Tre ĉarma filmeto. Estas bonege ke iu elspezas monon por fari filmeton kun veraj aktoroj en esperanto.

Is there a reasonable way, in terms of technology, copyright, and honoring an artist, to overlay a language translation atop an existing comic?

Selfie, eye contact, :boost_ok:, :flirts_ok:​ 

Steam havas tradukan servon, se ĝi ne havas Esperanton:

Steam havas du Esperantajn grupojn, sed ili estas neaktiva:

Ĉu iu aliĝus kun mi se mi provas revigligi la grupojn?

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what was the best deploy system you've ever worked with like?

how did you trigger deploys & observe success/failure?

what did you like about it? what didn't you like about it?

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I have a ZenHub board for one of my open source projects.

Can people not in the organization install the ZenHub plugin and see the board? Can they edit my board?

Rails is the proverbial third rail of a long-lived project.

Have I really experienced the day if I haven't experienced unbound hatred of Rails?

This woman is next-level. This is what I want from my presidential candidates: run on policy.

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AAPI communities include nearly 50 diverse racial and ethnic groups, yet the aggregated data we collect hides that some AAPI families are hanging on by their fingernails. This is a civil rights issue, and I've got a plan to fix it.

Komputiloj faras ĝuste tion, kion oni diras al ili fari... de milionoj personoj, kiuj ne komunikas unu kun la alia kaj ofte malamas unu la alian.

Computers do exactly what they're told. By a million people who don't communicate with one another and frequently hate each other.

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