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homelessness, swearing 

maslow doesn't know shit
- homeless artists

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every interaction with a cop, swearing, caps 

cop: ok sit on this curb and keep your hands where i can see them
cop: move it, perp
me: ok i-
cop: twenty two years and i've never been wrong about someone
me: that's not reall-
cop: /you think you're faster than me motherfucker???/
me: what
cop: /i'll race you right now asshole!/
me: that doesn-
me: i am on the ground

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taf's two step guide to happiness 

1. share food with your friends
2. everyone is your friend

This scene from Deep Space Nine (Past Tense Part 1) and the opening of Jackass Forever were shot on the same set


TWO weeks in and the whole engine goes up in flames. we put it out pretty quick with sand and a lot of water. ten minutes of howling laughter later and me and my dad decide that

a) the fire has probably done some damage well outside our expertise
b) there is no way in HELL we're telling the seller we caught his car on fire a second time

so we leave the window open with the key + a note reading "engine leaks gas do not start" on the dash, walk away, and stop answering our phones for a while

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the process at this point has taken like a week, we're getting frustrated being out in the sun all day every day and the seller is calling like hey youre taking the car right, i can see it right there. the car is actually running now, but we have to jump start it every time we want to test it just to find out the manifold isnt sitting *exactly right* and starts spraying gas everywhere and its the most frustrating thing in the world (3/4)

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eventually we traced the problem to, among a litany of other problems lol, improperly installed fuel injectors, because that v6 has this weird manifold that just floats over the injectors and has to press equally on all of them or itll leak fuel. so it's just a matter of making sure the manifold and all its brackets are bent correctly and the injectors are all installed right, right? (2/4)

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thinking about the time someone was selling an audi that wouldnt start, another person came to check it out, and walked away without realizing theyd shorted out the battery under the back seat, so the car caught fire. the fire dept took care of it, but the interior and a lot of electrical was trashed, and now very wet lol

i called the seller and he said screw it, take it, so me and my dad towed it to a nearby parking lot to check it out. (1/4)

i feel like everyone already knows how amazing come in by weatherday is and i'm the only one who just found that out lol. it's like super diy sweet but noisy emo made by one enby and i've been breathing it the past few months.

“I am proud of you for being queer… I am proud of you for letting the tide of your revolutionary heritage grind your fear of failure and lack to sand. I love you. The me that I was.
But breathe this deep because this is the message. We did it. We shifted the paradigm. We rewrote the meaning of life with our living. And this is how we did it. We let go. And then we got scared and held on and then we let go again. Of everything that would shackle us to sameness. Of our deeply held belief that our lives could be measured or disconnected from anything. We let go and re-taught ourselves to breathe the presence of the energy that we are that cannot be destroyed, but only transformed and transforming everything.
Breathe deep, beloved young and frightened self, and then let go. And you will hold on so then let go again.”
-Alexis Pauline Gumbs: “Evidence”

im regrettably finding out im still a big fan of my little pony

acab / meta 

I've been seeing a lot of, "the police we should be worried about are already here and undercover not wearing their uniform. So, it's ridiculous to block/defederate public cops hosting instances"

This argument misses the point. Yes, of course I am aware state threat actors exist covertly. That is a separate thing. I don't want to participate in any area of fedi who welcomes cops. I expect spaces to tell them to hit the bricks and come back with a warrant.

i use subway tooter, if i change my account password will it definitely stop sending notifications to my previous phone?

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ok its been like a week and i havent gotten the cops to give me my phone back so everyone say hi to the santa cruz sheriffs department!

Child labor, meat industry, capitalism 

"Minors? In *my* slaughterhouse?"
In a court filing this week, the U.S. Labor Department alleges that Packers Sanitation Services Inc., based in Kieler, Wis., employed at least 31 children, including some as young as 13, to clean equipment at three Midwestern meatpacking facilities.
The majority of the alleged violations were found at a JBS plant in Grand Island, Neb., but because PSSI operates in about 400 locations nationwide, “there is reason to believe Defendant’s practice of employing child labor is occurring throughout the country,” regulators wrote.

aaron lanterman's lectures have been a good starting point for me, both because they cover just what you'd need to know to understand existing synthesis circuits, and because their voice is just so,,, so cute lmao

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is it called an operational transconductance amplifier just so it makes the speaker sound smart? bc im fine with that

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been getting /deep/ into analog electronics while investigating maybe eventually making a synthesizer. it's very very gratifying to learn to identify little pieces of larger schematics and stuff, even if im out of my depth 90% of the time

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