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Hot take culture is shit. Let's just state our opinions with kindness. know that it's okay to change your mind and it's okay to be wrong. 🧡

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Steal whatever ur little communist hands can carry

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Remember: if you feel ugly, who is benefiting from that? Who profits off of your belief that you need to alter your appearance?

Accepting yourself as you are is a radical act. Love you all.

gender is bad 

Did you know that you can just tell people not to gender you? It's true!

You don't have identify with anything, you don't have to define yourself, you don't have to explain yourself, you don't have to have a word for your perspective. You can just say that you're fully prepared to fight anyone who tries to gender you (substitute with your deterrent of choice)

Like, if you feel like gender sucks real bad, it's not necessarily because you haven't found your place in it, or whatever. It could just be that gender sucks real bad. You can just cut that shit out of your life if you wanna 👍 👍

Reminder that you don't owe ANYONE an explanation about your gender, physical transition, or wardrobe. I only encourage coming out in situations where, #1 it is SAFE, and #2, it will make you more comfortable.

trying to talk about being nonbinary be like

NB: this is my experience blah blah

Trans man or woman: wow that doesn't match my experiences AT ALL so you're not really trans. In fact i don't think you even understand what you're talking about

NB: you're a shithead

t man/woman: ?!?!?! Why would you call me that just cuz I'm transgender, transphobe

trans stuff, 

@ghost_bird oh this just reminded me of a thing we have at our university that I actually really like

Its called the Safe Zone advisory board and basically participants attend several trainings and educational panels led by LGBTQ+ folks and can get certified as an ally which comes with a sticker they can put on their door and I feel like it actually means something because they have to like put in the effort and go to those sessions

Friendship is when you address each other as comrade and gamer

At least i think so. I'm autistic so I'm not sure

If some rando was calling around, trying to get old people to pay to keep their memories, it would be called what it is.

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My mom who is living on a disability pension has been convinced by Apple that she needs to pay a monthly fee to store her photos. And of course they've made it too hard to do it any other way so I can't even recommend an alternative solution.

It is ok to ask for help when you need it :) if you're feeling bad then maybe reach out to a loved one for support.

If u don't have a loved one then you can call a hotline. I've used one and talking to a professional when you're distressed really can help. I called the Trevor hotline a few years ago when i was suicidal. They asked a few personal questions like the area I lived in but it's for data on the populations they help.

The number is 1-866-488-7386

other trans people just invalidate my gender and trans status because I'm afab and I'm not going on T and I don't want to be masculine

I feel like i literally have to list out everything i dislike about my body in order to be accepted as trans

I fail to see how being afab has aided me in being nonbinary whatsoever

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anyway can we stop being bucket crabs and all be friends? thanks. i love all nonbinary people and I hate feeling alienated cuz I'm afab

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Afab white skinny androgynous enbies who bind = enbies who look like conventionally attractive women

I'm sure a lot of the amab nonbinary people parroting this stuff have a lot of Feelings about being treated like shit cuz they're not conventionally attractive... but that's not the fault of other nonbinary people

also there literally are amab nb's who pass as women. AFAB's aren't the only ones who look like this made up Privileged Nonbinary

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When you strip all this "afab nonbinaries are privileged" stuff of its woke language, you're really left with "these nonbinary people are conventionally attractive and I'm mad about it"

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Some bitter nonbinary people ran with this because it feels good to beat down on someone when everyone else has been beating down on you. But shitting on nonbinary people because they were born with different genitals? Come on. That's stupid. We should be better than this.

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Let's be real. This was never about representation or privilege or whatever. This is about tearing down nonbinary people by creating infighting.

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when a TERF looks at a woman and says "i can tell she was born a woman. She's a real woman. I can just tell."

That's bad. Because you really can't tell what someone's AGAB is by looking at them

But making assumptions about a nonbinary person's agab is intelligent, woke, and acceptable.

Transphobes will take any opportunity to beat down on nonbinary people even if it's counterproductive to the trans movement as a whole

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This is in response to tons of weirdos on reddit saying stuff like "AFAB nonbinaries are over-represented!" and then going on to talk about how they see too many selfies of this kind of person?

like... what?

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"i wish afab nonbinary people got less attention" wow i wish people would stop creating a totally useless divide between nonbinary people

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