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helpful starter links for researching trans history 

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everyone please look at this, it's very important and making me cry

Ecuador, protests, police 


If you don't know how to stop a tank - stop a tank factory.
Or one of hundreds of other institutions we collected on this map. They are all supporting and benefiting from the mass murder of the people of #Rojava !



american chuds really being like "omg china is so much like black mirror with their social credit scores" like they don’t have a credit score and a public offenses registry either

I'm suspicious of people who make far more of an effort to "understand" the right than they do the left, and whose criticisms of the left, no matter how well-intentioned, seem to only be adopting the POV of the right without truly empathizing with anyone on the left.

Calling all fediverse friends...

Let's help this tribal community in South Dakota that is being deliberately ignored by the US National Guard during our climate emergency!

Most of the community has been literally underwater for 6 months... and now the snow is here.

After unprecedented flooding that tainted their water supply (E Coli, molds and more).

Blankets, towels, boots, personal hygiene products, water filters... these are not unreasonable requests, and I'm sure anything can help. Listen to the whole podcast about what's going on via the link above.

asking for help to buy food 

the thing about mastodon is that you can boost a funny post that seems like a random observation, but then later find out that it was part of a huge network of takes on some drama and suddenly you're on 20 people's shitlists.

@LuigiEsq every toot should come with three pages of endnotes detailing the origins of the post and its many possible interpretations when put in conversation with other posts

(October 13), 1962, Georgina Turtle married Christopher Somerset in England. This photo isn't superficially unique, but it's interesting to me given that this wedding happened 8 years before the legal ruling in the April Ashley case that effectively made legal heterosexual marriage impossible for transsexuals in UK. Turtle's marriage was, as far as I can tell, unaffected by the ruling.

More about Turtle (brief mention of rape):

isn't part of the point of diy supposed to be that things are cheaper? so how the fuck is buying enough yarn to make something always like 5x more expensive than just buying the thing

uhhhhh looking at yarn prices depresses me

some tenets of the Reform Gamer movement:
• every player deserves a voice in their games, regardless of skill level or how much time they’ve invested
• people play games for different reasons and they are all valid as long as no player is harmed
• representation matters
• we must take steps to address the racism, classism, misogyny, antisemitism, queerphobia, and White Supremacy problems in gaming, including player base and developers

@Sapphicgiraffic oh, also ableism and accessibility problems in gaming. those are huge too.

Normalize quitting things. It could be school, work, relationships, hobbies, or pretty much anything.

Quitting is often thought of as inherently negative; nobody wants to be called a "quitter". But there are plenty of situations where not only is it reasonable, it's the *best* course of action.

You can drop out college or switch majors when you don't care about the thing you're studying. You can end a relationship when it becomes toxic. You can stop playing a game that you don't enjoy.

if you refer to a woman's female friends as her "girlfriends" then you need to commit to that bad and confusing decision and call a man's male friends his "boyfriends"

so my half-asleep brain saw "AGAB" and read it as "assigned genders are bastards"

Which is probably the best mix up my brain has ever provided me

the thing about vsco girls is that it really just proves there's literally nothing young girls can do without being mocked by the entirety of culture

being a teenage girl is hard for christs sake just leave them alone

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