I think it's genuinely bad that it's nearly impossible to buy a slide rule and that guides for desiging slide rules are lost to history.

Slide rules are immensely powerful calculators that were used in the construction of many pieces of infrastructure we still use today. The ubiquity of computing can't be a prerequisite for building up an area smashed by disaster. A slide rule and waterproof logarithm table seem pretty important.

Very Important, but: death, fascism 

In my OP and a couple responses I said read this, hear this.

That's not enough. Talk about this. Regardless of if you agree with it, talk about it. Look at the news. It's about our president insulting our congressfolk, and about people peacefully resisting ICE. This man's death is being ignored, which is why you must talk about it.

A man died to resist our concentration camps, we can't let that pass us by.

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Very Important, but: death, fascism 

Yesterday a man put himself in a position to be murdered by cops.

Here's (allegedly) his own words why. You must read this. It will hurt, regardless of your background and beliefs. The author of this text is dead now, because he chose to die, for the reasons here.

from birbsite: 

Evokers’ Pact is a small game about powerful magic users diving into dreams to defeat weird abominations who turn nightmares into reality and feast on human despair.

Does that appeal to you? Get a copy here:


today I propose to reinvent the car
*tech investors nod silently*
the first issue is capacity, a car only holds 4-5 people. I suggest chaining together many cars
*tech investors begin to smile*
the second is safety, they crash all the time! I propose a fixed route for each car chain
*tech investors are talking happily to each other in agreement*
the third is price, much too expensive for many people. I propose this system be publically owned
*tech investors scream as they head for fire escapes*

gaslighting, authoritarianism 

"It never happened; and even if it did, it wasn't that bad; and even if it was, I didn't mean it; and even if I did, you deserved it."

~The Authoritarian's Prayer

look, i'm not a bigot, i don't mean anything negative towards them, it's just that European settlers have never done a very good job of assimilating once they arrived here. there was, at best, a token initial effort, and then came the wars and broken treaties and cholera-infected blankets. go ahead, convince me i'm wrong.

scantily-clad giant women, not furry 

Artist source, with close-ups and preliminary sketches: artstation.com/artwork/3K3WB

Fedi.dyke.space is defederating with hackers.town, on account of the admin admitting they are a cop. https://hackers.town/@thegibson/101693197693941092​

I personally instigated the Haitian revolution on the behalf of foreign interests. please nobody tell jon

Abuse, judaism 

Yom Kippur coming up n some of you don't deserve forgiveness. abusers cannot be forgiven by hashem no matter how much they pray and fast, only their victims can grant them forgiveness !

Is Anyone else taking ritalin (or other stimulants) for depression and would be willing to talk about it with me?
Plz boost

fundraising to save our home :blobcatrainbow: 

Thank you to Eileen, Robert, and L.Anne!

We've reached $255, which equals 41 five dollar donations.

Our goal is 50,000 donations of $5 to save our home from Wells Fargo, so we've got 49,949 more donors to find!

I'm working on a blog page to tell the story a bit better than the PlumFund page, and I'll be live-streaming this fundraiser by Wednesday!

Thank you all!!


:blobcatrainbow: :blobcatrainbow: :blobcatrainbow:

Historical politics, fuck cops 

Reminder that in the 60s the FBI went on a crusade to destroy a community program dedicated to feeding schoolchildren and that cops helped them do it.

Bad jokes 

Yeah, I'm an AnCap... ANti CAPitalist. BOOM!!!

[loud air horns]

[jump cut to someone screaming "o my god" while covering their mouth]


About to get some freakin' bomb-ass patches from etsy.com/shop/magickNmetal

They've been super cool about me asking for stuff like velcro backing, and I wanted to put their name out there for anyone looking to pick up some Anarchist, Antifa, worker rights, etc.. patches.

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