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I think the Anarchist FAQ is good but difficult to read.

So I am translating it to simpler English. Thoughts and suggestions are welcome.

What is anarchism?

There are three big problems in society:

social breakdown, such as poverty, hunger, homelessness, crime.

war, and its weapons.

the destruction of our natural environment.

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Really excited to see people doing rent strikes the right non-reckless way: well prepared, lawyered-up, with everyone in the building/block.

April's getting close so here's a reminder:
- you never strike alone & people online don't count. You need to work with the other tenants of the same landlord.
- you never strike without a plan on how to deal with retaliation.
- a strike isn't a protest, it's a fight. Expect your opponent to fight back. Make sure you have a plan for how to win.

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if you refuse to pay your rent because you "organized" with people on the internet, your landlord will just laugh and evict you

as many people as possible under a single landlord have to strike at the same time in order for the strike to be effective at all. plus, you need a plan, some kind of idea of what legal muscle you need to be able to summon when the landlord fights back, and an idea of how you'll deal with the inevitable blowback, because there WILL be blowback

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hey can ppl send me cute gay memes to send to this girl im dating? she's super cute and i wanna talk to her again but i don't wanna ask "how are you" again

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Jewish moneylenders in the Middle Ages weren't independently wealthy; they were the property of the nobility, charged with laundering its money to do what Christians weren't allowed to do. It was common to speak of "the King's Jews" by which it was literally meant that Jews legally didn't even own ourselves, let alone any money.

This is also why it's common for Jews to mock Stephen Miller by calling him Trump's Jew, and why Jews might say things like "I'm not your Jew."

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Mutual aid isn't charity: it's contributing what you can to the community because you know you rely on the community for what you can't produce yourself.

Mutual Aid groups supplies aren't just for the homeless, they're so that none of us have to stockpile and hoard, because /all/ of us are, together.

And just think of the meals that can be made if we pool our ingredients. I know y'all white people forget to panic buy herbs and spices.

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being more involved in politics has taught me that people would rather nit pick society to death with their extremely niche terminology over unifying to create a fairer social structure and tbh individualism was a mistake

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Tonight was a good night to rewatch V for Vendetta, a story set in a dictatorship that was established by taking advantage of the fear of a virus.

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hello, please take this time to unionize if you are able

Your tonight is part 1 of "Chutzpah", by Jan Mark.

No subtitles, bc my computer is playing up. Also, the audio is oversampled. Many apologies: tomorrow's will be better.

"The Ballad of the White Horse" makes the point that the end of the world has already happened, many times:

"For the end of the world was long ago,
And all we dwell to-day
As children of some second birth,
Like a strange people left on earth
After a judgment day."

In the ballad, "the end of the world" was the fall of the Roman Empire. Nobody knew what life would be like. It was the end of the world.

You and I live after the end of the world: it happened 1,600 years ago. And we're still here.

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why coronavirus responses suck 

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@djsundog I made an Android app when I moved to Portland that was only for me. It simply notified me when it was time to gloat about the weather to my friends in Boston

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