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helpful starter links for researching trans history 

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everyone please look at this, it's very important and making me cry


in theory: education is a fantastic tool to uplift and liberate everyone together
in practice: everyone shut the fuck up until you've read the same dusty books i have! respect me first

"they suck so I don't need to get their pronouns right" is blatant transphobia, even if it comes from another trans person who is doing the misgendering.

cis nonsense, youtubers 

eye contact 

netflix pulls a lot of shit but i'm glad they're expanding the Nailed It! series to other countries & languages 'cuz watching most shows in a language i'm learning is tedious and boring, but it's a lot easier when understanding the dialogue isn't 100% essential to understanding & enjoying some part of the show

I see mods suspending racist sexist dipshits all the time, but I hardly ever see racist sexist dipshits in my tl. I often confirm the racist-sexist-dipshittedness of these people for myself when a mod announces a suspense, and indeed, they are *always* racist sexist dipshits.

So thank you, mods, for so vigilantly suspending the racist sexist dipshits, that I barely realize they exist on here.

While weebs love to defend racism in animes with "they are Japanese and thus can't be racist," racism - especially toward brown and black people - exist in most part of Asia, and Japan is one of the worst. Blackface is one of their earliest cultural import from the West, and a combination of an aesthetic that favors white skin, being part of the Axis with the white supremacist Third Reich, and having been effectively colonized by the US didn't help in the least. Adding a popular media comparable with Hollywood and a government more than willing to lick American boots, you have the recipe for another propaganda machine for fascism.


Folks in Oakland show up for moms & children who've been squatting a corporate-owned* house since November rather than risk houselessness.

*Wedgewood Realty is called a "home flipping giant."

Sheriff's Dept is threatening to evict the families tonight.



"In What May be the Largest Strike in World History, Millions in India Protest PM Modi’s Policies"

If you or someone you know has been affected by layoffs at #mozilla, please know that 1) you/the person are brilliant and valuable regardless of employment status and 2) we are hiring for lotsa roles here at Nylas

Holler if you're even vaguely curious! #hiring #techjobs

Another #ebook sale!!

Ebook or PDF copies of my thesis “La Sangre Llama” are always available for purchase! Pls email me at artistmarciax @ gmail dot com. Subject “Thesis” and we’ll get your order sorted asap!

Short summary: latine & Caribbean history, culture and a phenomenological reading of it (and contemporary black womens art practice)

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