When two cops get married, how do they decide who's going to be the domestic abuser?

Dude, you're not my manager, so can you stop trying to micromanage me, especially since you're almost always and publically shown to not know what you're talking about?

Neo-Nazi group Patriot Front plans to flyer colleges this weekend.

Be on the lookout.

"Patriot Front members are also being encouraged not to wear masks while putting up the posters... but instead wear hats and sunglasses as well as gloves to cover fingerprints." twitter.com/IGD_News/status/11

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H/t @uhshanti@twitter.com, who already made the point that we apparently can’t keep the camera working outside Jeffrey Epstein’s cell, but uh, we can hunt down protestors based on three-year-old cigarettes twitter.com/iaf__fai/status/11

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the boston police officer who instigated almost all of the violence at last saturday’s police riot made *$350,000* last year twitter.com/ur_ninja/status/11

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Not one billionaire has built a massive technological marvel archology where they let everybody live for free.

Like why do we even need theory to know capitalism is crap?

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for you younger folks: these used to be called “nerds” and they knew their place. then in 1986 huey lewis released the song “it’s hip to be square” and it’s changed everything. now up is down, black is white and nerds are cool so we have these “soft bois” its a damn shame imo

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For those of you who aren't Socialists, why not?

I want to help educate people on Socialism, so I need to know all the reasons people have for holding out.

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She didn't mention her father, obviously a fake

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Pamala Anderson effortlessly owns John McCain’s daughter on Assange.

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@flawlesscowboy0@twitter.com @IwriteOK@twitter.com There don't have to be a ton of earnest warriors among the LARPers to make parts of the US ungovernable. The orientalist impulse to think that its a "different sort of people" and only their inscrutable stoicism lets them stymie our otherwise invincible army is a false comfort.

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this is not an argument for or against gun control, but if you don't think a bunch of yokels with long guns could fuck up the U.S. military you ain't been paying much attention to Afghanistan

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Proud Boys harbor national socialists. We have it here in Colorado as well. Just because your group isn't explicitly neo-nazi, doesn't mean the membership isn't full of them. twitter.com/YourBoris/status/1

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ok today’s seat neighbor was not making it easy for me to ride the subway with the 12 year old I’m in charge of

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