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taf's two step guide to happiness 

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I made a album 


Ma quanto Γ¨ bella una stazione di polizia in fiamme? Meglio di una chiesa.

today I gave away 84 loaves of bread, 4 pies, 12 muffins, two heads of lettuce, two pints of snow peas, one pint of mulberries

yesterday I gave away 73 loaves of bread, 8 pies, 3 bunches of kale

the day before that I gave away 92 loaves of bread, 4 pies, 2 bunches of kale, 2 pints of baby collards, four sweet potatoes

providing (a small portion) of food to ~84 households (inc. homeless groups)

a mix of redirected commercial waste, donations from local gardens, and my own garden.

It takes a fair bit of time to do, but gosh is it rewarding!

If you wanna support an indigenous garden & its mutualist caretaker in feeding their neighbors, donations are accepted at

I also accept donations of things like hand sanitizer, cloth masks, non-perishable food, and stuff like that, for distribution to neighbors. (Again, including homeless folk.) I also like seeds! all sorts, but a preference for radish, beets, any sort of greens, beans, and peas. just DM me for a shipping address.

Thanks to everyone who boosts these requests, and those who send encouraging messages, and folk who have started doing similar stuff in their own community - or are supporting folk who are. (check and see if there's a Food Not Bombs chapter near you, they're who I work with for some stuff!) And of course, thank you to everyone who donates.

(p.s. I haven't been posting as much recently and my wifi thingy broke so I can't livestream, but the offer to answer any sort of gardening questions (including unusual indoor/guerrilla questions) stands!)

I wanna be the girl that's always spinny in a skirt and/or dress.

today has mostly sucked but we did make a white supremacist cry earlier so that was pretty cool

gender shitpost, light horror 


policing hot take 2 

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policing hot take 2 

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policing hot take 

Anarchism is more action than ideology. You can think of it like sport:
If you spend hours a day talking about it, following people who talk about it on social media, reading books about it, decorating your room with it, you’re a fan.
If you put that energy into doing anarchist things, you’re an anarchist.

enbies and vertical terms of address, silly 

Man's mouth,

from fear
of sea-monster
under lake,
to both his ears."


@Thuslyandfurthermore albums I own:
-22 on bandcamp
-21 on iTunes (I've stopped using it, but it counts)
-87 CDs
-18 Records
-1 cassette
I'm not counting albums I have saved on streaming sites because I don't think that counts.

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