I'll need to make a secret facebook group pretty soon. Does anyone know of a serious guide on how to not mess this up and leak the members?

Tips for non-facebook platforms are appreciated but will probably not be used for this action because the people aren't strictly radical / will be unnecessary work to try to get them on a different platform.

Sexist stereotypes, joke 

Sex and gender, terf mention, trans affirming 

Third additional detail, these would be intended for distribution.

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Additional details, they gave it to a friend of mine who works for them. So would it be legal trouble for me or my friend if I got about 50 of them and made them into union promo stuff?

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Is it strictly legal to paint a different thing over a bunch of free promotional material that a company gave you strings free?

Hypothetically, if someone found out they could punch in to work (in usa) from their phone, but work probably doesn't want them to, but they haven't been explicitly told not to do it, how risky would it be to punch in using their phone?

Me getting onto a site that only pilots understand: How do I change my aviator?

Oh fuck, I forgot the day and watched youtube this morning. Just disabled the app though.

Smile at all the sups and admin there and say what a good time I'm having.

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Like just show up with a shirt that signals I'm safe for radicals from the shops other centers to talk to me, and then contact people through social media and be like, yeah that's me.

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Considering hacking myself into a candid pic for the corporate periodical for my job. I could definitely wear a shirt to an event with useful info that wouldn't be censored by the editors.

Tbqh (to be queer honey), income from stock investment comes strictly from exploitation of workers.

What would you think if you had "communists" in your life who invested in stock?

Me: *kisses coworkers so we can all take excused sick leave*
Boss: book says no PDA!
Me: this isn't affection, I'm doing it as a favor.

Racist word I assume people will know what it means censored 

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Racist word I assume people will know what it means censored 

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