@commiequeer This doesn't even include ACTUAL wage theft, i.e. labor exploitation via value inequities

@commiequeer the notion that salaried employees are expected to work an unlimited amount of hours has to facror in there somewhere too.

@commiequeer and remember, even just in theory, cops only touch the top left. When was the last time you saw an ep of COPS where they busted a guy for skimming his employee's wages?

Given the vast amounts of rhetoric spilled about shoplifting, I'd love to know if that's classified as *burglary* or *larceny*.

@commiequeer reports to the labor bureau go largely unheard and cops obviously won't do anything, which leaves us with hiring a lawyer and taking it to court. but who has the time and can afford a lawyer when their wages are being stolen? so as a last ditch effort I guess we could ask our bosses nicely to stop stealing and hope they don't just fire us. :blackcat:

@commiequeer We can make anything the majority by just carefully tweaking the definition of theft. I have to wonder what definition was used to get these results.

@commiequeer This does not identify the source of the data and is thus impossible to verify or falsify. 😿 Please stop promoting fancy-looking graphics that don't cite sources. They are extremely unhelpful and a style of propaganda better reserved for right-wing shitheads who are not able to cite sources because they are just lying all the time.

@commiequeer minimum wage laws were specifically introduced to keep black people unemployed.
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