morbid / horny 

a body is just an attack surface that can cum

the fascism is already here, it's just not evenly distributed

Heeeey followers. Are you:
1) In Seattle/Tacoma/Puget Sound
2) Communist, etc
3) Want to do actual proletarian base-building
4) Fucken hate landlords

I'm part of the Puget Sound Tenants Union ( We help tenants take organized, direct action against slumlords, mostly in low-income, majority-immigrant areas. We're autonomous, anticapitalist, and all-volunteer. We're starting to notch some small wins and expand, so we need more organizers! As the "housing" (landlord) crisis intensifies, tenants and tenant struggles are absolutely essential to building independent organs of working-class power.

If you're in the area and can see yourself as a militant tenant union organizer, consider joining us! We can teach you how to knock on doors and organize tenants. DM me about it or fill out And please boost and share with Puget Sound-area comrades you know!

(Elsewhere in the country: find your local autonomous tenant union at

uspol, the expected grimness 

the R!ttenhouse verdict is a logical continuation of all the laws & discourse saying it's ok to run over protesters

what i especially "love" about this is that
a) as we learned in 2020, protests need to be enormous and militant to win the _tiniest_ concessions from the system
b) this means you can be killed at a protest that's _totally ineffectual_ at achieving anything its organizers or participants would want, and the state will just shrug

pol, violent imagery 

i guess i'm just struggling with the extremely late-dawning realization that all of modernity's utopian dreams were, like, the hopeful and self-flattering thoughts of a murderer thumbing through the rich take from their many deadly crimes. and now the money's mostly gone.

i still want to dream, and work toward realizing, utopian dreams! i just need to somehow reckon with the true historical circumstances that the old ones were made under

transphobia, violence, poetry 

and permits that would let you strut through town
quite legal. and they paid for it in tears
the cute red bob shaved down until it bled
the quarry and the wire the random shot
you got to be a girl they say you're not
the club the boot the bullet to the head
we may not last. so dance fuck every night
you can. and if they come for you, scratch, bite.

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transphobia, violence, poetry 

found this poem, loved it, doesn't seem to be online in text form anywhere
anyway i'ma go dance and fuck and organize

"My Dead Berlin Sisters" - Roz Kaveney
Poured drinks in bars perhaps or sold a dance
to drunk dare men or sang in small revues
or whored of course. if not the life they'd choose
in perfect world, at least it was a chance
to be themselves if just for those few years
jazz cocaine glamour charleston shimmer gown >


hi. i drifted away from the fediverse in favor of twitter??? i hope y'all are doing okay in this ugly, strange year. drop me a line over on birdsite or DM me for other messaging options if you'd like to get in touch. also, y'all probably know me under a former name. i go by Tris now.

enormous image, basically a blacklight poster 

i picked up 3d modeling again sometime around the new year. i finally got a model i've been working on for weeks to a semi-finished (but untextured and not well lit) state. then i took it into photoshop and made hard-sf stoner art. i guess this is pretty on brand for me. hope y'all are well and safe.

Online toxicity is a real thing, but I feel like some of the rich, professional type people make so much hay out of it is bc online is one area where a poor and disenfranchised person can build up a sort of stand-in for power that rivals their own.

i was in all honesty having kind of a crap mood day, but then one of my coworkers gave me one of @rory 's awesome nonbinary OSM stickers, which mysteriously found its way to Cascadia

thanks so much for designing these, Rory! (you can find the whole set at )

electronics, semi ec 

@RowanYote is building a glow friend! just look at these beautiful nerds <3
posted with her permission

strategy guide for healthcare systems: the basic Good Patient Dance 

i figure that this is something a lot of spoonies already know or have picked up on, but also worth a thread because it's something that people not already on board might really benefit from learning

i can also only write from my own perspective - that of an upper middle class cishet white woman - so this of course gets so much more complicated for many people, and i wish i had easy answers for overcoming that.

Border Patrol SWAT teams headed to sanctuary cities 

Here’s some ideas on how to respond, courtesy of Mijente

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language of "divisiveness" is never used to tell the right to stop attacking people, it's always used to tell the left to sit down and let them hurt us

the unspoken reason behind "adulting" as a concept is basically a pandemic of anxiety and depression. it papers over mass amounts of people constantly fighting the urge to /just give up/.

there's a whole host of reasons why being alive right now is exhausting, not the least of which comes down to "the behind-the-scenes domestic labor it takes to participate meaningfully in the world used to be free labor that women were forced to perform."

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I want a girl who's in Cybersecurity (CYBERSECURITY!)
I want a girl who wears full face masks (FULL! FACE! MASKS!)
Who's a ghost in the shadows, and an expert at arson,
And was home all day yesterday, if anybody asks,
I want a girl with a short fuse and a looong,
Long rap sheet

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i just need to tell the world that @RowanYote is an incredible badass who routinely saves my bacon and, in a million different ways, makes my life better and easier, even when she disagrees with what i'm doing with it. i love you yote <3

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