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In July I'll finish sharing a 1st version of this short novel:
It contains:
·pre- and post-revolutionary societies ()

María, the narrator, is ; Rosario, her companion, is (and ). I am neither, and I would :ancomheart: :anartrans_symbol: some collaboration (co-authorship / reciprocal help?) to fix
a) any improper language use by María
b) any problematic depiction of Rosario

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"¡Los primeros días de la revolución!

Marzo del año 2097. En un mundo asolado por el cambio climático y dominado por multitud de mini-imperios eco-fascistas, la luz de esperanza son unas pocas regiones libres eco-anarquistas. Tras una semana de rumores ilusionantes y reuniones clandestinas, hace un par de días una parte del Imperio Español se declararó "Territori lliure". En este juego de rol en vivo, quizá como en la vida real, seremos revolucionaries, reunides en asamblea por fin a plena luz del día, en un soleado domingo por la mañana. Nuestra asamblea será una más de los cientos que se están dando simultaneamente en la misma plaza, una de las muchas miles que se estarán dando por todo el territorio. Hay mucho que hablar... ¡llevamos un mundo nuevo en nuestros corazones, hay que organizar la revolución!"

Tenéis el juego disponible para descarga en pdf aquí:

Y el relato en varios sitios, entre ellos este:

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Title: "THE MOST VIOLENT ELEMENT" (Emma Goldman #1)
Category: QUOTES 
Original size: LANDSCAPE (1920 x 1080) 
Options available (see website)! 
Free download at
#TheRebelUnleashed #TRU

Why We Need Real Anarchy

Politicians have come together across the aisle to decry the storming of the Capitol on January 6 as “lawless,” “anti-democratic,” and “extremist,” going so far as to misrepresent the result as “anarchy.” The problem with the invasion of the Capitol was not that it was unlawful, undemocratic, or extremist, per se, but that it was an effort to concentrate oppressive power in the hands of an autocrat—which is precisely the opposite of anarchy.

Direct action, militant tactics, and a critique of electoral politics will remain essential to movements against fascism and state violence. We must not let the far right gentrify revolt, nor permit centrists to confuse the issue.

i made up another felt solarpunk patch. This time the anarchy and sun flag.
If anybody wants it or the green and yellow sun and gear one, let me know! I can mail it to you. (anywhere in 'canada' or 'usa')

Let's make a thread of texts to radicalize the anarcho-curious in our lives. Please reply to this post with books, zines, articles, or videos. Bonus points for direct links and texts with accessible language.

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Looking at the Capitol as a Sacred Space (2/2) 

The Baptism of Pocahontas was installed in 1840, demonstrating the assimilation of Pocahontas, notably from before the U.S. existed. Embarkation of the Pilgrims went up in 1844 and is also from before the creation of the U.S., and shows the Pilgrims in England, about to depart for Turtle Island. A year after the Embarkation was installed, the term "manifest destiny" was coined, and two years later, colonials were openly massacring Indigenous people in what would become Nevada, Texas, and Washington.

And the Landing of Columbus was put up in the Rotunda. This one goes even further back before the creation of the United States, to lands very distant from Concord and Plymouth. In the Landing, Christopher Columbus is shown driving a flag into the sand as naked Taino women run into the forest.

In 1855 the final painting was installed, as the Indian Wars were escalating across the Great Plains. The Discovery of the Mississippi shows Hernando de Soto riding into a Native camp on a bank of the Mississippi River, heavily armed, while women cower before him and his white horse.

So, in the center of this "sacred" space, there are three giant paintings depicting naked or captive Native women, women who have been raped or are about to be raped. That is what is sacred to this space: a myth of white supremacy and entitlement to ethnic cleansing and genocide.

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lol my Settlerday started off perfectly normal with a long plea from a Collaborator that they be permitted to Collaborate without others questioning it, because their Collaboration will actually emancipate us all.

Frankly, it is amazing how how clever white people are; I don't know a single one who had to change their life's work when they began to decolonize. And just, wow! I can't imagine how great it feels to know the thing you decided you wanted to be as a privileged youth just happens to be the best thing any person could possibly do to dismantle kyriarchism.

But it seems like that's just, every white person's story!

"I grew up wanting to be a computer programmer. Then, I learned colonialism is bad. Conveniently, the best way to fix it is with programming!"

Or they grew up wanting to be a journalist. Or lawyer.

It's just white saviorism run through the assimilation of radicalism instead of the broadcast of christianity, but it's the same effect for me.

#Introduction 📢

We're a 12-yo bookstore co-op located in Southern Appalachia. As a queer, feminist collective we strive to promote exploration & encounter by maintaining a welcoming, sober, anti-oppressive space.

We stock what you'd expect at an #infoshop (ie zines & political histories) but also books about herbalism, gardening, comics, tons of sci-fi/fantasy, and a whole room of amaze kids books! We're lowbrow radicals who probably haven't read the obscure theory book you're asking about. 😂

The mother of the rapper @Valtonyc has died. He has been in exile gor three years 'cos the #SpanishInquisition sentenced him to jail for a song #SpainIsAFascistState

Today, again the camp is closed because of a holiday. People are only able to go outside to visit the supermarket or the pharmacy. It almost seems they would only let the people out of the camp when it's profitable....


#leavenoonebehind #antireport

Now also on Mastodon! We are very happy to be part of this infrastructure!

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