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We now officially have a @Liberapay account for this instance. If you want to donate, feel free to do so.

Sorry for the blip in uptime there, folks! Our root partition ran out of space (turns out Docker doesn't automatically rotate log files), but the problem's been fixed and we're back up and running now.
- @keith

Suspended for Stalin apologism, targeted harassment, and transphobia.

- @keith

Suspended for federating with far-right instances, Nazi apologism, transphobia, etc.

- @keith

Suspended,, and agentcasey@(all domains) for Nazism and racial slurs:

- @keith

We've suspended for child pornography and federation with far-right instances, and are currently looking into reporting them to their Internet service provider.

We've also suspended (for obvious reasons) and various instances associated with it. You can check the full list at

- @keith

We are no longer silencing, the issue turned out to be smaller than originally thought.

We've silenced due to some users voicing support for the recent right-wing violence, as well as some other generally suspicious activity.

Currently, you can still interact with Kolectiva users if you follow them, but this may change later as the situation develops.

More information is available in this thread:

The server will be offline starting 11am EST tomorrow (Sunday, November 22) for migration. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Sorry for the downtime, but we're back online now! We're looking into what's causing these crashes, as well as a backup solution., a nazi Mastodon instance, has now been blocked.

Also done earlier this month is the block of as well as and (far-right instance)

Show thread upgraded to Mastodon 2.9 earlier this month (sorry for the lack of public notice)

This release's main change is the single-column mode by default for the web UI. The multiple column UI is still available in your settings.

Full release note here:

Reminder that if you want to support financially you can donate on our liberapay:

If you want to support this instance financially, please consider donating here:

This instance upgraded to Mastodon 2.8.0rc1.

This release allows us to somewhat reopen our registrations and request invites directly on the main page without having to contact someone on the instance.

This release also adds polls as one of its main features, and plenty of other things. Full changelog below:

Please report any bugs or problem you encounter here as it is still a release candidate.

If you want to support this instance financially, please consider donating here:

The instance is gonna stay closed until someone finds a way to get rid of the spam bots

Show thread is now temporary closed to registrations. However any users from can now invite people to this instance in « Preferences --> Invite people »

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