Job hunting does not make sense to me. Job hunting is the process of putting on a show to demonstrate how good you are at doing something which a hidden judge may not even care about. Job hunting is like putting on a talent show in a panopticon. The only thing you know is that somewhere there is someone with complete control over if you fail or succeed, and they might not even be watching. It's stressful and arbitrary and cruel by design, and I hate it more than any other task alive.

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There's a strain of anarchism I'm not here for.

White boy nihilists.

There's little more toxic than white nihilism. "I was treated like I don't matter, therefore nothing matters, therefore I can fuck shit up and it's their problem."

Growing up without the expectation of privilege, this does not happen.

"I was treated like I don't matter, therefore I don't matter. I can take my shitty little bit of agency and maybe have some fun. Or maybe if I get lucky, help someone."

It's a far better take

Any kind of left activism that includes authoritarianism is garbage. Any kind of left activism that doesn't CENTER marginalized people is garbage. White cishet males take fucking note. Use your white cishet male privelege to boost marginalized people AT ALL TIMES.

(2/2) In this scenario, a certain ideology or politics doesn't need to be objectively "right", it just needs to plug in to people's existing sense of strife and insecurity, and present itself as a solution. This is why spheres outside of the economic are crucial too. We have to engage not only with building autonomous economic counter power to strike at the root of people’s everyday problems, but also social, cultural and political counter-power to tear down these “real illusions”.

(1/2) Some anti-capitalists are puzzled as to how so many people seem to act against their own best interest. But the thing is, “material reality” does not simply appear in front of people in its pure form. A lot of it is mystified through ideologies, institutions, culture and propaganda. In this way, things are not only complicated, but often actively set up so people are made to choose between options of which none is really good for them.

Tfw my activist spaces are super toxic. Everyone's got a different idea of accountability and no one's able to agree on anything and now people are getting hurt. No one said it would be easy, but organizing is way fucking harder than I thought

So many people, inside and outside anarchism, treat it like it's just a rebellious subculture that hates cops. Yeah it's that but way more importantly it's a philosophy how to live and thrive and love. There's so much hierarchy ingrained in our society; to stand against that and devote ourselves to cultivating our freedom and power and love, and by extension of that to hate cops and be edgy sometimes, is already rad af. Live passionately. Don't just circlejerk. Spread your love.

Vanguardism is bad. It establishes a hierarchy when we should be demolishing them. We should organize, agitate, and educate, but who are we to lead anybody? If our central message is that people can and should rule themselves then we need to stay consistent with that idea all the way through

I'm feeling like it's pretty disingenuous to call myself post left. I'm definitely a leftist. I'm just more depressed about it.

Hey all, the names Wade

To build on what's in my bio, I also study philosophy and am a bit of a theory nerd. I'm really interested in bringing more existentialism into anarchism because I think they can really use each other, as well I hope to use those in anthropology one day, but right now I'm just a kid with a lot to read.

Talk to me about music! I love folk rock, country rock, psychedelic rock, indie rock, post-rock, post-hardcore, noise rock, doom metal, sludge, and so on

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