Just a friendly reminder that the fake "Portland ANTIFA" Twitter account spreading disinformation, trolling, etc. was created today (8/17/19) at 9am PST.

Oh, the fash have been busted on Telegram talking about the account.

Pay it no mind.

"The best things in life are free
And the best thing for the left is unity
If there's one thing that we can all agree
The best thing is death to the bourgeoisie"
--This is Class War, The String-Bo String Duo


i consider myself something of a "black hat" bio-hacker.

currently performing a dictionary attack on my brain by printing out pages from Wikipedia, crumpling them up, and eating them one-by-one.

tummy hurts. got a real stack overflow situation brewing.

Hot strike take 


Anarcho Communism is when every night, Peter Krobopkin climbs through your window and gibs you bread.

capitalist waste 

So, today's Victory Day amd I'm resisting my urges to go full tankie.

Anarchism Space

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