I made a video illustrating a problem I'm having with a 74LS161A module while building Ben Eater's .

If you are electrically inclined, I would appreciate your opinion on the behavior that I'm seeing.


idea: first episode of a show we show a black witch re-casting an HRT spell.

"A year and a day, should be permanent now."

And then the show moves on. Not entirely ignoring that she's trans but not exclusively focusing on it either. Sometimes it matters more that she's a woman, sometimes that she's black, sometimes that she's trans, mostly that she's a witch.

Stories about our struggles are important but sometimes you just wanna see trans gals living their lives.

The Esperanto for 'Veneration' is 'Respektego.'

I wonder how many donations I can make today before my bank or Paypal flags my account for fraud.

Or the FBI comes down on my head.


People's Breakfast Oakland needs money for bail for 98 black protestors: twitter.com/PeoplesBreakOak

Also, Massachusetts Bail Fund: massbailfund.org

A few more weeks and I will have a new job and I will hopefully never have to touch this bullshit ever again.

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That feeling when a soldering iron, resistors, and capacitors would be more fun than the godforsaken programming language/broken abstraction that I'm required to use at work *COUGH* RAILS *COUGH*

The text "simple" in any library name is almost definitely a warning sign that the library will completely drop you on your ass once you're 100% entangled with it but needing to do something just the tiniest bit out of the ordinary.

selfies, ec, suggestive 

NSFW, nudity, genitals, self, ec 

life hack: technically, it's not "premarital" sex if you never marry

non-tech people give absolutely no cares about how technically or infrastructurally bad something is as long as it just works

they'll almost always choose whichever solution gets them from zero to doing in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of friction

making things easy is sometimes hard & foss devs tend to consider those users "lost causes" instead of considering their needs

My tablets and phones all have termux installed, but that's going away now.

I have been using only Nix on Droid for the last 1-2 months or so. It's *amazing*.


Mi kreis nur-esperantan ensaluton! @savanni!

@Irizanjo, @persi, @kittybecca@esperanto.masto.host, mi sekvos vin el tie!

Ĉi-ensaluto eble igos nur-anglan.

Hodiaŭ, mi pensas ke mi faros nur esperantan ensaluton. Mi trovas pli mergi en Esperanton, do mi eble estos komforta per la lingvo.

@persi @hlb

Nu, jen tiu ĉi-supre:

Dormu, mia ĝojo, ekdormu
En la domo estingiĝis lumoj
Nenio pordo knaras

Museto dormas malantaŭ la forno
Birdetoj ekdormis en ĝardeno
Fiŝetoj ekdormis en lageto.
Fermu tuje viajn okulojn
Dormu, mia ĝojo, dormu.

Io tia. La duono de la teksto estas karesaj diminutivoj. 😂

The idea that Rails "just works" is pretty much the silliest idea I've ever encountered in computing.

@Irizanjo Mi ankaŭ kroĉetas. Mi volas montri al vi... projecto de eterneco...

Mi kroĉetas vintron version de mia preferata apertosvetero.

Mi pensas ke mi finos ĝin por la sekvanta vintro.

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