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taf's two step guide to happiness 

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sometimes i look inside myself
and what i see
world is a fuck
kill em all nineteen eighty nine
four hundred ten billion dead cops

and i realize i'm not that deep

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I made a album 

food, poverty 

Puns, Solfege 


preaching about forming community with those around you online while in a park, actively dissuading conversation with those around me.

yt keeps recommending hour long videos about neoliberalism and i don't know how to feel about that

military posturing 

I am trying so hard to be the kind of sensible person that doesn't believe in things like ' is a government sting'

& then they just ask people to fill in an online form with your full name, address, phone number and admit willingness to commit crimes that the UK is willing to prosecute under terrorism laws.

I.. don't... want... to... believe... you're... the feds.... but... you're..... not... making.... it easy.....

Pigs recorded using tools for the first time | National Geographic

The observations could signal a new cognitive skill previously unknown amid swine, which are well known for their intelligence.

'Mistrust all in whom the urge to punish is strong.' In my experience, forgiveness is a liberation for the one who forgives

one of these days i'll make another song with interesting drum patterns, but not today~

maybe it's cos it these new earbuds but i think this is a pretty good song

sampled a song i heard on the radio, and just now looked it up and it has 15mil views on youtube. uh, nothing wrong with a recognizable sample, right?


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