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Hot take culture is shit. Let's just state our opinions with kindness. know that it's okay to change your mind and it's okay to be wrong. 🧡

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Steal whatever ur little communist hands can carry

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Remember: if you feel ugly, who is benefiting from that? Who profits off of your belief that you need to alter your appearance?

Accepting yourself as you are is a radical act. Love you all.

Processed food (veg) good for long storage 

This is a good food for camping or prepping tbh. You just add hot water right into the carton, let the potatoes rehydrate and then cook as normal.

regarding the death and injury of crew members on Rust by Alec Baldwin

"social murder" is a term coined by Engels wherein the ruling class places the workers in such a position that inevitably, they will die

the unionized film crew warned of irresponsible behavior from a non-union armorer and walked out to protest

they were ignored, filming continued without safety changes, the incident became inevitable at that point

The recruiter got back to me before the day was over 😳 i think I might have a shot at this.

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also i can't sleep and I'm kind of just upset that i have to work 40 hrs a week to live...

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I applied to an HR assistant job that I'm not qualified for cuz i genuinely think I'd be good at it


Boost this because I'm getting my booster

ok i still haven't changed my name legally but I've given my preferred full name to two cashiers and they both said it was cool

Also you don't have to go on the internet and find torrents to pirate if it feels unsafe.
You can ask a friend to put the movie on a USB stick for you.
Like people did with cassette tapes, video tapes, CDs, and other things, before capitalists started innovating it away.

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gays, what should I do in Austin on Halloween weekend?

"making fun of an autistic person is like making fun of a child. just heartless"

oh boy i love being infantilized

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"omg they're just acting like a freak because they're on the spectrum!! leave them alone"


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when ur autistic and people are bullying you and someone "defends" you by being like "hey!!! stop bashing them. they're clearly mentally disabled. how could you be so mean to this poor thing?"

like uhhhhhhhhhh thanks i guess but I don't need the pity

27 million people are automatically filtered out of jobs while owners complain of no applicants, says Harvard study

three act structure for mainstream films:

1. so this is happening?
2. this is happening.
3. so THAT just happened.

I used to have social anxiety because i was living in an environment where i was not safe to be myself at home or at school or at church or anywhere. uwu

I had a realization recently. When i got my eyebrows microbladed, i was relaxed and comfortable the whole time. I literally had a needle in my face, and it didn't hurt at all! The technician made sure i understood the procedure and that i wasn't in pain.

If she can do that for $500 and a few months of training, why can't doctors? Why don't doctors make sure what they're doing won't traumatize me or cause me pain?

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