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Tesla's actually set themselves on fire to protest the brutal treatment of Buddhists by the American-backed Diem regime in the Republic of Vietnam

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β˜€οΈπŸŒ‘ Happy solar eclipse day β˜€οΈπŸŒ‘

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All businesses should be worker owned and all profit should be divided equally.

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New from me: An investigation of police "kettling"

with video reconstruction of a particularly brutal kettle by @situ_research@twitter.com @TravisMannon@twitter.com

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Here’s how weak institutional β€œfinancial media” is. This obvious attempt at market manipulation to trigger a rush of sells to drop the share price failed almost immediately

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AMC shares drop sharply, triggering a halt in trading trib.al/dIPoTq5

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i find it grating to be told by cishet people that Will & Grace "did so much for the LGBTQ community".

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My dad says the "news" used to run long segments on how much Reagan loved jellybeans.
MSNBC just ran a 3 minute segment on Biden's love of ice cream.
Someone (I forget who) on Twitter said a craving for sweets is a sign of Alzheimer's.

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