I had a dance class yesterday and I have muscles letting me know they exist and I'm like "wait, what, you mean to say I don't use you all the time???"

I've been around the block a few times, so here's something I can state with confidence.

The quality of a software developer is not whether they can thrive in a shit environment created for them.

It is whether they can create an environment that new developers can thrive in.

Malkovras cxi-nokte ke GTK uzas CSS por stili ingredienjojn.

Tremu kun timo!!!

Do we have Indian #QueerMastodon yet? Shall we boost this hashtag and get connected?

I actually hate being a consultant.

But going to work for a traditional company means getting trapped in tech that a hate for building a product that I hate Al while having people younger than 30 tell me, an enby who has been coding for 30 years, that they know better for me.

As a consultant, at least I get to move on from toxic situations pretty easily.

the right to

- wear whatever clothes you want
- name yourself whatever you want
- cut your hair however you like
- and in general conform or refuse to conform to gender norms

without fear of violence or discrimination

Collaboration with ICE and the MIC is not vendor neutrality -- it's intentional participation in fascism. Full stop.

I love being awake early in the morning but I hate getting up early in the morning.

After several weeks of illness, I have written a new round of weekly ramblings. I talk about Go, a new machine, and Hollow Knight.


job hunting near Boston, boosts OK! 

Finally feeling well enough for flirting, but not enough to do anything with it.

But I'm *cute*.

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