my favorite Spanish word is izquierdista, which means leftist, but sounds SO much cooler than the word "leftist."

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Third production iOS app source code published and re-licensed under the #ProsperityLicense -

If you have apps you're not working on any more, consider contributing them to #ZincCoop.

We place them in the public domain, update them as time permits, and make sure contributions get vetted and merged.

We also plan to distribute revenue generated from the apps back to customers and contributors.


Elon Musk is damaging the night sky. His satellites interfere with astronomers’ observations of stars and potentially harmful near-Earth asteroids, leaving streaks on images. No regulations require him to fix the problem. Soon it may be unfixable.


One day I will be known as the funny man of the day

Trying to think of a joke that’s actually funny...


FRIES Method of Consent 🍟
by Planned Parenthood

Freely given

This is a really great thread that explains the Right Wing/CIA backed Coup currently taking place in Bolivia.

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The owner/operator of the food truck where I get sandwiches sometimes (he's prolly in mid- or early-Gen-X) said to me today, "I really like your shoes, man. More men should wear pink."

I said, "I agree. Pink and purple are underrated colors."

He said, "I think people are often too homophobic about it. Like… don't be shy about your feminine side. It's good!"

All I could say was, "Hard agree." It was a good take, IMO.

I'm sick and tired of white liberals, progressives and moderates using Martin Luther King jr. and other prominent activists as a tool to whitewash history and demonize protests, riots, and social movements centered on equitable redistribution of power. It's a tool of colonialism intended to pull attention away from the violence inherent to the occupying forces and the structures of colonial capitalism.

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The BBC's "Climate Change: The Facts" documentary is an emotive message to the public about global heating, environmental destruction and climate crises, and serves as a good introduction to why people across the world must take action if we want to survive.

#climate #environment #bbc

The Left has been tricked by neoliberals for 40 years. That is on us. 1% have not come to save us with Twitter & FB. MSM has gone full fascist, stealing our voices in broad daylight: rigging polls, using algorithms on social media to hide us from ourselves. In 4 months the vote rigging will begin. If we don't ID the fraud, then tell the world, Bernie is going to lose. So we need a plan. It's time to create our own non-corporate space to organize. Join uncensored Mastodon.

📣 3 billionaires own Twitch, Twitter & Facebook. Think they want a fair primary?

🚨 The polls are rigged NOW to fit 🗳️ 2020 election fraud in 4 months.

✅ Bernie's voters need ONE social media of, by & for #WeThePeople, not 1% & corporations.

🚀 We're building it right now & asking Bernie, Nina & AOC to invite millions of Americans, at rallies across America.

👉🏾 Sign up! 🔥 Let's #BeTheMedia ❤️

Anarchism is better than capitalism and my evidence is the Zapatistas make better coffee than Starbucks

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