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Remember: if you feel ugly, who is benefiting from that? Who profits off of your belief that you need to alter your appearance?

Accepting yourself as you are is a radical act. Love you all.

Gentle reminder to look for mutual aid opportunities in your area, such as free stores and food shares, that are assisting people affected by the #shutdown and offer to help if you can

I always get asked why I promote youth rights and alt-education systems. Always have even when I (thought I) was right-libertarian.

Societal change starts with the youth. Even many here probably aren't "woke" enough, haven't internalized critical concepts that go against our authoritarian upbringing. You want to see a more free, democratic and libertarian world? Start by challenging authoritarian attitudes we communicate to kids in the home, the school, and in how we make community decisions

Anti self diagnosis is hierarchical-brainwashed ableism. Every small bit less of institutional power that doctors have _over_ neurodivergent people and others is a good thing.

This bricklayer drove a mini digger into a just finished hotel after his bosses didn't pay his wages

We stan a proletarian legend

The Supreme Court has reinstated President Trump's ban on transgender service members in the military. The ban will take effect at least temporarily, while two lower-court rulings that had blocked the policy are appealed.

Is just a matter of time, when there are more of us than you... just a matter of time when the us stop believing your entrepreneur crap and your capitalist bull shit. just a matter of time we come back to our real self and say family and community are FIRST and ego and individualism are second... fuck you landowners,kings,rich,ruling classes ! is a matter of time... mark my words

The worst thing about capitalism is that it has taught us to suffer everything alone and with shame instead of sharing our burdens (and our dreams) and I am sick and tired of it.

'While it is impossible to imagine surveillance capitalism without the digital, it is easy to imagine the digital without surveillance capitalism. The point cannot be emphasised enough: surveillance capitalism is not technology. Digital technologies can take many forms and have many effects, depending upon the social and economic logics that bring them to life. Surveillance capitalism relies on algorithms and sensors, machine intelligence and platforms, but it is not the same as any of those.'

Increasing burnout among physicians is a dire public health crisis, according to new research. And improving mental health treatment is prominent among the recommended solutions.

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Did zines and articles make most anarchists into anarchists?

Or did experiences with capitalism & the state + experiences with self-organisation make anarchists into anarchists, while zines and articles provided the step of helping them find a word and theory for what they already were?

Male privilege is not knowing WTF you're doing, doing it anyway, and either having it turn out OK anyway -- or being shielded from the consequences.

A recent survey found 1 in 5 LGBT adults has avoided medical care out of fear of discrimination and 80 percent of physicians say they feel "not competent" to treat LGBT patients. So, medical schools are identifying ways to better instruct on LGBT health.

Uh adding an X or other wise nb/gender neutral option to license's/ID's is a terrible idea? Why would i want to give the government a database of trans people? why would i want to out myself to whoever sees my card?


get rid of gender markers altogether? ????

“I Was a Cop for 18 Years. I Witnessed and Participated in Abuses of Power.” by Larry Smith, Jr.

At least one in 10 Americans have been told they’re allergic to penicillin –– but the vast majority of them can tolerate the antibiotic just fine, research finds. And that matters for their care. @WBUR

Building your politics around hate and revenge for oppressors is useless and I want no part of it

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