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I'm Andrew, an anarcho-syndicalist in Louisville. I used to organize with Louisville Socialists and Louisville DSA, but if I never have to sit in another organizing meeting it will be too soon, so I'm a free radical now.

My old instance went down in the Paris heat wave, so I moved over here. If we used to be mutuals, hit me up.

I have two novels, a bunch of free short stories, a podcast, and a really adorable dog. Feel free to check them out.

USpol, 1984 

Americans to dems: Do something about Roe v Wade!

Homeland security under a dem president:

Quick shout out to @sproutdistro collection of abortion-related zines.

“The following collection of zines has been circulating throughout the anarchist space since the overturning of Roe vs. Wade in the United States. We're reposting the collection here and re-uploaded them to in order to maintain access for the future. We encourage folks to circulate these zines as you see fit.”

#Abortion #Zines #SproutDistro

Our only hope at a better future depends on each other.

EVERYONE not just women in red states should be protecting their digital privacy NOW. They are SYSTEMATICALLY trying to take away your right to privacy. What you think is safe now, wont be in the coming future.

Use a VPN with NO logs.

ANYTHING that you have to login to use, LOG OUT when you are done.

Create an email to use for signing up for things and ONLY use it with a vpn and SIGN OUT when you are done.

RESEARCH TODAY what you can do NOW to protect your privacy.

#privacy #roevswade #xp

SCOTUS just quietly slashed your Sixth Amendment rights:

'The Court’s ruling slashed Americans’ constitutional right to effective counsel by eviscerating the life-saving accountability mechanism that allows people to appeal unjust rulings.'


People on Facebook keep freaking out about the "bombshells" being dropped during this hearing and then say things antifascists knew in late December

@awmwrites *dial-up tone that also sounds vaguely like screaming*

DM me dark forgotten words from the edge of time that you found in a dreamscape you remember too vividly

Some period tracking apps will share your data. Stay safe, use one from @fdroidorg without Internet permission.

Possible options are:
drip (safest!)

All of these apps don't ask for internet permission and thus can't share your data. Drip goes the extra mile and explicitly opts out of Android's backup framework so your data won't be backed up on Google servers.

Please boost for those who need it!

The fight for bodily autonomy will always be a fight against the police.

I'm so grateful for anarchists. If it weren't for you all, I probably wouldn't have any hope left

Art related to Uspol, Abortion 

Art by brutalsquid

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