How many of y'all have just completely eliminated email from your life?

I've had my own email domain and email address for a decade, and maybe it's just time to give up and accept Gmail. I'm frequently sending replies to companies that message me directly but then auto spambox my replies.

I often can't even email my friends because gmail is too fucking agressive with the spam filters.


I don't know. Maybe just fuckit.

@aral I really urge you to try gitea. It's a single executable and a config file, it runs on SQLite and it's using about 100MB of RAM for a single tenant installation. Been using it for years and never had a problem with it. Seriously.😄

And like @humanetech mentions, there are efforts to make it federated.

Realizing that the thing that I hate about the reformulated Ravenloft is that the people "imprisoned" in the Dread Domains aren't the dark lords being "punished", but the people they somehow still rule.

Like, fuck, WOTC, you just reproduced all the eras of Earth.

folks: got any advice on switching entirely from pulseaudio to pipewire with a bluetooth headset?

My headset is paired to both of my machines, but I also try to keep it connected to only one machine at a time. I switch the connection a few times throughout the day.

I think I'll start with my avr adventures.

I'll post Glimmer after I've translated it 100% to Esperanto (because fuck appropriative tech bros).

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Realized last night that I can just put my git repositories up on my server with no web interface. Interested parties can just `git clone https://...`. No need to feed the overwhelming gitlab/github ecosystem, and no need to self-host something like gitea when my 99.9% use case is solo development...

And now my brain is just fucking toast. Focus? Focus is for productive people.

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So in the last few days I...

- set up a Minecraft server and built a small house for when my partner logs in
- wrote some animation code for the SK9822 pixels that I bought
- extracted more components from an old project into the Glimmer widget library
- ran a role playing game
- processed several photos
- cooked and cleaned

wtf? Is this what it's like to have energy?

Trying to imagine going back to 1985 and telling someone their computer would eventually have eight multi-gigahertz cores, and yet the cursor would still lag behind you while you type

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Felt like a minor celebrity in a niche corner of a dying social media platform, might delete later

This is the Anti-Gas Kettle. It's for deactivating tear gas shells.

Yes, the video uses generic smoke bombs, but they fulfill a good substitute by having a similar emission time and also get neutralized by water.

Its free, 3D printable, and 100% for the people.

🫖Please RT. 🫖

Have any of you ever used USI on an AtTiny 85? I was trying to last night, trying to manually left-shift data out of USIDR, but wasn't getting any results.

I don't have an oscilloscope, why do you ask? (actually, I ordered one, but companies in business don't take over a week to charge someone's credit card usually...)

Dotstars arriving today. Soldering iron will come out. Imma play High Frontier with my friends while also hacking multi-color lights.

"As we say in Germany, if there’s a Nazi at the table and 10 other people sitting there talking to him, you got a table with 11 Nazis." - Dr Jens Foell

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