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If you're good at something, ̶n̶e̶v̶e̶r̶ ̶d̶o̶ ̶i̶t̶ ̶f̶o̶r̶ ̶f̶r̶e̶e̶ do it for free, destroy capitalism, build a community.

Chapter IV
Today just as in the middle ages the poverty of the poor is the source of wealth for the rich.
If every member of a community knows that after a few hours of productive toil they will have a right to all pleasures of civilization and the art and sciences then they will never accept starvation wages and so no rich will ever try to live among them.
All forms of private property must be expropriated with respect to personal property. The revolution depends on it.

@emerican just saw your Trump cut video and for some reason it seems you ended up looking like Trey Parker instead. Lol. Fun to see it though it looks like everyone was having a good laugh.

I just thought of another fun hypocrisy. Gamers love final fantasy VII and many of those same people are libertarians who don't believe in climate change. Yet the plot of FFVII is to play as an eco-terrorist in a group called Avalanche to stop the evil Shinra corporation from destroying the whole world.

Another idea. Change Dokken - into the fire to into the chipper and make it about mulching the bourgeoisie.

We need an anarcho-communist version of Weird Al. Change the lyrics of Accept's balls to the wall into All is For All.

Chapter III

All labor is connected. no one person is responsible for any kind of production. Estimating ones contribution is impossible thus money must be abolished in collectivism along with property which requires it.

People naturally have revolted against authority in the interest of furthering individual liberty. Society is moving towards anarchism to achieve this and the state must be abolished. Electing a few people to make all laws on what they don't know is absurd.

Chapter 2
Well Being For All
Production is deliberately limited. Many people work useless jobs wasting labor. Millions spent on policing for "justice" instead of addressing our needs. Make private property common property for all to be 4 all.
This cannot be solved by government only by inevitable revolution. The rich suppress this idea and we must overcome this. There will be infighting.
Everyone has before anything the right to live. Right 2 well being > right 2 work. Take it all now.

Tonight I'm starting what I call TLDR Leftist Literature. I'll start with Conquest of Bread and do a chapter a night (try to do one per night but may not be every night). If everyone likes it I'll be taking suggestions for what book to do next.

TLDR Leftist Literature.
Conquest of Bread
Chapter 1 Our Riches
Workers throughout history made all of the wealth therefore it belongs to the workers.
Why are so many poor and over worked when output could easily provide comfort to all in exchange for just a couple hours of work? Because the rich want the Lions share of the workers hard work.
The rich took all the land and resources and forced us into uncertain wage work. War is a Racket. We have a right to well being. All is 4 all

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