Why do smoke detectors have so many false alarms?

Especially at night when you don't really want to stay awake to verify that yes, in fact, it was safe to silence it???

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*artistly transes your Calvin* redd.it/q9iqts

Spent a bit of last night and this morning trying to containerize my Matrix server and a Discord bridge for it.

I haven't done much with Docker in a long time, but bootstrapping up necessary files in docker is actually very challenging. Getting there, though.

Not sure how I'll write deployment scripts, or even best practice for populating the volume container that Matrix and the Discord bridge will share.

Programmers stop assuming the Linux Standard Base challenge, 2021

(looking at the entire node ecosystem, which is remarkably hostile to Nix)

This is why DevOps people like Golang: self-contained, statically linked executables.

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I have nerd snipped myself and analysis paralysised myself into thinking about containerization of a node app in a DevOps space.

I want to install a matrix to discord bridge on my server. It is a node app, but i don't want node dependencies scattered around the system. So... Nix or Docker? This is what I'm thinking.

Oh, and, i should probably containerize the python ecosystem that is Synapse, as well...

Rigardu la strigoj sur tiu ĉi konstruaĵo. Aspektas kiel Duo sekvas min ĉie, kaj volas mortiĝi min. 😳

Hodiaŭ estas Lundo, Oktobro 2, 2021, en la Internacia Fiksita Kalendaro.

452.43km restanta

Hieraŭ estis Dimanĉo, Oktobro 1, 2021, en la Internacia Fiksita Kalendaro.

Celo: Biciklado 500km en 28 tagoj

484.51km restanta

pride selfie, boosts good 

waiting for the parade to start

Oh, yeah, also my Matrix server is stable now, so I'm @savanni:luminescent-dreams.com.

Plus, I've created a space for chatting about Numenera and the Cypher System. matrix.to/#/#ninth-world:lumin

Stream is getting stale. Looking for interesting queers to follow to help out with FOMO when i try to ignore Twitter.

Providence Bike Jam tonight.

First time I've made it, it's really nice to be amongst a ton of bikers.

Tonight is a protest, because a bunch of business are trying to get a not quite complete bike blvd on S. Water Street ripped out. So we made a hundred bikers very visible, and then descended upon a beer garden that supports the lane.

I got ice cream at a food truck that thrives on foot traffic.

A good time has been had.

Okay, here's the deal for my programming empire.

don't laugh.

- Monorepo for all of the projects I am not or have not published. A nix expression for installing that.
- Libraries or apps that I publish get their own repositories. Also pushed to crates.io (if appropriate). And added to nixpkgs. And have a nix derivation for installing them.
- Everything is GPL.
- Also, programming in Esperanto.

That's it. That's how I'm organizing.

The Nix part is harder than the Esperanto part.

Now that I'm starting to think of open sourcing (and GPL-ing) my projects again, I'm starting to regret having gone to a monorepo last year.

Bunch of history is gonna be lost. But how valuable, really, is that history???

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