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In case anyone’s wondering why I post that thing every day at exactly 10:15 am est everyday it’s because I’m trying to trick botsentinel on twitter

Hard drive seeds have sprouted. They should add a platter every few weeks, and the outer shell usually forms by late September.

i think we should just cask of amontillado every fascist

I don't think it's sufficiently sunk in for people that the entire "controversy" over Bud Light's partnership with Dylan Mulvaney was that she exists and the right doesn't want trans people to exist.

She didn't do anything. They sent bomb threats to beer bottling plants and cowed a brand into submission over a popular trans woman merely existing.

The right is saying they get decided who is allowed to live their lives in peace and who isn't, and they'll enforce it with threats and violence.

message to cis people uncomfortable with minors taking hormones 

Unfriendly reminder that as someone who had to wait until I was an adult to transition, I have no childhood. The nostalgia for high school you all take for granted doesn't exist for people who didn't get to be themselves. Transitioning in childhood is a blessing, not a curse.

The fear you have about a cis person accidentally transing themselves and what it'd feel like? That's exactly how trans kids who can't transition feel.

Happy Mother's Day, featuring comics about my mom (and dad) in the 90s/00's



Microsoft, one of the world’s most profitable companies - a story in two parts.

This is a new one. I've never actually seen a website admit that autoplaying videos are a punishment for users they don't like, rather than a way to try to attract users.

in which chatgpt wastes an hour of my life 

For a few days I've been emailing back and forth with an agent to schedule an apartment tour. Today we make the 20 minute drive there, and the receptionist says "oh, we don't have any units to show right now."

"But I booked a tour through an agent."
"Who'd you message?"
"Oh, Kate is our bot. Have you heard of ChatGPT?"

This is how I find out they use AI to schedule tours, but the AI doesn't have access to their booking info. We live in hell

Hello British people

I want you to find 12 more of you to sign this by the time I wake up tomorrow

Let’s get nonbinary people their rights

Only 76 more signatures needed for the 10,000 signature goal

Help get parliament to recognize gender identity

Only 255 more signatures needed to force parliament to respond to the proposal to respect gender identities

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i'm just going to start assuming that anyone that doesn't think trans people or intersex people exist/should exist also believes in the luminferous aether.

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