it's a little known fact that John Boyd was actually a giant cuckoo wasp inside a human-shaped disguise. this is why he invented the OODO (Observe Orient Decide Oviposit) loop. Sprey, Meyers & Christie objected strongly, preferring their own OODA variant, but are said to have backed down after Boyd menaced them with his ovipositor while intoxicated on pyrethrin. Boyd also unsuccessfully attempted to traumatically oviposit the first YF-16 prototype, over the objections of GD engineers


smoking that shit that made the helicopters black (with apologies to @lichwitch )

Winter should be for resting & coziness & telling stories but instead we have capitalism's devouring need for constant growth

@viq AT&T gets nationalized by the US government in 1984, and instead of twitter we get the United States Posting Service, delivered to each home over large aggregations of T-carrier channels or microwave links. C remains an historical curiosity because PLT advances beyond 1986. Kerberos 6 seamlessly integrates federated auth with everything. People who do not want to self-host have a right to free socialized computing power provided and maintained by a proudly uniformed regiment of queer autists.

nsfw, shitpost 

i experience genital dysphoria but for not having a cloaca

i don't know if i'm kidding when i say that i've forgotten how to be cringe and it could be really important to my mental health and long term functionality to relearn this vital skill


"Type of Guy Theory" is mostly regarded as simply another way to mock those with different material circumstances, obsessions and mental illnesses than our own. However, i argue that in fact this analytical framework can enable us to radically reinterpret our lived experiences, revealing fascinating, even liberatory aspects of people and situations which we might previously have narrowly described as "foolish", "counterproductive" or perhaps even "fucking annoying". in this paper i will

Class Action Lawsuit for Seattle Renters 

"Do you or did you since 2016 rent a Seattle apartment maintained by one of the following companies: Greystar, Trammell Crow Residential, Avenue5, Equity, Essex, FPI, Lincoln, Security Properties, AvalonBay or Thrive?"
If so, you can join a class action lawsuit against these companies for rent fixing.

if you want to date me, it helps if you're a furry, but it's not required. you can also just be the kind of person who constantly thinks about and invents weird Types of Guy

new cosmos, shitpost, a journey of discovery 

me three months ago: wait, can starships fuck?
me two months ago: wait, can starships do drugs?
me a month ago: wait, can starships experience moirallegiance?
me last week: wait, can starships shoot at each other?
me today: wait, can starships dance to house music?

EVERYONE ON MASTODON: Hello! I'm Dr. Whitney Appleby, a molecular biologist working on new ways to beat the Pacific Garbage Patch! In my spare time I love reading, hanggliding and playing with my cat. I'm also starting to weave-

ME: *shoving past them* yeah sure where are the dipshits? where are the real assholes around here. perverts, you got any perverts?

fediverse friends, help me out. i have the very Seattle-basic-bitch problem of needing to learn SQL in a hurry and for cheap. who has a good online course for this


to be clear here i'm not being self deprecating. i look okay for my (terrifying) age. but this other version of me is in her twenties, and an alien, and she has tentacles. some things are just out of my reach

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i'm taking a minute out from politics to advance my career, and also to think deeply about some truly unusual types of guys, some of whom are spaceships and also fuck, and how i might relate to them, and which ones might specifically want to fuck a hotter, stranger and less timeworn version of me. very rewarding stuff - big thanks to everyone who's made this possible

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my feels about anticapitalist organizing echo David Neiwert's thoughts about "antifa":

"In my estimation [...] my fellow normies, the liberal democrats, are the people missing in action out there. I’m not seeing the faith communities, or the small-business communities, or even the labor communities organizing to counter these thugs. They’ve all defaulted the job of defending our democracy to the antifascists—and then sit back and complain about the result."


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it's not actually my fault that the left is a tiny, weird, maddening fandom. that is a historical circumstance that was forced on me. i am struggling as best i can not to reproduce its failure modes.

part of the reason it's a tiny, weird, maddening fandom is that only the people who tend to join tiny, weird, maddening fandoms ever seem to fucking show up, at all.

this is a subtoot, but not of anyone who's going to read this.

found object, poetry 

highly elegiac poem printed on a poster stapled to a pole in Shoreline:

Reward If Found

Lost Boy, Lost Dog, Lost Bike, Lost Cat
Every corner stapled
To keep the paper flat
This splintered old pole has tasted
Scraps of hope
Efforts wasted
Never has it learned
Of vanished things being returned
A final sun-faded flake falls without pity
On the cement footprints of a long gone kitty
Air eats away at the rusty tack
Always remember
Somebody wanted you back


The United States armed force alone consumes more than 140 other countries. The Canadian army is responsible for 59% of the country's public function pollution (as in not from private firms). 100 corporations are responsible for 70% of world pollution. The issue does not lie in consumption, but rather in how we produce things, ergo capitalism and class society.

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metaverse, sex 

if i was in some isolated rural area & couldn't do politics anymore, i think i'd get a Metaverse acct and try to start a sex gang. i'd do that Radiator Yang thing of trying to inject public gay sex into every virtual space. i keep thinking about this.
but to do it, i'd have to _enter the Metaverse_ & rn i just have better places to be than a virtual office park/outlet mall rendered on a GameCube

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