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homelessness, swearing 

maslow doesn't know shit
- homeless artists

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every interaction with a cop, swearing, caps 

cop: ok sit on this curb and keep your hands where i can see them
cop: move it, perp
me: ok i-
cop: twenty two years and i've never been wrong about someone
me: that's not reall-
cop: /you think you're faster than me motherfucker???/
me: what
cop: /i'll race you right now asshole!/
me: that doesn-
me: i am on the ground

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taf's two step guide to happiness 

1. share food with your friends
2. everyone is your friend

if you know, and you know i know you know, then i don't know why i ought to pretend, to you, that you don't know. it just seems like,,, needlessly complicated. like i top out at three levels of subterfuge before i need some reassurance about why we're doing it


i have an overwhelming, gnawing love for all existences and being and it kinda makes me feel like shit most the time

Abolish the police, drug war 

Also, just so you know, if there aren't any more cops to enforce the illegalization of drugs, then street gangs lose a significant amount of power and cash revenue because then anyone can make their own drugs and no one would give a fuck. The more people able to make these drugs, the cheaper they will become since runners and big operation security and all that nonsense won't be needed.

Anyway, this is only part of the solution to street gangs. A significant one, tho

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violence, swearing 

i would like everyone to note that today some drunk guy took a swing at me and ducked that shit like a badass bef

ore exiting the area at low speed

lol imagine imagining yourself an isolated object apart from the things around you hey nerd if the chair under you is so separate from you how come you'd fall and form different memories and be angry if i pulled it out from under you


dyk alternators have to be plugged in to charge batteries? wild

hey I don't think anyone here needs to hear this necessarily, but unhoused people deserve privacy. It should go without saying not to take pics or video of them without consent. You're not taking a picture of a tree. That's a person.

never realised before that the only reason we know about COINTELPRO now is because eight regular people decided to break into an FBI field office, steal all their files and leak them to the press. FBI put 200 agents on the case and never solved it. they came forward voluntarily in 2014. owned

music bsing 

thinking about what it would be like to be in a society where you can't magic up complex music at any given moment. like it'd be cool to have to go make some music every time you want there to be more, but also f that lol. i need my fix every day or i will absolutely just keel over and die

you ever hum four random notes and then remember a song you haven't thought of in nearly a decade

Between stages of lives and realities

Cw: censored nudity, body horror

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