There really isn't any part of anarchism that haven't been influenced by the Situationist International. Either directly or indirectly over the past 50 years. People still pretend that Debord & the gang are something new that only a select group took influence from when in fact it is the opposite of what has happened

Left wing folks who think socialism is nothing except state(public) ownership of the means of production & it is tied to a nation state are imo an other side to the same coin as those who cannot see or want an end to capitalism.

Both cannot imagine a world without hierarchies.

Both are equally trapped in the truth-game or hegemony so they both mock imagination & seeing past capitalism as "utopian" ignoring they themselves are just reactionary

Please consider donating to the prison strike fund if you hand some extra cash and want to help prisoners break free from prison slavery! #August21

I can't believe I'm playing this game so much despite the fact that it plays like ass, and I'm just running around this one patch of map collecting wood and stone and plant fiber over and over. I'm spending half the entire play time swinging axes and picks and then dodge rolling around because encumbrance doesn't effect the roll.

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Thoughts on "free speech" rhetoric 

One thing I've noticed lately with rightists using the whole "freedom of speech" rhetoric is that you'll never hear them use the term "freedom of expression" instead.


Other than them parroting everyone else, free expression is broad enough that it can cover stuff they won't like. They have no interest in freedom of expression related to art, appearance, gender, emotion or in some cases even personal interests.

Reading about early american history is basically a giant what if? scenario where at least 6 other possibilities where avaible.

That is when you realise we are living in the bad timeline

Prison strike 

Solidarity with the nationwide prison strike in the U.S! ✊👊


Planned Nazi demo, police 

"We expect groups that see violence as legitimate", said Anders Bjärgård, operation commander for the State's violence monopoly execution group ("police") regarding Nazi NMR's demo on Saturday (Aug 25) which they chose to permit and counter-demos, of which they in particular mentioned the "Revolutionary Communist Youth" (RKU).

I encircled the Nazis' assigned route on the police's map in brown and RKU's in red.

Several appeals against the police's choice to give the Nazis demo permit have been filed with the Administrative Court.

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I cannot upload a film of me hating pizza. Is Mastodon anti-degenerate or what?

Seems like I should do an Intro maybe? 


I'm a Southerner currently in Taiwan teaching math and science.

I have a degree in Computer Science but hate programming for money, so now I make games for fun.

I also used to study Buddhism.

I've previously been active in Pirate politics and Occupy, among other stuff.

I like games of all sorts and anime.

I mostly post vacuous meme shit, because the internet is a place for me to relax and smile.

:kallisti: :iww: :oh_no: 🇹🇼 :is_this:

More anarchists should study more historical societies to break free from linear history of knowledge, technology & socialities

Biggest con somebody ever pulled was convincing folks that a large patch of land of exclusively theirs & for folks to use they needed to labour for the con artist

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