I may be young but I remember when Obama said exactly the same thing 13 years ago and then just didn’t

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We are going to close Guantanamo Bay.

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An exclusive article by investigative journalist @AsaWinstanley@twitter.com for @intifada@twitter.com has revealed that the UK Labour Party has hired a former Israeli spy to help manage its social media. We spoke to Asa about the revelations.
Get the full story here: thecanary.co/exclusive/2021/01

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"Defend the truth and defeat the lies."—@JoeBiden@twitter.com

Biden's first act as US President must be to against Julian Assange and .

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Mr Biden sir congratulations on becoming the guy who owes me $2000

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Americans want to believe Trump was uniquely evil among recent presidents because they want to believe their government will become significantly less evil when he leaves. This is delusional and harmful.

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There were more cops at a 300-person BLM March tonight than there were at the armed invasion of the Capitol

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Military recruiters are a lot like billionaires in that they shouldn’t exist

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Military recruiters shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a High School

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Google-owned YouTube recently deleted the channel run by Venezuela's public TV channel VTV, erasing thousands of videos. It provided no reason or explanation

US corporations restrict the entire world's freedom of speech. Only the US govt and its loyal propagandists are protected twitter.com/lubrio/status/1350

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It's a huge problem that nations are failing to meet their climate- and ecological targets.
The main problem however, is the fact that their targets are completely insufficient in the first place.
We can't solve a crisis without treating it like a crisis.

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Disabled people since forever: we need more money to survive

Abled people: no

Panama Papers: hiii happy 2016! might be cute later uwu

Disabled people: ??

Abled people: still no. Also we're giving tax cuts to the rich

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"Should the racist violent insurrectionists at the Capitol be punished? Absolutely. But so too should the bought-off politicians who do the bidding of our morally bankrupt corporate America. These politicians and the CEOs they serve are purveyors of violence. They trade in, produce, and reap violence." rt.com/op-ed/512429-lee-camp-a

Only 20?

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There are now 20 Capitol Police officers being investigated for their role in the Capitol attack.

How scary is that?

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