feminicide, kinkshaming, domestic abuse 

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when you're at a job interview and they ask you what your best qualities are

ahhh the tinnitus got worse. :( pfff why does life gotta be like this???

went to a concert of miyavi tonight. I gotta say, seeing him live did not reduce my thirst for him in any way whatsoever. dang he is hot

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they were a gay enby. they were a gay enby. could it be any more obvious?

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There's a lot of talk about how one should #DeleteFacebook and while that's good advice, a lot of people need it for work for school or to communicate with non-techsavvy family members.

Someone really needs to write a simple guide for using Facebook as safely as possible. Call it Facebook harm reduction.

(I've been privileged to be able to live without a Facebook account and so don't have much expertise on this, unfortuately. Otherwise, I'd do it.)

Gender is weird af. Just a week ago I considered going back to being a guy, but visiting a freemasonry lodge and not really connecting with the men there made me realize anew that I really can't fit in with other men.


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*learning about quantum physics* as i suspected, physical reality is fake

also I've been doing inktober despite the fact that I can't do art at ALL lol. but it's a lot fun. would recommend anyone who's shit at art to do art without setting any expectations for themselves.

Is anyone here familiar with ? I'm considering applying to join, but I'm not quite sure yet. I'm gay, and I don't know how that'll work out in a group of spiritual people.

And also, it's a brotherhood. I'm not exactly very masculine. Strictly speaking I'm a demiguy.

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a lot of farmers don't want to be fucking local ecology up, but if they stop they'll lose their homes, their communities and everything they have by changing to another job or method of farming that isn't subsided

you enjoyed this dutch book; perhaps you're also interested in a swedish one?

i got phenomenalism-shamed at quantum physics class for believing that the moon only exists when we observe it :(

I deactivated my account on the bird site earlier this evening and I'm having withdrawal symptoms. I need that sweet, sweet attention and validation

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