TIL: Von Ötti gibt's auch Eistee. Ihr kommt nie drauf, wie sie den nennen:

Polizei Gewalt Tod 

was wondering when someone would respond to this shit-tier meme

Have you ever sent a fax?

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Sweden has concluded that the US Cloud Act is incompatible with the #GDPR - this means that putting private customer or user data with a US cloud provider is not legal. #DigitalSovereignty

»Wir glauben, dass Vermummung für ganz viele Menschen die Teilhabe an Protesten überhaupt erst ermöglicht.«

also remember like, yesterday when the asshole murderous pigs shot up a freeway, killing a ups driver being held hostage and putting a bunch of families with kids and other bystanders in the line of fire? :acab:

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Hero worship on both sides. Looking for a link explaining the good and the bad of hero worship as a strategy for social change #XR

The programmers who were criticizing this slide as “being submissive” are exactly the type of programmers I’ll avoid working with. Act like a diva with your employer, so they don’t push you around, but you’re not gaining the support of your colleagues by being a cunt

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