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A whole bunch of people have followed me recently, so I should probably make some notices...

- If you are a co-worker, *please* unfollow me. This is an NSFW account.
- I hate Trump voters and consider them mostly irredeemable.
- I'm 99% nerd and only slightly human
- Also, very trans
- Most of my posting, if I post, is on my Esperanto account. I'm still looking for people to talk nerdy in Esperanto with.
- I'm easier to talk to on Matrix. Sorry.

An important point here: far more people are harmed by software that is built correctly and functioning as intended than they are by any number of bugs. Excellent work in service of awful goals is a much harder ethical question to even notice is in play than software errors in high-stakes situations.

This pretty much explains the Fediverse

Share this post and if you can, post a comment because, genuinely I woke up this morning to a staggering number of shares and favourites.

The comments PROVE Mastodon is the place where common decency is being restored. I feel hopeful for the future.

What lovely people you all are.

Comment to be part of this new town square, or as I like to think of it, our tearoom. And add me, I'm going to be brewing lots of tea.

That "smart lighting" from Philips is about to spy on you in new ways you can't control -- naturally the company is claiming it's to protect you. This is Trump-level lying.

The places I'm trying to build will not require one to swear allegiance to only one part of their identity because that's fucked up. None of us are just one thing. People are complicated.

The communities I want to contribute to and create will allow people to be their full selves without picking and choosing what is acceptable.

To reduce people to easily digestible chunks is an act of dehumanization and gross violence, which are traits of whiteness and colonialism.

Some people may not agree with my methods, and that's fine.

But I'm always going to fight for people who want to be free.

And I'm never going to stop. Ever.

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Having an "rm -rf" thank Lovelace I have backups kind of evening.

I would like to restart my programming live stream, but I don't really want to stream on the big corporate networks (Twitch and Youtube).

Format: 1 hour (or so) a week of me noodling around on a project. Making mistakes, correcting them. Trying to solve a very focused problem in that time.

I have the goal of having 5 to 10 regular viewers and interacting with them so that I'm not just talking to dead air.

a) what network should I use?
b) should I abandon this as not interesting?

Please help my server federate by looking at this picture of a frog thank you 🙏

Yes, you can ditch #GoogleMaps now..

#OrganicMaps is here. Use it while offline and feel good about a #privacy-respecting app that doesn't suck you dry of your personal information. Based on #OpenStreetMap this app is gonna blow #Google #Maps out of the water (hopefully ;)

Code for America just fired a bunch of people engaged in union activity so always remember that organisations nominally supporting the public good are not necessarily good

yeah, I have no marketing money, but I have considered stuff like offering temporarily lower fees for "partner" artists. And I've already been offering high-touch setup.

I think a big issue right now is that it just takes time for people to ramp themselves up to move their comms over to Banchan, and I think a lot of people might also be very wait-and-see.

Plus, I don't personally have a big artist network so it's hard to know who to reach out to. I feel like it's so inappropriate to randomly reach out to artists I've commissioned before :<

#dnd tip from the archive: Add rumors to your secrets and clues. You never know what you might learn when hanging around down at the docks.

having too much fun designing my sigil-based magic system
- if you cast spells by making and breaking shapes and patterns it lets you build artifacts that do it for you with complex (and simple) mechanisms
- turns out you can apply object oriented programming concepts to magic
- im at the point where im trying to work out the average spellcasters mana supply in kilojoules lmao

If you want me to change how I write my articles, you can pay me an eye-watering amount of money per article (more than I will ever make off of any individual article, even a super-banger).

Got a pen display for my laptop. Plugged it in. Instantly worked with (except some weirdness with the shortcut buttons not always working).

Sure, it won't make me a better artist, but it is a night and day difference when it comes to cursor control.

Can any of you folks tell me the object name of the app menu (shown in the first picture below)? I thought I could set it up by creating a Menu object and attaching it to the app in the startup callback, but I'm still just getting the default menu.

Note: this is a libadwaita App and a libadwaita window. I've seen that the behaviors between the libadwaita versions and the base gnome versions aren't quite the same.

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