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reblog this toot and you will be assigned a gender

I'm really sad today because a friend of mine wanted to do more than "just tweet" about something fucked up.

So he decided he should "write some letters."

Everyone is being all like "don't forget to vote! Not voting is a crime against society!" And I'm like :I

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I acquired something. I take no pleasure in this.

— Rovod Litasttathtat, Trapper

The Anthropocentric worldview and the idea of human exceptionalism are two of the greatest wounds our culture carries.

Spending the rest of my days living in the treetops and waiting for a fucking jaguar to end me while I'm searching for crustaceans in the nearby creek.

Finished reading the first issue of Black and Green review and there are a few good pieces in it. Once you get past the Zerzan essay which is standard anti-technology fare.

Everytime I read his stuff I'm like "Yeah dude, I get it. But also you've been banging this drum for 30 years and I want to hear something more exciting than "cell phones keep you domesticated""

I wanna read about rewilding and wolves and people blowing up pipelines. That's the exciting stuff.

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me: steeled against my enemies, hardened, bitter, cynical, realistic
also me: that dog and i just held eye contact and i think i'm gonna gush so hard i'll die

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