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Hey friends ☆ I am moving to because the Admin is amazing and gives many fucks.

Find me at @loptrxpunk

Hey friends ☆ I am moving to because the Admin is amazing and gives many fucks.

Find me at @loptrxpunk

Hey friends ☆ I am moving to because the Admin is amazing and gives many fucks.

Find me at @loptrxpunk

A Netflix prank show where I drink plenty of water and get enough sleep

finally an Algorithm that's going to be even more racist than all the other existing ones

ill content warn the racism i deal with as soon as someone content warns me when I have to see actual racism on the TL.

ill wait.

Hey comrades, I'm a poor Latinx lesbian asking for $350 for rent. My several small jobs have dipped down for summer and I'm scrambling to look for more work

I'm the most scared in a year I won't have enough to cover me and my gf

It's also the anniversary of Pulse. Donate to brown queer fam. Please boost. Share with friends who may have the means to help us #mutualaid #donate

Venmo: amelia_leviosa
Cash App: $hamsterpower

Periodic reminder that I love every one of you and would fight a wolverine for you, if wolverines weren't definitely queer, and probably misunderstood, this has become a different toot, protect wolverines.

Roommates just gave us 30 days notice as they move into a smaller unit in the same complex. Buncha cishet fuckos

Welp, our housing situation is now pretty dire. I swear I'll stop spamming y'all with my donate links once our housing is stable again. Brown lesbian and her trans gf need assistance now.
venmo: amelia_leviosa
Cash app: $hamsterpower

You know how Transphobes complain about Normalizing Mental Illness. FUCK YEAH DO I WANT TO NORMALIZE THAT, it should be totally fine to have a Mental Illness - and even if WHO said it is not, still of others who are wrongfully stigmatized by society.

It's wild how we treat symptoms of poverty as the responsibility of institutions not equipped to address the underlying problem.

The transit system has to "cope" with people riding the trains for shelter. The education system has to "overcome" poor kids not having food to eat and failing to achieve.


character maker videogames be like pick your skin tone:
kinda yellowish white
ashy brown
muddy brown
jet fucking black
lurid red
piss yellow
sunburn orange
pale green
dark green
ice blue
sky blue
lurid purple
lurid pink
absolutely fucking deceased grey
white (holiday edition)

It's graduation. Some white girl with blonde hair and way too much school spirit gets onto the podium.

"during my years at [insert school]," she says Beckyishly, "I learned to work hard, play hard, and that somehow, everything will always turn out okay."

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Racist Fedi is OUT today 

a great way to thank people who make positive contributions to our communities is to PAY THEM! So get your wallets out for @ArtistMarciaX

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and on this, the day of our sacred #FineFemmeFriday

please thank @ArtistMarciaX for her many contributions to our community this day and all days

real talk i spent like 3/4ths of my university career doing nothing but writing scholarship essays so i could actually afford to get my black ass through school and i'm now a master at them so if you're looking for help with writing one of those and are a minority (POC, LGBTQ+, etc) hit me up and i can help you out

it's just really easy not to harass people and anyone making sound like it's confusing is a piece of shit

Sorry, boss, can't come in today. Seems my autistic fixation is going to be the discourse. 🖐️

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