I’m calling it... 

I’ve been really looking into becoming cool recently. There’s a lot of research that shows quite a few benefits to coolness. Should I be cool? And if so; how do I do that?

This interview vindicates everything that the #psychedelic subcultures have been saying since our plant medicines were criminalized in the 1960s. These substances are non-toxic, non-addictive (and even addiction interrupting), and can be extremely beneficial. As long people get the substance they're expecting (quality control) and they're allowed to take it in an organized, ritual or therapeutic setting, supervized by elders with some experience in guiding users away from a "bad trip" and so on.

There’s actually zero evidence that facts don’t care about your feelings

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this is still the most compelling piece of propaganda I think I've ever seen

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You know what, I'm gonna say it, Stuber might just be the worst movie I've ever seen

About to watch the new Spider-Man, will report back with my findings

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again 

Nicolas Roeg’s movie The Man Who Fell To Earth feels super relevant today

The term “race realist” is so stupid like did they think if they threw in one extra syllable that we wouldn’t notice?

You know what I’ll say it... 

ask me anything 

Does anyone genuinely believe that Act of Valor (2012) is a good movie?

Just found out about #auntienetwork, a group of "aunties" who will send birth control in care packages or offer transportation or housing in another state to women in Georgia, Ohio, Alabama, or anwhere else with draconian abortion laws.
If any of y'all need help or want to help out, it's at reddit.com/r/auntienetwork (and possibly elsewhere on the internet, but that's where I've seen it)

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