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The point of anti-fascism is not to make fascists afraid. Fascists are already afraid, that's why they're fascists. They have a fear based worldview. The point of anti-fascism is to make sure that fascists are isolated, unable to connect with, organize and mobilize other fascists. The point is to make fascists lonely.

anarchism, voting 

anarchism, voting 

a reminder that you don't need a job to join a revolutionary union. unemployed & retired workers, and working class students, all have a place within the one big union. you can still be engaged with mutual aid & support networks, & organize democratically within your own communities and raise class consciousness. most branches offer an $11 a month union fee for low-income folk. even if there is no local branch in your area, you can still always be a wobbly "at large".

one thing I've noticed is that the older I get, the more fluid and comfortable with myself I become. maybe because age isn't something to be feared and dreaded - it's not about slowly inching closer to death; it's about learning, reflection, and growth.


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