good morning (or whatever part of the day is where you are) πŸ˜€ that first sip of coffee in the morning tastes so good...

I just did some quick analysis of my discussion with the Greek fascists on Twitter - I wrote 35 tweets, got 70 direct replies (plus a bunch of indirect) and refuted all their arguments with logic.. it was fun and it pissed them off a lot, because they think the whole world is with them..

my bf told me the other day that when i argue with fascists on twitter that I am excited in the same way as when I am crushing the enemy when playing AgeOfEmpires πŸ˜‚

I just spent a couple of hours fighting over Greek foreign policy towards Macedonia with Greek fascists on Twitter.. Waste of time...

It is against the socialist government, but the labels make no difference in the Balkans mostly, at least economic and social policy -wise

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From TW, another people riot you don't hear about much (happening regularly lately and right now):

"Violence erupted this evening in Albanian capital Tirana after protesters tried to enter the parliament. After demonstrators threw stones, lit fires and broke through a police cordon, officers used tear gas to disperse them."

There's one in Belgrade, Serbia every weekend as well. And it's mostly common people, both intellectuals and workers, pissed off at their governments.

a bishop in the damned country of Croatia said in his sermon that one of the ingredients of luxury perfumes is the meat of aborted children 🀒

just venting a bit 

I told a journalist on Twitter that what she said is an example of censorship is actually not censorship and she basically told me to mind my own business and not teach her on what is journalism.
Like journalists are the only ones with the power to decide on the meaning of some words...

totally winning an online twitter debate against a prof of theology trying to defend the church efforts to deal with (aka. hide) paedophiles in their ranks 😎 :anarchiststar:

"The primary audience and organizing platform for far-right activism remains the internet. Even when alt-right folks gather in person, it’s mostly about getting group photos that can be used to recruit new followers online by promising a sense of community.

So for those who are attracted to the simple pleasure of screwing with Nazis, the online world is where to go to make fools of these fools."

European comrades, does any of you have any opinion on the Diem25 movement/party?
They seemed very interesting about a year ago, but somehow it seems to me that all they do is PR lately. I didn't have much time to follow their activities in detail, so I might be wrong...

what is everyone else up to this sunday?

the current global geopolitics reminds me of how it was before World War I - a bunch of empires, new and old, seeking to expand their spheres of influence. Let's just hope it ends with less violence and bloodshed this time..

is there some online resource about the peaceful side of anarchism, such as a news portal, a directory of links or a group of people who plan online activist events? most of the things I find relate to general history or how to start a revolution, but as I have no anarchist friends it is hard to see how I could get involved..
any ideas or thoughts on this?

I need some music-related tips - I want to quit Spotify for various reasons, and I think I'll switch to mp3 so I can use my old ipod nano. What's the best source to get some music these days? Or should I stick with finding a new streaming service?

when the day comes that we all live in a free world, do you think that all of us on this side of the current global political divide will become "conservatives" in the true definition of the word, as we would fight to preserve the achieved order and the current conservatives would fight for change?

after 2 years of fighting an ex-landlord in court, the battle is finally won.. never again will someone try to cheat me for money with a smile on their face.. and since she called me a Communist (as an insult) for claiming that tenants have rights, seems like another victory for me and my Commie comrades, aka you 😎 :antifa:

Why are some people chronically unhappy? They complain about life constantly and if they achieve everything they wanted, they will still find ways to present their new and improved life as equally as miserable as the previous one they had.

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get on the bus loser, we're taking public transit, a safe and reliable way to get to our destination

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