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@applebaps "IDK what the prisoner's dilemma is, but I know I bought the brightest headlights I goddamn could, and I'm gonna use 'em" - Everyone In My State

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@applebaps @Thuslyandfurthermore one of the many ways in which he rules (another: banned from the US forever for sassing Border Patrol) is that this and most of his books are creative commons licensed on his site

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@steviemcfly getting a chud to say "what's bofa" isn't going to save the world but it sure beats a lengthy debate about who deserves life

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bathrooms, personal privacy, homelessness Show more

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bathrooms, personal privacy, homelessness Show more

My phone keeps trying to sneak a Google play update past me but motherfucker I will Always Be On My Phone to hit cancel

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Frustrated with the erasure of anti-capitalism in mainstream discussion of social justice

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