Let me be clear.

Preaching non-violence to communities that are under constant threat of racist, bigoted and hateful violence is siding with bigots. You are protecting people that are causing harm.

If this thought clashes with your personal ethics, then your personal ethics allow bigots to continue to harm people with no consequence.

You are a part of the problem.

Don't call them "racist memes". "Meme" subliminally reduces the seriousness.

They're Propaganda. We all know that term. Call that shit out.

Propaganda. Neo-nazi, right wing, Republican propaganda.

Over the weekend I pushed a new version of my time series library:


Not very exciting update, but there is now documentation!

Emseries is a Rust library that allows applications to store time series data in a structure append-only file. I made it for collecting data on the level of an individual human, such as my various workouts.

The sixth annual international Gender Census 2019 is now open until 25th March!


It's for anyone whose genders (or lack thereof) aren't described by the M/F binary. It's short and easy, and the results are useful in academia, business, and self-advocacy.

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Picard management tip: When you've gotten enough sleep, an impossible task becomes an interesting challenge.

@jacethechicken a law does not replace morality and an unjust law should not be followed.

If you are ever on a jury (USA) you should absolutely follow your personal jurisprudence and not hesitate to exercise jury nullification.


Q: but who *is* a woman, really?
me: anyone who says they are, dammit, I will fight you on this one
Q: and how about you, are you a woman?
also me: [shrug] i dunno, you tell me

Gonna start giving writing tests in technical interviews for programmers.

No more fizzbuzz or "reproduce some famous person's PhD work on the fly on a whiteboard while being stared at". Just "write the docs for this chunk of prewritten code".

"Instead of 'a socialist in every office,' a much more interesting and urgent call-to-action would be a union in every workplace (and prison!). A tenant union in every apartment building. A student union in every school. A mass assembly in every working class neighborhood. These are the building blocks for winning victories now and the foundation for a future society beyond capitalism and the state."


Starbucks has more effectively positioned itself as a lifestyle brand than you tend to see outside of clothing labels, decor, or automotive. so to start, it can't be understated how they've simply threaded the needle on "tasteful" branding in a manner that should be impossible for any service establishment with 9 billion locations. but they've made a lot of correct choices in terms of capitalism.

consider how Christmas time (and the holiday season) is the apex of people having warm fuzzy feelings that overlap with commerce. Starbucks have been fucking wizards at creating associations between their seasonal beverages and people's warm associations with that particular time of year. you may not get the full brunt of it there, but for the past fucking decade in the states it is an annual cultural event when Starbucks brings their Pumpkin Spice Latte back to the menu as our nation's de facto herald of the holidays to come. And then consider that every Starbucks puts out albums of Christmas music to sell --and it actually generates revenue because people's connection with the brand is strong enough they can trust Starbucks to curate their holiday aesthetic with full faith.

So I could go on with that topic, but i will leave it as "brand establishing sorcery" the likes that most businesses can't even wildly dream about.

Additionally there is Starbucks' "third space" role. This is the self applied term for being neither home nor work, but a place where you would reasonably propose to conduct professional or social business and everyone would find it normal and nonobjectionable.

On an average day you will find church groups, couples on dates, and people conducting job interviews, all just tables apart in a Starbucks. they have deliberately set out to encourage folks to just do whatever the fuck they need to do in the confines of a Starbucks provided they buy a little cup of coffee with massive profit margin.

People joke about how ubiquitous Starbucks locations are. but it's less about coffee and more that we've ceded "the public square" to a company that promises us soothing aesthetics, a predictable menu, milquetoast jazz, and sugary beverages served up by very cute young employees.

in conclusion Starbucks is a land of contrasts.

my power is out and I don't wanna get out of bed to shower because I'm sure there's no hot water send help.

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children are our future

investors, parents, policymakers: *nods and murmured agreement*

our schools must prepare them to build that future

IPP: *cautious applause*

how can our schools help us bring about a classless society where people are valued for caring for one another and developing their genuine interests?

IPP: *howling, torn between hurling articles at the stage and fleeing in a panicked mob*

Ilhan Omar was "fact checked" for correctly noting the McDonald's median worker pay is $7,000, which she contrasted against the $21.8 million made by the McDonalds CEO.

Politifact decided that if you only look at full time workers in the US, they make $12,200.

So it's $12,200 vs $21.8 million instead of $7,000 vs $21.8 million.

Nothing she said was incorrect, nothing about the "correction" changed the overall thrust of her point. But Politifact still rated it mostly false.


Also Boomers: this Facebook ad from patriottruthliberty728477892 says that the a-rabs want to make our children homosexual and force everyone to speak immigranteese, sounds right to me

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