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I highly recommend The (now-on-hiatus) Booklet Series, "a new wave of trans literature."

They have a lot of work up for free, and it ranges from photography to poetry to essays, all incredible.

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helpful starter links for researching trans history 

Digital Transgender Archive

and its affiliates

"Queer Portraits in History"

Making Gay History (despite the name has many episodes on non-gay queer people as well, including non-gay trans people)

Making Queer History

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everyone please look at this, it's very important and making me cry

Volume 1 of Memory Ireland by Oona Frawley is quite good so far

Asking for Money 

My friend Carolina is trying to raise $200 to help her father pay his bills and get his medications. I know everyone is hurting right now, but if everyone could throw in five or ten dollars, it would help out a lot.


Let me know if you donate so I can thank you.


creepy pasta, spooky spaghetti, perilous penne

obscure romance novels are the FUNNIEST things to listen to in audiobook format

Freelance Pitching Advice Question! 

I'm looking to send out a pitch that is about an indie game but also placing it in a much broader cultural context. I have my somewhat open-minded and still well-paying games place I usually pitch to when I have an idea like this, but this time I'm curious if there's any places I could get it in front of a larger/different arts audience.

Are there any arts or culture places that would be open to games-related pitches from random freelancers, and, importantly, pay enough for it to be worth my time (like, at least £200)?? I realize I may be asking for the golden goose here or something....

The eighth annual international Gender Census 2021 is now open until 10th March!

It's for anyone whose genders (or lack thereof) aren't described by the M/F binary. It's short and easy, and the results are useful in academia, business and self-advocacy.

Don't suppose anyone has any horror recs? But things that aren't based on ableism, racism, or sexism? I get no media is perfect but media that at least tries to avoid those kinds of tropes would be great. Films/books/short stories/podcasts whatever!


i recently found out i can't eat spicy food!

pro: the random abdominal pains i've been having for years will finally stop

con: all my favorite instant noodle flavors are spicy 😞

The "Stansted 15", direct action folks who locked themselves around a plane set to deport 60 people to 3 different African countries, have had all charges dropped after originally being convicted of terrorism.

The people who were set to be deported are still in the UK as a result of their actions.

photography, local history, sex work, nudity 

Was looking around for some public domain images to use for a project today and stumbled across William Goldman's work, who lived in the late 1800s in Reading PA, very near where I grew up. Some of his most well known work (only discovered well after his death) is a series of photographs of women who worked at a nearby brothel, some posed, and others snapshots of them going about their day to day life. I find them really charming and also humanizing of a past we mostly see in terms of very posed upper class people.
"Justice at Spotify does not ask music listeners to buy merchandise or to switch to Bandcamp. Nor does it ask music listeners to stop using Spotify."
via probablyasocialecologist.tumbl

just drove by a college preperatory high school and realized that's probably where the term 'preppy' came from

Hey yall, I really need help and am not sure what to do anymore

My wisdom teeth are very super impacted and they hurt and keep getting worse. And I also have cavities that I really need fixed. But unfortunately i live in the US I can’t afford $4000 for these essential procedures on my own

More info in my gofundme link below but if y’all could donate\boost\help in any way it’d mean a lot to me

Venmo & Cashapp: Leelumz
DM for PayPal

gofundme, ec 

my friend needs surgery which they can’t afford!! if you’ve got a quid or two to spare meb throw it this way 💜

Important takeaways about the COVID-19 vaccines. Please keep this in mind and share with others to help keep all of us safe and informed.

*Image credit to @sailorrooscout on Twitter. She is a scientist who has worked on the COVID-19 vaccine.*

#CovidVaccine #COVID_19 #COVID19 #Covid #Science #Pfizer #Moderna #Pandemic #Vaccine #Vaccines #PleaseBoost

Minor injury 

The art (I call it "Octopus with Spear and Gun") vs the artist

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