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Hot take culture is shit. Let's just state our opinions with kindness. know that it's okay to change your mind and it's okay to be wrong. 🧡

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Remember: if you feel ugly, who is benefiting from that? Who profits off of your belief that you need to alter your appearance?

Accepting yourself as you are is a radical act. Love you all.

capitalism dies when we kill it and not until then

fascism won out in the "marketplace of ideas." that was the lesson of liberalism. markets don't lead to good results, they lead to marketable results.

Dije a mi compañero de trabajo que mi novio es de Juárez. Dijo "necesitas tener cuidado. Son criminales."

OK RACIST. No puedes llamar mexicanos criminales porque tú eres de Honduras.

AirBnb is making a sex worker exclusionist Social Credit system software. And also targeting anti Capitalists, by scrubbing through your social media profiles. It's time to build Decentralized social media platforms, and encrypt all of them.

I'd like to report a murder.

(The opening lines of Greta Thunberg's speech at Davos)

Y'all can still use this site in browser ya know. It doesn't have to be like this

lol @ every tusky user complaining that the app doesn't work but won't use fedilab because it's pRoBlEmAtIc

It disgusts me that edgy takes about hating Straight people are cool

Surprised that cool for the summer by Demi lovato hasn't gotten flack similar to what I kissed a girl and I liked it by Katy Perry received

I'm sick of people loving colonial genders. Shut the fuck up

fighting with people on social media and calling it activism

The popular opinions on Twitter only speak for a young, Democrat, wealthy class.

i guess this is what they meant by 'unforgivable act'

yo I have been the cashier that fucked up in similar ways before and if my employer retaliated against me for it, that makes MY EMPLOYER an asshole- NOT the customer I rang up.

"stop taking advantage of small business owners!!! :'("

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