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Hey friends ☆ I am moving to because the Admin is amazing and gives many fucks.

Find me at @loptrxpunk

Hey friends ☆ I am moving to because the Admin is amazing and gives many fucks.

Find me at @loptrxpunk

Hey friends ☆ I am moving to because the Admin is amazing and gives many fucks.

Find me at @loptrxpunk

A Netflix prank show where I drink plenty of water and get enough sleep

finally an Algorithm that's going to be even more racist than all the other existing ones

ill content warn the racism i deal with as soon as someone content warns me when I have to see actual racism on the TL.

ill wait.

Hey comrades, I'm a poor Latinx lesbian asking for $350 for rent. My several small jobs have dipped down for summer and I'm scrambling to look for more work

I'm the most scared in a year I won't have enough to cover me and my gf

It's also the anniversary of Pulse. Donate to brown queer fam. Please boost. Share with friends who may have the means to help us #mutualaid #donate

Venmo: amelia_leviosa
Cash App: $hamsterpower

Periodic reminder that I love every one of you and would fight a wolverine for you, if wolverines weren't definitely queer, and probably misunderstood, this has become a different toot, protect wolverines.

Roommates just gave us 30 days notice as they move into a smaller unit in the same complex. Buncha cishet fuckos

Welp, our housing situation is now pretty dire. I swear I'll stop spamming y'all with my donate links once our housing is stable again. Brown lesbian and her trans gf need assistance now.
venmo: amelia_leviosa
Cash app: $hamsterpower

You know how Transphobes complain about Normalizing Mental Illness. FUCK YEAH DO I WANT TO NORMALIZE THAT, it should be totally fine to have a Mental Illness - and even if WHO said it is not, still of others who are wrongfully stigmatized by society.

character maker videogames be like pick your skin tone:
kinda yellowish white
ashy brown
muddy brown
jet fucking black
lurid red
piss yellow
sunburn orange
pale green
dark green
ice blue
sky blue
lurid purple
lurid pink
absolutely fucking deceased grey
white (holiday edition)

Racist Fedi is OUT today 

My instance has endured targeted harassment from particular people for a loooong time and NOBODY had anything to say, but then when I make a decision to protect my instance from said harassment, NOW everybody want to get self righteous about INCLUSION and DIVERSITY.

Y'all are really bothered by not only my ability to protect my instance, but that there are consequences to shitty behavior.

LOL, y'all are racist as shit. I can't stop laughing.

Sorry, boss, can't come in today. Seems my autistic fixation is going to be the discourse. 🖐️

Identity Parsing 

My identity as a man that happens to be Black America and straight is just a part of the whole. I don't align with any particular aspect over another especially when it comes to excusing bigotry.

I've noticed a lot of white PROGRESSIVES will align themselves with everything but the culture of the person they want the support of and will completely erase that culture and cal it inclusion.

And, again, that's just racism. It's whiteness trying to erase a perceived threat.

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Power Games = Politics / This game is a team sport 

Who would call themselves a socialist without an understanding group power dynamics. A white person.

I don't care how many hundreds of hours of leftube you watched.

Politics is a team sport and the sport is power. What you think and feel individually means nothing in politics.

Xenophobia, racism 

Although I probably have more understanding of xenophobia/racism than the average white person due to being a mixed immigrant, I'm still white passing so some of my observations might not be 100% accurate. So please listen to actual POC!!! Don't wait for a white person to tell you how to feel about racism. There are a lot of POC out there. Just listen to them for once please.

If a POC tells you that something is racist please think instead of going "no but it's not racist because-".

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Xenophobia, racism 

Growing up I was mostly friends with POC due to being in ESL (english second language) classes, and the stuff they had to go through *as children* was pretty vile. E.g. my friend getting singled out for her hair being "messy" and white boys making racist jokes at her in class :/ While I was learning English white people started being more and more accepting of me while my POC friends were still being treated like shit.

Now that I'm fluent in English white people think I'm in their "white people club" or something and expect me to agree with their racist/xenophobic bullshit. No thanks :///

If a POC has trouble trusting white people they have a right to. It doesn't matter if "some white people are ok", it's hard to tell which one might turn out to be a literal nazi until it's too late! POC should do what is most safe and comfortable for them. It doesn't matter if white people feel a bit sad about it or whatever. POC safety matters way more than white people tears.

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HELP 😭😭😭 today a very high speed bump hit the bottom of my car & broke my oil pan, causing all my oil to spill out & rendering my car undriveable. I wanna fucking die. I’ll have to pay to get it towed to a mechanic & THEN repaired. I literally have $5 to my name. Every time I get close to stability some crisis happens. I’m so fucking upset. Plz boost if u can. Www.Cash.Me/$vicentevalentino venmo: vicente-vazquez-2

"Call me racist if you want" uh yeah I want to be accurate when naming and describing things

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