I swear to god one day I'm going to make a startup that makes one and only one product. A printer. A laser printer. Solid as a rock. Always works. No stupid bullshit. No finicky drivers. Accepts PDFs, plain text, and Postscript.

And then I'm going to replace Cups with something that isn't complete shite.


I watch other people's videos, and it all looks like "briefly touch the contact point with the iron, briefly touch it with the solder, take away the iron and the solder and everything is perfect."

When I do it, it's briefly touch with the iron, touch with the solder, wait for the solder to melt, put some more solder in, take both away, there's nothing on the perfboard and it's all wicked up the iron. And the perfboard is burnt.

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Perfboard soldering remains extremely hard.

I think tonight I'll post a video showing what's going on with just the question WTF am I doing wrong???

Trying to pay more attention to my Esperanto account and less to my English account. Come learn Esperanto and talk about nerdy things with me!

You ever avoid generating uuids because you know they're a finite resource and don't want to contribute to using them all up?

Someone who looks like this rides up next to you on a bike, smiles, and says hi. What do you say?

Oh you're an alpha male? That explains your low penetrating power

You're out playing basketball and then suddenly hundreds of bikers roll up and start watching.

Partner is going to be gone for a week.

Going to deep clean the house, watch all the movies she doesn't like, and cook all the foods she doesn't like.

Who can relate?

Alternatives to Google Docs? Anybody?

(Boosts are cool.)

Fuck it, we're training the replacement AI Supreme Court on uplifted elephant data (only way to avoid human bias and dolphins are assholes).

It's not like AI Uplifted Elephant Supreme Court Justices could be worse for our American friends...

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I mean, whose brilliant idea was it to delegate SMTP server authentication to the IMAP server?

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Email servers are so fucking hard to set up it's no wonder everyone just uses gmail.

Sometimes I wonder if it would be easier to just re-implement from scratch.

Folks need that paycheck, when you are at one end of a gross power asymmetry, agreement isn't really agreement.
If your ask involves a fail-state that shows a complete disregard for the well-being of another person- that person is never going to trust you or your judgment again.

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a) I don't really know what happens here
b) I don't know how to explain to a child what 5V means

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What does it mean that an Arduino provides 5V on the voltage source line? What happens with voltage and current if that source gets directly attached to ground?

Are Arduino circuits normally a bit unstable? Even having moved from breadboard to perfboard, I'm still getting occasional spurious signals. And i came across a place far from power and all the data lines where me touching the Arduino will cause a reset.

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