The problem is that our society does not recognize the right to be in any place. As long as people have to ask for permission simply to have a piece of land on which to build a home, they will have no stable home. All these other issues are superficial (but maybe more immediate).

Discussion of gentrification typically misses the mark. The problem is not the yuppie resturaunts, the high-end apartment complexes, or even the rent increases.

This is a nice article in the Atlantic describing how the elite are out to get us -- illustrated by Kavanaugh and his ideology of abusive elitism.

Hi all. I'm looking to getting your perspective on things. As , I came to anarchism first via the Libertarian party (geo-libertarian wing), then the short-lived and small "Freedom Democrats" web community, with my most recent community being the Center for a Stateless Society. With everything going to shit in the USA, I'm trying to get a better handle on what we need to do and branch out to more anarchist communities. So thanks for having me here!

Anarchism Space

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