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Behold, a human:

...•... 1: A
•..•..• 3: C
...•... 1: A
.•...•. 2: B

(pretend the .'s are blank)

Non-violent resistance activities cannot succeed against an enemy that is able freely to use violence.
-- Noam Chomsky

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turbulent times call for measured air pocket manipulation

Climate Note #7: What is to be done.

Perhaps the greatest political taboo is that against any threat to economic growth. Policy interventions must aim to stimulate, or at least not impede economic growth. Yet, all necessary paths to address the climate crisis require immediate, substantial reductions in economic output.

The worst possible version of the EU Copyright Directive has sparked a German uprising

Black Rose: **Is Trump’s National Emergency a Step Toward Fascism?**

"By Mark Bray, TruthOut President Trump has now declared a national emergency to fund his long-sought border wall. It is no surprise that when a fascistic president like Trump starts throwing around the idea of a national emergency, media outlets like Esquire start asking whether “it migh…"

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Libcom: **Mexican workers take matters into their own hands**

"Largest North American strike wave in decades grows. Rebellion exposes union betrayal, is met with repression from “left-wing” government and a near total media blackout. read more"

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@aetios @dtluna @lain @waifu it's like retro video games

except people still intend on using it in system-critical applications for whatever reason
@lain @karen @waifu yes. I learned about pointers during my time with the trusty ole ti84
@aetios @karen @waifu I mean, pointers aren't that hard conceptually, but they are a minefield because it's just so easy to make a small mistake.

One peace of advice for novice programmers:

Learn to throw code away. Learn to be ok with it. git reset --hard is your friend.

Your value is not the code you've written so far, but your problem solving process. You'll replace the code faster than you expect. 💚

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Dogs are way smarter than people. How? They only need a sniff to tell friend from foe. Many humans never figure that out in their whole lifetime

#Searx is an open source search engine which combines results from 70 other search engines while stripping away their trackers.

You can try it out on any public Searx instance, for example:

If you run a server, you can also install your own Searx instance:

It also works through @torproject if you want an extra layer of privacy.

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