I really need to find a group of people to have online evening social or activity time with.

Activities could be certain video games, role playing, hack sessions... *something*.

The isolation involved in this pandemic is *killing* me at this point.

I have the goal of going paper-free by the end of the year. Exceptions made for things that come in through the mail, or those cases where I have to deal with an entity that must have paper.

Over the next eight months I'm going to be asking questions towards that goal.

I'm still defining my needs, but the first one is:

Almost all data can go into one application and is stored in a non-proprietary manner.

Right now, that happens to be Hugo, with images in the static directory.

I am searching for something...

and I don't know what it is, but it probably involves caffeine.

I wanna see more Xenia art rather than that crap bloody penguin


Srsly folks a big part of why I use Linux is because it's fast as heck, and Tux, bless him, does not look like a particularly nippy creature

Hi, y'all.

I've been gone a long time. I have no idea what's been going on here. Going to take some time to just read for a while.

Over the last few days I've gotten more active on my @savanni account, writing something like Numenera microfiction. Except maybe it's not microfiction in 500 letters. Or if (as today), it went beyond that and became two separate posts.

A few pictures from yesterday (and sunrise this morning, thanks to an early wakeup call from tanker wake).

By "hate" I mean

ho hum, another day, another 'splainer *yawn*

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I really hate how there are tech communities that claim to be "open and welcoming", while simultaneously bros will come out in droves to tell me how I'm doing things wrong without any significant context.

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Posted an assembly question on Stack Overflow.

Got mansplained about how "the C compiler is better at making assembly than I am".

Fucker, I wouldn't have spent hours figuring out how to write assembly if the C compiler was generating what I needed. 🖕

I have a question about inline assembly, gcc, and AVR microcontrollers. Well... tangentially AVR.


Please excuse my while I *reboot* *my* *system* to unwedge the bluetooth driver.

2020 and rebooting like it's Windows 95.

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This just in:

Bluetooth on Linux is still complete garbage.

Pulseaudio on Linux is still complete garbage.

I know, I know... I brought it upon myself by using Linux.

In this house, it's the very androgynous, non binary, "ew get that gender off of me" individual who keeps dressing high femme...

Although g++ was only preventing me from using simavr.

The *actual* bug was that the uart code I was including was allocating memory outside of the device memory range. I don't know if that was a bug in how I was using it or in how the code works.

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Had a brainstorm. Went back and fixed the program.

Moral of the story: don't use g++ unless really necessary.

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Another con: don't have any bare chips, and only my arduino nano has icsp headers.

Think maybe I'll order perfboard and header pins so I can build icsp backpacks for my trinkets and maybe the feathers. Not sure what I'll do about the flora given its weird form factor.

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Spent some hours today soldering together a usbtiny isp programmer, then more hours trying to make it work.

Pros: no more need to figure out which parameters and how many goats I need to sacrifice to avrdude to talk to an arduino boot loader.

Cons: haven't figured out how to put a program on my nano. Without overwriting the boot loader. Which actually wouldn't matter too much to me if the programs ran, but I can't figure out what's wrong in my ten lives of code.

Hi, I've returned because I turn into an attention seeker when the world fucking sucks and I get depressed about it.

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Went back to twitter because that's where I found it easiest to find out what was going on with the protests over the last few months.

And now regretting my life choices. Like, the only sanity there today is Emily and the two guys who make Hella Black Podcast.

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