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My favorite intention-warping meme of late is "this is a technically compliant US flag according to the US flag code"

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Okay, okay, so I'm just a freak. Got it!

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Hey all. I am moving to as soon as I figure out how to do it. (I mean, I think I know how, but I keep getting an error. "Is not an alias of this account". weird, since I did add it.)
Anyways, if you don't want to wait for me to finish moving, you can already follow me there. I've been Tooting there enthusiastically.

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Okay let me also just wait out the follow request

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I'm gonna try to move my account to a different server. Let me just.... follow various people in the local timeline before I do that, though.

got fed up with fairy tail for a bit (great show but it's so long) so i'll be continuing my more or less alphabetical watch list. next up, bocchi the rock (yeah fairy tail is something i rewatch randomly in between)

Some people think that Fairy Tail is a bad anime. Supposedly because the story is bad.
Now I'm not one to deny that, but you don't watch Fairy Tail for the story. You watch it for the characters and for its meaning and message. In my rewatch, I'm noticing anew just how much Fairy Tail agitates against an individualist notion of strength. Also, the emphasis on restorative justice rather than punitive justice (not perfectly done, but still pretty good).

i'm chatting about the hyperreal with an AI, this is the future baby

It's been almost a month and a half since I finished Tales of Berseria and I still think about it. The story is SO captivating. It's definitely one of my favourite games ever.

I wanna compose music for a game. that sounds like fun.

I might come out to my grandfather, but idk, it feels pointless. I'd have to explain the entire thing, and in the end, he'd just... not care about it.

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Remember, some years ago, that I tooted that I'd never come out to my family as non-binary?
Times change. I'm out now to the people that matter (excluding my grandfather because I don't see the point in coming out to him)

Lately I've found that a major reason I want to snack is just that I want to put something in my mouth. As my friend would say, "Paging Dr. Freud"!

i think it's pretty ridiculous that, for the And Justice For All remaster, Metallica didn't turn the bass volume up. I don't care that that's the way it was originally released. You're re-releasing the thing, might as well turn the bass up. If you want the original, you can always go back to... the original.

I started reading The Second Sex. It's a long book.

Ngl, it was really fun to write that thread. I haven't written anything philosophical in so long.

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As a final note: I wonder how people from different generations feel about this. Let me make a poll. Boosts appreciated!

At first hearing, how does the prospect of having simulated sex with an unreal, ideal partner sound? And what is your age?

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