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Hot take culture is shit. Let's just state our opinions with kindness. know that it's okay to change your mind and it's okay to be wrong. 🧡

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Steal whatever ur little communist hands can carry

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Remember: if you feel ugly, who is benefiting from that? Who profits off of your belief that you need to alter your appearance?

Accepting yourself as you are is a radical act. Love you all.


"be positive uwu" can only get me through a limited number of adverse experiences 😭😭 and then i have a bipolar episode. currently want to blow up my life and considering kms

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went through a lot of stress too close together and my mental health is in the trash rn

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Please Reblog to get this to those who can use it.... Teens and young adults ages 13 to 26 living anywhere in the U.S. can access the entire collection of e-books and audiobooks from the Seattle Public Library. "We believe in your right to read what you want, discover yourself and form your own opinions." Fill out the form to get a Books Unbanned card.

Magical bath bomb that gives you the genitals you desire

things I don't want: a pic of a cute cat with a caption about how the cat is DEAD

I guess everyone forgot that Eli erlick is a serial rapist

If hormones define your gender, I'm a pregnant woman

pls stop basing ur worldview on internet comments.... people who comment on news websites are not normal and do not represent the general population

I think only having parasocial relationships online from the ages of about 14-23 may have fucked me up
anyway, I'm lonely and have no idea what to do about it

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what's the Japanese city with the highest percentage of Lesbians? 


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Me: I didn’t have time to go jogging today.

Them: You say that every day.

Me: It’s a running joke.

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i am a
⚪️ man
⚪️ woman
🔘 person on the internet in 2023

⚪️ man
⚪️ woman
🔘 an internet experience like 2006

A customer has been sexually harassing me in my workplace and yesterday he touched me inappropriately. it made me want to throw up. He like pinched my tummy in a ""flirty"" way.

being beautiful and ladylike comes at a high price. I wish I was a man.

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I'm taking a class on human trafficking and it has convinced me that borders make it harder to prosecute traffickers. Traffickers also use minute differences in laws to boost profits and avoid capture.

i propose the solution: No more borders!

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well, the liberals have convinced me i was wrong about removing gender and sex categories from government records

we need to just cut to the chase and remove government after all.

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super happy to see Kim Petras repping trans women and winning a Grammy, but let this be your reminder that Wendy Carlos was a trans woman who won three Grammys in the year NINETEEN HUNDRED AND SEVENTY

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Anyone in #Virginia around #Fredericksburg or #RVA doing #Solarpunk in real life that would be interested in helping people get into actually doing things? I'd want to setup a consistent group to be able to get rolling with effective action in that direction.

If you're actually doing stuff, or like me are interested in starting, please reply.

Anyone around the area, please boost. I have a pretty good reach to a lot of Virginia on the Fediverse now, but it's certainly not comprehensive.

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