Howdy to all the cowboys cowgirls and cow nonbinary pokes. :anartrans_symbol: :black_bloc_blob: 🐴 🐮

christianity, infanticide, joke 

Woo. Union organizing right in front of the manager. This fright wasn't in time for haloween.

When's the last time your boss created value?

I do not give Baby Hitler permission to be born, both past and future. With this statement, I give notice to Mastodon it is strictly required to kill Baby Hitler. Baby Hitler can be punished by Jeb Bush ("You gotta kill Baby Hitler"). COPY AND PASTE THIS!!

Step off Eugene!!

Heard from a friend that it's fun to steal from work.

Call center, overwork 

Fedbook just showed me a 3 year old post of mine about the word dude. I read the whole thing not realizing it was me going, "whoa that's exactly what I think"

extinction rebellion, cops 

extinction rebellion, cops 

I wasn't always this... you know the thing where you say things in detail quickly... concise. Yeah! I wasn't always this concise.

Heres an attempt, when cops are talking to you look at an empty area behind them and smile like you saw someone you know.

On android Is there any way to make it so make it so it asks me what browser app I want to use every time, instead of saying "default app selected" the first time I link over to one?

Last night a comrade was listing off troublesome types and when they said anarchocapitalists, I instinctively blurted out "anarchocucks".

I don't have to worry about getting addicted to likes and boosts because every time I get a notification on tusky my whole phone crashes.

How cool does arity have to get to reach its solid form (solidarity).

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