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Hot take culture is shit. Let's just state our opinions with kindness. know that it's okay to change your mind and it's okay to be wrong. 🧡

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Remember: if you feel ugly, who is benefiting from that? Who profits off of your belief that you need to alter your appearance?

Accepting yourself as you are is a radical act. Love you all.

some people take the concept of isolating and ostracizing legitimate fascists and turn it into unpersoning anyone and everyone that vibes at them funny

Gay: “I think boys are cute”
Everybody: *silence*

Lesbian: “I think girls are cute”
Everybody: *silence*

Enbian: “I think enbies are cute”

i will come to your house and give you my entire course on the history of queer theory in a single sitting

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'real name' is a fake concept. people have always had multiple names. accepting the name in your official records as any more 'real' than any other you choose to be addressed by is merely acceding to capital's control over your reality

:blobthinking: believing that people have True Names - hokey but understandable

:blob_gnikniht: believing that each person has a single True Name - unduly limiting but not impossible

:hot_shit: :oh_no: believing that a person's One True Name is whatever a government registry has on their records - the perfect blend of authoritarian and bureaucratic

wiping my ass with toilet paper decorated with all the worlds flags on it

Anger is not a flaw. Anger is not a flaw. ANGER IS NOT A FLAW.

The honest truth is that I was never actually a person to her, just an extension of herself. A vessel for support, comfort, validation. My gender didn't matter to her. Nothing about my identity mattered! as long as I fed into her selfish, one-sided needs, our relationship was gucci. As soon as I started having boundaries that cut into what SHE wanted, we were done.

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I hate my ex friend so much. Her binary view of gender is stupid and primitive and most of all IT HURTS ME BECAUSE I WAS SO GENDERQUEER AND THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO HER. how are you gonna uphold the gender binary after a major influence in your life just completely smashed it.

anyway, she can suffer for the rest of her miserable life.

-remember, daughter: destroy authority, not the planet.
-yes, mom.

im making some 'the future is #queer' #patches rn - if anyone wants one they can send a few kofis and dm me their address and i'll mail them out this coming week!

I'm so happy for her. I want the generations of queers that follow me to live in blissful ignorance of how many people fought and died before them.

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My little sister literally just smokes weed, fucks girls and then uhauls with them. She isn't worried about gay liberation or ANYTHING. I can't imagine how different my life would be if I hadn't had to fight so hard.

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some people are too afraid to have a symbol of freedom on they're page...

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