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helpful starter links for researching trans history 

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everyone please look at this, it's very important and making me cry

cis bullshit 

'Pro-black' doesnt mean 'anti-white people' but 'Pro-white' has always tended to mean 'anti-black people'

"Why Are Cops Around the World Using This Outlandish Mind-Reading Tool? -
The creator of Scientific Content Analysis, or SCAN, says the tool can identify deception. Law enforcement has used his method for decades, even though there’s no reliable science behind it. Even the CIA and FBI have bought in."

re: "What Do We Know About Ketamine’s Potential to Help Problematic Drinking?" 

"The Ethical Quagmire of Conducting Drug Trials With Incarcerated People"

"A Language for All - Un lenguaje para todos - Teens in Argentina are leading the charge to eliminate gender in language "

i suck at counting and it costs me so much time!

a pair of symbiotic podcasts, each dedicated to reviewing and recapping the other's episodes

Adult journalists writing for adult audiences please stop relating politics to Harry Potter and Star Wars challenge 2019.

"What Do We Know About Ketamine’s Potential to Help Problematic Drinking?" 

"While expanding public toilets will benefit homeless people with nowhere else safe or sanitary to go, the real solution must include affordable and stable housing. In the meantime, 24/7 restrooms are a win-win both for homeless people and general public health. Cities have no excuse not to support an intervention that promotes human dignity, prevents the spread of disease and saves costs in the long run."

"Our community is posting a fundraiser to support organizers who shut down the Boca Raton GEO Group Headquarters this week. All proceeds will go towards posting bail for the participants and in legal fees. More info about the action:"

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