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psst: as someone who came out of the Something Awful/4Chan trolling pogroms against furries and fought for both sides, you should have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that early internet anti-furry stigma was really just anti-queer stigma with a more socially-acceptable angle

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It's lovely weather in Europe, so a reminder that experiencing joy while you know shitty things are happening somewhere isn't just normal, it's good, it's resilient, it's what keeps you kicking.

Don't go on a downward spiral of trying to feel the injustice of the world. It doesn't do anybody any good and it will just drain you of the energy to do anything about it.

We are in this struggle for a life worth living for ALL, and that includes you. That joy you're feeling is what it's all about.

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"To pass," the Sphinx said, "you must answer my question."
"I understand. Please ask."
"How are you?"
"How are you doing?"
"Is that the riddle?"
"No. I care. What with... You can have a riddle if you prefer?"
"No, I'm... I'm okay. Thanks."
"Good to hear. You may pass."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Oh I just remembered a game that will run on my pc without fail. Oldschool runescape.

gaming really fuels my anger (or to be precise, the fact that every time i try to game i experience technical difficulties. today, all my controllers think that once i do the stick thingy to the left once, i want to go left for all eternity.)

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i randomly found back this toot. good news everyone. i think i learned how to interact with my sexuality in a healthy way.

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If any AI system becomes sentient skynet-style the first is going to be google's ad recommendations engine. The one that listens in to our conversations through our phones and puts shockingly specific ads on our computers

The good news is the dystopia it'd create would be functionally indistinguishable from the one we currently live in

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There's a obvious and nasty divide-the-workers thing going on that relies on a stay-at-home / essential-workers binary.

Basically it presents the essential workers as the real working class heroes,

While anyone who dares to complain about being stuck at home is seen as 'spoiled'.
Despite the fact that (1) this is all still scary if you're not personally at risk and (2) is is very well documented that living without physical contact does very real psychological harm

So cut that shit out NOW.

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it's sad. often when i read about gender abolitionism i find myself agreeing it. but simultaneously, i do NOT agree with the terf ideology of being an absolute asshole to trans people.

im writing an essay on heidegger and it makes me want to scream

kind of want to write about the phenomenology of sexual attraction but i don't have time for it. ugh. :(

sometimes i think back about the movie 'Parasite' and how good it is. I really loved it.

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it's great that the US is cracking down on the people hoarding face masks! but have you heard of this thing called "billionaires"? they hoard something even more valuable than face masks - money that can be used to buy anything!

and those people selling face masks and hand sanitiser at ridiculously overinflated costs? glad they're being cracked down on too, but wait until you guys hear about how much people are charging for insulin in your country What do y'all think of this criticism of Taylor Swift's new song The Man? Although I feel like he sometimes isn't completely fair, the core of his criticism seems pretty valid: Swift seems to overlook class struggle and marginalized groups other than women, making her seem like one of 'the oppressed' while in reality she is part of the bourgeoisie, and she is not nearly as oppressed as she wants us to believe.

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A Thread on Being #Autistic in April and How You Can Help

#Autism Awareness makes April a hard month for autistic folks. A lot of autistic folks take a break from social media in April just to avoid it.

This year is worse. Social distancing and shelter-in-place affect us too. We may be more affected because of how difficult change is for us.

A social media breakh this April will be impossible for many of us.

Please read this. Learn how to make this month easier for us.


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