underwear selfies, translucent crop top 

underwear selfies, more lewd and full of tits 

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Progressive: Since I can't find a mask to wear, people keep telling me to just wear a bandanna, but I don't even have one of those. Why do you all have bandannas?

Me: If you just think about this one for a few seconds I'm sure it'll come to you.

Mi volas manĝi... 'La Sandviĉo / The Sandwich – English & Esperanto Short Film' youtu.be/3sx19jiB9mE

lewd, flirty 

I am seeing lots of art pieces on the instance not having image description.

If this is not a pure impossibility to you, please do describe your images, there is a function in mastodon especially for that.

It can be extremely helpful for blind people, neuroatypical people, and so on.

It's ok to sometimes forget but please do.
The fonction has been implemented for a reason.

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an explanation of the difference between gender and sex 

Mi volas komenci vlogon en Esperanto pri fotographio. Mi povas paroli pri kiel fari bonan foton, kaj mi povas montri al vi kiel procezi foton.

Kaj, mi esperas ke homplenaj lokoj estos senhomaj, kaj tio faros interesan arton.

Race has historically been specific. It was never about this general, this "oh we used to treat people differently based on skin color," no, it's about one group of people enforcing and maintaining a material dominance over other specific groups. That's what's real.

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