noooo dont make me learn what docker compose is im just a sleepy catboy you cant subject me to this

rain world iterator oc i made up, her name is Radiance Above Eternity and she likes writing slugcat fanfic

UN program to induce compersion in certain populations through mass administration of romance fanfic

unusually cursed 

new from Taco Time, the Fuckable CatBurrito

sometimes a straight woman can be a really gay guy, and i'm the living proof

I feel like Liz Truss's politics could be transformed if she learned that her most dedicated fan girls are all communists who think she's the funniest person in UK government history. She would however in a classic Truss blunder misunderstand and become a Trotskyist.


anyway, you _might as well_ work and live as if you were in the early days of a better world. everything is in motion and in flux, the future is still unwritten, and anyway despair butters no parsnips

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other societies have faced labor shortages due to famine, plague, war; other societies have faced resource exhaustion and/or climate disaster; i can't think of an industrial society that's faced all three at once. NOBODY, neither the capitalist class nor any liberatory force seems to have a really good strat for this moment. fascism followed by collapse and dieback seems like a plausible default outcome, but i wouldn't bet the mortgage on that either (which is good, since i _can't_)

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if you can, you should listen to the latest Diving Into The Wreckage podcast for a great take on the trajectory of the US left in living memory and some speculation on what's ahead.

a really good question i haven't seen asked elsewhere in so few words: what does it mean for capitalism and for movements against it, that we're in a recessive, low growth economy that nevertheless (probably largely due to death & disability from covid) features low unemployment?

the 2020s: a decade where everyone just got less and less normal over time

both normal (derogatory) and normal (approbational)

"[in the contemporary imperial core] _Combat Liberalism_ is just a bunch of reasons to go in somebody's DMs and tell them that they suck" - @kniferoomba

little known fact: "I'm Your Maple Syrup Janitor", the surprise novelty hit by the Functionaries of Pleasure, was originally intended as a B side for a track that was far more heavily marketed by their record company. band personnel described it as "a throwaway", "embarrassing", and "the Functionaries' _Flexible Strategies_" and were constantly chagrined by fans requesting that it be played at their live shows

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@acetone_kitten I'm so unable to imagine a way of life outside capitalism that I rent a mind apartment. I can't even paint or decorate the walls without losing my mind security deposit.

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switching on my hi-fi and my incandescent mood lighting, relaxing into my Eames chair with a lit preroll in my hand, and really _taking in_ the latest album from my favorite jazz-funk group, the Functionaries of Pleasure (one drummer, one synth, one harpsichord, and thirteen saxophones). i hope the late modern era never ends, and i can't imagine why it would

lewd leftist shitpost 

Me, going down on a comrade: "the left eating its own once again"

20 songs that bring you joy meme 

Stereolab - Margerine Melodie
Soul Coughing - The Idiot Kings
Ken Ishii - Mars Buggies
B-52s - Legal Tender
Gary Numan - Cars
Simian Mobile Disco - Hustler
Ladytron - Flicking Your Switch
Alice in Videoland - Sweet Thing
Mother Mother - Very Good Bad Thing
Vive la Fete - Assez
Lcd Soundsystem - Tonite
Jon Hopkins - Open Eye Signal

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20 songs that bring you joy meme 

i just made a mix tape, or maybe more like an extended mega mix something or other, for the first time in years, so this was pretty easy.
Bis - Independence
De Lux - Do You Need A Release
Devo - Through Being Cool
Ashbury Heights - Scars of a Lighthouse
YACHT - I Wanna Fuck You Til I'm Dead
Surfing - Hearts
Neon Indian - Annie
KLF - Last Train to Transcentral

does anyone in Seattle want a free fold-in-half futon? it's roughly queen size when unfolded. It served as the pad for our IKEA fold-out couch until the retaining straps sheared off, but it's still perfectly serviceable as a matteress. (no history of bedbugs in the house either). we can deliver it to you in Seattle

from now on, whenever the dystopian 2020s get too much for me to bear, i'm going to say that i'm "in mourning for Ralph the mail delivery robot", and only @kniferoomba is going to have any idea what i'm talking about

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