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I think the Anarchist FAQ is good but difficult to read.

So I am translating it to simpler English. Thoughts and suggestions are welcome.

What is anarchism?

There are three big problems in society:

social breakdown, such as poverty, hunger, homelessness, crime.

war, and its weapons.

the destruction of our natural environment.

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Politics! Protest songs!

TAKE HANDS AND MARCH is available as a single now(ish).

Please RT the hck out of this. I want to get everyone singing it. There's far too much to protest about.


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money, feel free to help me/boost 

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Stand up, if people called you worthless,
if they kicked you to the floor;
their pride is fading from their faces
and their reign shall last no more.
The rules they made are swept away now,
so you're free to hear our call,
and though they thought of us as nothing,
as we rise we shall be all;

So come stand with your comrades
And tomorrow we shall find
The Internationale
Uniting humankind.

(my translation)

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death, chronic illness; poem and new animation 

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#chapeau (Python-based fediverse daemon) now also supports some of the Mastodon API; when I have passing tests for all the rest that's written, it will be the v0.40 release

still to do before 1.0: media uploads in general, and lots more documentation.

chapeau has also been called
- kepi, after one of its components
- un_chapeau, in early drafts

the name is a Little Prince reference, since it's a bit like a mastodon in python

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Is there a hashtag for 'technically legal things that annoy the cops'? 'Cause some activists are so fucking good at that and we should share those skills.

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A new mashup of the Hitchhiker's Guide with the Boomtown Rats.
Share and enjoy!

Lead vocals: Kit Thurman
Filk, montage, and backing vocals: Marnanel Thurman

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Sex mention 

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TPUSA, Tomi Lahren, request for help in the form of memes or similar 

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it is very weird that folks fetishize protests as, like, an extremely normal and ok part of democratic proceedings. if you're out in the street demanding humane treatment, the system is not working. the system has failed you so badly that you have to step into harm's way to be heard. that's not democracy. that's a fucking disaster.

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ukpol, new techno music (by me) 

Freedom is not something granted by laws and lawmakers.

Freedom is a habit, which can be learned by everyone in the community.

Then they will be sure to do their best to make sure nobody takes it away.

You need freedom to be the best person you can be, someone who can do things in a way that’s special to you. But you can only do this as part of a community. A free community produces free people. And in turn, the people help to build the community up.

Why do anarchists talk so much about freedom?

When people are free, they can make decisions for themselves about their own lives. The power to do this is part of being human. So, when your freedom is taken away from you, part of your humanity is stolen as well.

Of course, everyone can influence other people. It’s often a good idea to listen to advice. But however experienced, or skilful, or wise someone is, they still shouldn’t be able to force you to do things.

What is the most important anarchist idea?

Anarchists believe that people can co-operate as equals, each with their own capabilities and talents. People who get forced to do things, and have decisions made for them, lose their dignity and their self-respect. But when people co-operate fairly, they all grow as individuals. They all help everyone else grow, too.

These three ideas build up both society as a whole, and everyone in it. But they are not something that can be forced on people from the outside.

Anarchists believe that society must organise itself, rather than being told how to organise by a god or government.

In order for that to happen, these ideas must live in the minds of all people. Then people can organise themselves.

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I need your help with a video, my lovelies! Would you film yourself holding up a piece of card with a line or two from my protest song "Take hands and march", in the style of the Subterranean Homesick Blues video?

Lyrics and links here:


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