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homelessness, swearing 

maslow doesn't know shit
- homeless artists

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every interaction with a cop, swearing, caps 

cop: ok sit on this curb and keep your hands where i can see them
cop: move it, perp
me: ok i-
cop: twenty two years and i've never been wrong about someone
me: that's not reall-
cop: /you think you're faster than me motherfucker???/
me: what
cop: /i'll race you right now asshole!/
me: that doesn-
me: i am on the ground

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taf's two step guide to happiness 

1. share food with your friends
2. everyone is your friend

if anyone corrects my pronunciation of a word i immediately repeat the word with all the vowels replaced with ö

personal growth 

two years ago it irritated me when philosophical or religious texts said a statement and the opposite of that statement are both true. it felt like a shortcut to fake depth. now i get both how real that concept is and how important it is to say.

fire, pers 

my two moods are fiery (setting things on fire) and fiery (currently on fire)

personal history, poverty, (~+) 

When I was poor/homeless: I'll just watch the spoilers of this game I will most likely never get to play.

Me now: Good thing I forgot all those spoilers

heat complaining 

it's 88f why is it 88 degrees oh my god this is awful

Quails caught
in net rise up
in a body
with net
and escape.

normal anime 

watching cardcaptor sakura rn. it's good, obvi, even if it has, like, /problems/ lol

Overwhelming police force kettled and shot at protestors again last night in Echo Park. This time they made several arrests

Please help send bail funds.

wading into stuff im not a part of 

i see ppl almost exclusively using the term bipoc even in situations where it seems like the subject should absolutely include latinx ppl and it does just sorta feel like we've just collectively stopped talking abt latinx issues for the most part? just sorta stopped hearing abt border concentration camps too? the limits of disconnected online discourse i guess.

Hi, I am a
new user and have had a
submission declined

Sol 816: Instrument Deployment Camera (IDC)

Taken on: 2021/03/14 07:29:20

Sol 816: Instrument Deployment Camera (IDC)

Taken on: 2021/03/14 07:27:14

Sol 816: Instrument Context Camera (ICC)

Taken on: 2021/03/14 07:22:37

don't let them think that controlling numbers on paper lets them control history


if you suspend your code of ethics but only when it's an emergency, one way or another you'll find it just happens to be an emergency every single time someone (cops) wants something outta you.



art take, long post, thread 

art twitter is NOT ready to hear about how the idea that a piece of art's worth depends solely on how much "real effort" you, personally, think the artist put into it is ableist

also "laziness" is a capitalist concept designed to make you feel guilty for not overworking yourself

there's nothing wrong with just. making art for fun and not putting tons of effort into it.

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