Listening to a podcast about involution in China and moving to second tier cities - and, holy shit, that’s just hipsters going to Nashville after the bust.

If you’re a capitalist, Pimp by Iceberg Slim is the best management book you can read.

If you’re a worker, realize you’re the ho.

“A pimp is happy when his hos giggle. He knows they are still asleep”

Thesis - disco
Antithesis - punk
Synthesis - post punk

See Gang of Four

Billy Joel: you know i run with a dangerous crowd
Me, trying not to crack up: i did not know that billy joel

I think Millennials oversaw the death of cool as a thing, just like and probably because they saw the destruction of the monoculture that cool always stood in opposition to. Hipsters were the last gasp of that Boomer/GenX of dentist of opposition, and they grabbed the last detris of the shipwreck.

The existence of the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame should show anyone that there’s no revolution in rock or punk

Microsoft anticompetitive behaviors are back, this time changing HTTPS URLs to microsoft-edge:// URIs to force open the link in Edge.

Brave has already added support for the microsoft-edge:// URI, and Firefox support is coming.

They’re gonna kill so many of us for so little profit


White House now says they do not have the authority under the Defense Production Act to require vaccine corporations to share technology and enter into partnerships. But they said something else earlier this year when taking credit for the Merck-J&J deal.



What does vaccine apartheid look like?

Second helpings for rich countries, while poorer countries are denied even a seat at the table.

Everyone should have access to COVID-19 vaccines.

Support a #PeoplesVaccine


The Running Man (1987) will be remade each decade (Battle Royale, Hunger Games, Squid Game) until we all give in and just agree with our TV overlords that brutal hyper-competitive capitalism is the future of humanity and it's perfectly fine and we love it and want more.

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