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Remember: if you feel ugly, who is benefiting from that? Who profits off of your belief that you need to alter your appearance?

Accepting yourself as you are is a radical act. Love you all.

tiny thing to fight surveillance capitalism 

Hawaii, US pol, birdsite 

The question is not “will neoliberal capitalism fall?”

The question is “does neoliberal capitalism fall due to revolutionary efforts or climate apocalypse, and how many people are going to be crushed beneath the ruins?”

#JewsAgainstICE still blockading the Atlanta ICE Field Office! We’re not moving because every day that ICE is “just doing their job” is another day of roundups, concentration camps, family separation, & terror for our undocumented neighbors.

Take Action: 

so it seems pretty clear vice is trying to get outrage clicks on its latest mastodon article.

this is a good opportunity to give 'counter promotion' a try

here is a good article to circulate instead of the vice article:

#counterPromotion #mastoMeta #clickbait #vice #praxis

So people actually list they work for ice on linkedin. Just saying

White kids' racism is a symptom of white racial respectability politics 

“Probably once a week, Burnett says, Watchtower uses it to prove that a tenant has ‘a buddy crashing on their couch,’ violating their lease.”

Remembering our comrade Will who was murdered by @TacomaPolice on Saturday and all of the immigrants detained in concentration camps by ICE.

Politics of spite. These people don't act in their own interest, they are only interested in hurting others. Making your own life miserable is totally worth it as long as you make someone else's life even worse.

“My trans comrades have transformed me, solidifying my convinction that we will be guided to a dreamed of future by those most marginalized among us today. I have dreamed it so clearly that I have no regret for not seeing how it turns out.” — Emma Durruti

Some of the reporting around Willem Van Spronsen’s last stand has been inaccurate & biased in favor of ICE. He targeted *the parking lot* where the vehicles used to deport prisoners are kept, not the prison building itself. Make no mistake: this was an act of righteous sabotage.

Very Important, but: death, fascism (corrected) 

stranger online: stop doing this I don't like it
me: no
stranger: but I'm your friend!

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