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I highly recommend The (now-on-hiatus) Booklet Series, "a new wave of trans literature."

They have a lot of work up for free, and it ranges from photography to poetry to essays, all incredible.

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helpful starter links for researching trans history 

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everyone please look at this, it's very important and making me cry

[ec in pic]

it's bandcamp friday!!! 100% of bandcamp sales go directly to artists today

if you want to support independent musicians by buying some tunes today is the day to do it :blobrainbow:

europe folks, who are the best cloth mask crafters to support? any suggestions?

FINISHED! (Aside from washing and ironing, and choosing a frame so I can decide how to sign it.) The pattern is Mars by StitchingLand, it's about 20 cm across, and 10437 stitches. The photo doesn't capture how pleasing the texture really is, so many stitches so close together is deeply satisfying.


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This place has a proper vaulted cellar under an inconspicuous trapdoor in the kitchen. Nothing exciting down there but it’s still cool.

so, i've gotten REALLY into jojo's bizarre adventure these past couple months... here's me testing out a new pen, plus the color shift feature on a photo editing app ✌🏼

#jjba #jojo #fanart #creativetoots #mastoart

women with thick eyebrows... that's just the best

job opening: payroll, remote 

Trans girls with wide shoulders are hot. Boost this so they know they are pretty and appreciated.

food, cooking 

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gender neutral language, question 🇮🇹 is doing another bundle - this time for black trans lives, with all proceeds supporting The Okra Project. Check it out!

are there any papers on bias in gif search engines like giphy and tenor?

'While Büscher and Fletcher see the movement’s rejection of the nature-culture dichotomy and focus on poverty alleviation as positive steps, they argue convincingly that the new conservationist alignment with—or, in some cases, ambivalence toward—capitalism undermines its goal of ecological and social harmony. Capitalism, they say, creates poverty, and its rapacious appetite for growth simply cannot last on a finite planet.'

we're currently commissioning for the COMMONS issue of Logic (, due out winter of this year.

know anyone we should speak with, either about commissioning a written piece in their area of expertise (lived and/or academic) or for an interview? or just interesting things we might cover? plz let me know!

pitch deadline is August 15th—directions and rates are at the link above.

Some awesome things about my native language, Tagalog, on #NonBinaryDay:
- No gendered pronouns ("siya" is for everyone)
- No distinction between gender for a lot of relationships ("kapatid" means sibling)
- No grammatically gendered nouns or articles ("ang")
- The common form of many nouns is neutral. ("doktor" isn't always a male doctor, it's just anyone who's a doctor)
- It's entirely possible (even common) to tell a story and not mention anyone's gender.

Gender is a construct. 🇵🇭

the Scandinavian model of socialism is just "pay for it with oil money" and liberals do not want to hear this

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hey remember when like half of everyone on mastodon had "buy Carly Rae Jepsen's new album e·mo·tion on itunes" in their bio? what was that

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