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hi I'm an illegalist and I'm here to steal your heart

at lot has happened. our collective has grown exponentially, and I'm currently dating a ML. things are looking up on my end.

oh shit I finally remembered my login. guess I'm back.

you change my schedule so that I come in mid-day, and yet you still try to call me in?

lmao eat my entire asshole

sure, many so-called "activist" communities are full to the brim of performative liberals accumulating social capital; but if you let that discourage you then you are even less sincere than they are.

instead of complaining about a lack of organization, get together with your friends and start an affinity. A food not bombs, a black cross, a tenants union, etc. the options are there. it just takes work to build communities and dual power alternatives.

how could you ever realize your own full potential without a supportive community backing you?

the dichotomy between self and community is false and has only been exaggerated to further atomize your own experiences; our own progress has always been dependent upon another's real life experience.

it's called a struggle for a reason.

it's that time of year again to mow your lawns and do some landscaping. in other words, time to do some tedious work to continue colonial aesthetic.

originally, most of the landscape in so-called America consisted of forests and prairies. modern lawns were literally imported due to colonization efforts. they wanted to bring the rolling pastures of England here, and now naturally occurring native plants like broomsedge are considered "lawn-threatening weeds".

tl;dr: fuck a lawn, plant a garden.

it's important to remember that it is totally okay if you aren't the perfect insurrectionist or revolutionary. we can all learn and grow over time and perfect ourselves and our praxis. self-criticism is always important, but we've also gotta remember to allow ourselves (and each other) the space needed to actually grow and develop.

real anarchism is understanding that you'll eventually be disappointed with everyone you've ever looked up to.

kill your idols.

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