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I made a album 

why are computer monitors so big who needs to like move their head to see an entire image

left our phones at a friend's work to charge and he "forgot" them there, so we don't have any phones until monday. i've already missed a call from dss re getting my food stamps back on. frustrated.


it's wild how fast cultures change. it feels like towns' cultures and ideologies change faster than any of their citizens' could. certainly faster than those citizens could be supplanted with newcomers or the next generation.

my elementary didn't have a fence around it, now it does, and people are saying it's always needed to be that way, and they're the same fucking people as back then!

please read this, violence, protesting, antisemitism and racism 

We are trying to help a friend that is mentally and physically suffering a lot from stress(*burn out,ptsd) to find a safer space where they can recover properly.
A place with an active community, anarchist/radical roots and where they can find proper rest.
They don't have anythin simmilar to a home, nor friends/family that could provide this.
PLEASE SHARE ADVICE for ZADs, occupas, comunities... around catalunya/south france

Destroy your... 

Rape, slavery, pirates, Confederacy 

y'all seen this dope agitprop from bristol IWW EUC? I like the workers raising the windturbine a lot :mais_tjrs_le_poing_leve: :greensun:

hey that gunshot was pretty close to where i'm standing maybe i go stand somewhere else


@Thuslyandfurthermore yep :(

> ABC's review of 200 studies, including 2,800 pages of industry research obtained under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), concluded that a single seed treated with neonics is enough to kill a songbird. Lesser amounts can emaciate the birds, impair reproduction, and disrupt their migratory pathways.

i've probably said this before but god damn the mexicans know how to party

insecticide toxicity since 1992

> The neonicotinoids are generally applied to US agricultural land at lower application rates per acre; however, they are considerably more toxic to insects and generally persist longer in the environment. We found a 48- and 4-fold increase in AITL from 1992 to 2014 for oral and contact toxicity, respectively

Digs at conservatives for participation trophies are a weakness of mine.

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