearAMask.


This article, from the August 26, 1967 Minneapolis Star, tells the story of a 17-year-old who went on a 5,600-mile (9,000 km) trip through western Canada & southern Alaska.

Happy #BicycleBirthday to Richard Dean Anderson (best known as TV's MacGyver)!
#BornOnThisDay January 23

It's weird, as a librarian, to have to have conversations with yourself about how far you would go. Would I be willing to go to jail for 30 days because I did the right thing and refused to take LGBTQ books off the shelves? Could my family afford me not working for 30 days for doing the right thing? Would I still have a job afterward? Would I be able to maintain my clearances to work with children if I had been to jail for 30 days for not removing allegedly sexually explicit books from shelves?

You can all do whatever you like, but I'm not boosting things clearly hitting on trauma without a content warning.

I'm older so I remember things. Everything you see happening today should be understood this way:

The top tax rate used to be 90% in order to prevent the really rich from destroying democracy.

The corporate tax rate was 50% because corporations exist to serve society.

AND the inheritance tax was really high to keep family dynasties from gaining power over us.

#taxes #democracy

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