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homelessness, swearing 

maslow doesn't know shit
- homeless artists

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every interaction with a cop, swearing, caps 

cop: ok sit on this curb and keep your hands where i can see them
cop: move it, perp
me: ok i-
cop: twenty two years and i've never been wrong about someone
me: that's not reall-
cop: /you think you're faster than me motherfucker???/
me: what
cop: /i'll race you right now asshole!/
me: that doesn-
me: i am on the ground

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taf's two step guide to happiness 

1. share food with your friends
2. everyone is your friend

So like, everyone knows that transmedicalism is how fascist movements will recruit trans folks, right?

Like if you look at modern American fascism, young Asian and Hispanic men are recruited into white supremacist fascism in fascinating and disturbing ways. Folks like Enrique Tarrio aren't outliers, the result of specific ideological shifts and recruiting efforts. To oversimplify, they're presented a world in which they are sort of stuck in a duality between whiteness and Blackness, and through fascism they can claim whiteness.

Transmedicalism offers a similar route for trans people, and in the same way it's a fundamentally short sighted and false promise.

swearing, cops 

ill bite the hand that thinks theyre feeding me every time, i've been telling you that shits poison since the start

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swearing, cops 

yk doublefuck the police who think theyre bucking the trend and making a positive impact on the community, why dont you take your half remembered psych 101 and figure out why your children hate you


didnt even know cali was on fire again until google weather told me that wasnt fog

Revolt in Iran #JinJyanAzadi
"One year ago today, the Iranian Guidance Patrol #police arrested Jina Mahsa Amini. Allegedly, she was not wearing the hijab in accordance with Iranian state policy. After Jina died at their hands, people across Iran took to the streets, confronting the police and opening up spaces of ungovernable freedom.

Today, our thoughts are with those who were killed or imprisoned as a consequence of that uprising, and with all who continue to fight today—in #Iran and all around the world. Let's make a world without patriarchal violence."
From @CrimethInc
#IranRevolution #WomanLifeFreedom

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The English suffix "-ard" (as in "drunkard", "laggard", "braggard", and "sluggard") is used to make adjectives into deprecating nouns.

"He's drunk" is just a description.
"He's a drunkard" is a moral judgment that finds the subject lacking.

The same process turned "he's wise" into "he's a wizard".

"Wizard" was the medieval equivalent of "smartass".

Anarchist organizing is unique in that, whatever its goals, it tries to immediately create in some small way the world you want to live in.

Horizontal organizing, autonomy, and solidarity in my projects give me a taste of what's possible.

theres one kid who comes to the store in a full on fluttergirshy outfit and i always wanna say sth but wth am i gonna say lmao

I know it's not a good idea to talk to cops, but I just love leveraging my middle class status against them.

Cops trying to kick homeless people off the train and holding the rest of us up to kick them off:
"Hey, jerkwad! You're making me late for work! Leave 'em alone! Sleeping people are literally no threat to me!"

There are still over 1000 missing, mostly children after the Maui fire. US colonial capitalists are gobbling up land and water rights.

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Barbie (2023) spoilers 

Siddhārtha Gautama, the Tathāgata Samyak-saṃbuddha, Buddha Śākyamuni: seeing an old person for the first time:

"Old age it is called, that which has broken him down; the murderer of beauty, the ruin of vigor, the birthplace of sorrow, the grave of pleasure, the destroyer of memory, the enemy of the senses. He too sucked milk in his infancy and became a handsome youth, and in the same natural order he has now reached old age. Turn the horses back, I want to go home quickly, for how can I take pleasure in the park when the fear of old age takes over my mind?” [returns to the palace, lost in anxiety]

Barbara "Barbie" Handler: seeing an old person for the first time: Barbie: "OMFG you're so beautiful!!! :blobcataww:​" Old woman: "I know!!" Barbie: " :pinkgirl_heart:​ " old woman: " :blobcatfluffowo:​ "

legalizing gender for medical use isn't enough

i want recreational gender

The thing about 1993 anime is they are full of tna and unfunny gender stereotypes, but also the designers come up with some great fashion and costume and mecha design.

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including a thousands separator when I write a year (2,023) just to be upsetting

"What do #homeless people need to get them out of homelessness?"

"Homes. Buy them homes."

"No, I mean, what can we *do* for them, to get them out of homelessnes?"

"Homes. They need homes. Put them in homes. Buy them homes."

"No, you're not hearing me. What can we do to *help* them get out of homelessness?"

"Homes. Houses. Apartments. Somewhere to sleep and keep all their stuff."

"No no no, what i mean is..."


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