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Hey, I just noticed this weird thing with the sky where like it's really pretty?? Does anyone else know what I'm talking about???

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Yo why does TVTropes kill my phone's battery? Is it all the ads? Mastodon is fine on my battery and it's updating constantly.

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Man, I can't speak Spanish, but these guys really love Crisco.

Oh wow is that a protest goi- oh, nope, no, that appears to be some sort of Jesus thing happening.

I'm in a "listen to way too much Erik Satie" mood again. These usually last a couple weeks. Currently on loop:

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You can breed the tusks out of a pig, but those fuckers will grow back within months of the pig losing its chains.

The only people who will care if you key their car are the ones who use the niceness of their objects as a proxy for their self worth.

They sell transmission fluid at the 7-11 here. I feel bad for the person who needs expensive transmission fluid at 3 in the morning.

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