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I'm Andrew, an anarcho-syndicalist in Louisville. I used to organize with Louisville Socialists and Louisville DSA, but if I never have to sit in another organizing meeting it will be too soon, so I'm a free radical now.

My old instance went down in the Paris heat wave, so I moved over here. If we used to be mutuals, hit me up.

I have two novels, a bunch of free short stories, a podcast, and a really adorable dog. Feel free to check them out.

"We the People"
Seen on a burning limo during the #J20 protests against Trump's Presidential Inauguration on January 20, 2017

Yall, brag and rb about my print shop if you're stateside so i can buy some winter boots please

Queer BIPOC interested in voice acting, there's an indie project looking for Black, Afro-Latinx, and NB Latinx voices. Paid gig. No previous experience necessary. USB/ XLR mic required for major roles, extras can get away with headsets or phones

Antifascist black metal compilation. It is free, but it'd be cool if you're able to help them get out of debt from legal fees.

"When we created the Antifascist Black Metal Network, we were fed up with how fascism, racism, LGBTQIA+phobia, sexism, ableism and other oppressions were pervasive in black metal and wanted to do something about it. [...][W]e have already uploaded bands from 24 different countries, with a lot more to follow."


I don't care about the new Disney film or how "progressive" it's supposed to be. If it's a Disney product, it cannot be progressive, simple as that. Disney is the coloniser of our collective imagination.


Was sitting at my desk singing "I don't want to be here. I don't want to be here anymore," when one of the office admins came by to give me a folder and a mean look. Ma'am, fix your face.

PLS BOOST i’d like to commission someone to make blΓ₯haj emojis including a kitty hugging blahaj like :blobcatheart:

Codeberg is a truly free and open-source service replacing Github for those who don't want to have their code recycled and sold by Microsoft line by line.

The service is built on the excellent open-source Gitea project, it's funded an maintaned by a community of users.
learn more from @codeberg :)

#Git #Github #Microsoft #Gitea #Codeberg #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Libre

Norton installs a crypto miner on people's PCs without asking:
There's a link to an article where Norton announces the new "feature", so it seems credible to me

Anyone have a recommendation for a free DAW for someone to start learning? I was good with Audacity before they sold out, but not really experienced with anything else

Alcohol cw for anyone sensitive 

Cheers, yall. May this year be better than the last.

My grandmother: Back when Reagan was president, Tip O'Neill was Speaker of the House, they'd be so nasty to each other in public, just eviscerate each other in public, and then they'd go back to the white house, drink scotch, and tell old Irish stories.

Me: Exactly, the two party system is an illusory method of controlling the population by funneling revolutionary energy into voting.

My grandmother: No, I mean I miss when politics were respectful disagreements.

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My aunt's boyfriend, with no sense of awareness: I love staying in this area because the schools are so good, you're right near the library, everything's clean and well maintained, but the taxes are so high. It's like 15% just to live here. My dad in Florida only pays $1800 a year and his neighborhood is a dump.

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Family: Does your sister live with your mom now?

Me: They're genderfluid, so they're my sibling now, and they're living on they're own.

Family: Who does she live with?

Me: Nobody, they live on their own.

Family: Why do you keep saying they, though? Who does she live with?

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covid deaths 

My family: Drew, what's your theory about why everywhere is having staffing issues these days?

Me: 800,000 people died.

My family after a long silence: Hey, have you seen this new Gordon Ramsey show?

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My family: It's so scary out there. You can't even go through Walgreens anymore because gangs just walk in with a pillowcase and sweep things off the shelf, and as long as it's under $800 security can't do anything.

Me, half an hour later buying melatonin at Walgreens: You guys have any problem with shoplifting lately?

Half-awake CSR nearing the end of her shift: Heh, no, not at all, I don't know why people keep saying that

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