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I'm Andrew, an anarcho-syndicalist in Louisville. I used to organize with Louisville Socialists and Louisville DSA, but if I never have to sit in another organizing meeting it will be too soon, so I'm a free radical now.

My old instance went down in the Paris heat wave, so I moved over here. If we used to be mutuals, hit me up.

I have two novels, a bunch of free short stories, a podcast, and a really adorable dog. Feel free to check them out.

Louisville Protests, Sep 24 

I truly hate these Q and MAGA fucks a bit more every day

If you can't be in the streets today and have the means to donate, please consider donating to The Bail Project Louisville. A lot of organizers and activists are going to need jail support this week.

Sunrise movement originally tweeted these out, but here are some places to donate, if you would like:

Breonna Taylor’a family’s GFM:

Louisville Bail Fund:

Kentucky Black Farmer Fund:

ok so apparently there's this app called "civvl" now that hires gig workers to evict people.

go download it, uninstall it, then leave a 1-star review and report it.

Don't call this woman a bootlicker in the Zoom chat, don't call this woman a bootlicker in the Zoom chat, don't call this woman a bootlicker in the Zoom chat...

Uncaptioned Images: Discussion of US Immigration and Depression 

Serious News Dude: Breaking! We've uncovered an unprecedented global money laundering scheme by the one percent that the American government has been bolstering for decades.

Almost every reply: We know, dude.

have chrome or firefox? wanna access news sites but have no means of paying for them? This extension covers basically all of them

hey remember when willem van spronen / emma durruti attacked that ice camp? now imagine if there'd been ten people there instead of one

@popstar (sorry, keep remembering more)

Neon Yang (formerly JY Yang) singaporean non-binary author of BLACK TIDES OF HEAVEN and many more.

@popstar Oh! Sarah Gailey, white disabled non-binary author of Upright Women Wanted and many others.

@popstar Rivers Solomon, award-nominated black non-binary author of The Deep and Unkindness of Ghosts.

@popstar love these recs!

Okay DN Bryn is non-binary and the author of Our Bloody Pearl, with a non-binary main character. Man-eating sirens but ... cute? Amazing book.

AE Ross, non-binary author with a novella with non-binary/m mothperson cryptid romance

@popstar in terms of white trans & disabled authors there's Merc Fenn Wolfmoor and Ada Hoffman as well

@popstar partner says: "Bogi Takács is a disabled nonbinary Jewish immigrant and so is eir spouse, RB Lemberg. eir at bogiperson on twitter. also Rivers Solomon, androgynoid on twitter"

@popstar yoon ha lee is a korean-american trans man who writes scifi/fantasy, deuceofgears on twitter. neon yang is singaporean and nonbinary, writes 'silkpunk', is at itsneonyang on twitter.

I'll start up with 5 books I love:
The Red Tree by Caitlín R Kiernan
Tiny Pieces Of Skull by Roz Kaveney
Margot & Me by Juno Dawson
Exquisite Corpse by Billy Martin (published under his alias Poppy Z Brite)
The Map Of Salt And Stars by Zeyn Joukhadar

I read 3 of those books not knowing they were by trans authors so for all I know I have a lot more books I could recommend.

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