And so, the year of Waluigi can finally begin


I've been eating leftovers for a week, and I am unreasonably excited for the breakfast of polenta & poached eggs I am going to eat after exercising

@Louisa happy birthday to you and all of your alts, hope you have a great day!!

If one of Santa's elves is dopey and hot, that's called a chrimbo

Arguing with my girlfriend about if Seven Mary Three is more similar to Alice in Chains or Third Eye Blind, and we have reached an impasse

Drug reference 

I barely smoke but I'm specifically taking a weed break because I might have a job opportunity coming up soon, and I'm so stressed about work that I've never wanted to smoke more than now lol

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Congrats to Delaware, they were the first state, and they gave us the last president


Been having a lot of panic dreams lately where I'm in a public place and either I'm not wearing a mask or the people around me aren't, and it's really interesting to see how this pandemic has warped my brain

If I follow you and it looks weird because we haven't interacted, it's only because I have a Pokémon-like obsession to follow all of the Philly-adjacent accounts On Here

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Eminem: Aged like milk

ICP: Aged like wine

I think we know who won this age-old beef

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Make sure to leave out milk and cookies for Danzig tonight

I love cold weather but we're at the time of the year where my hands are just freezing for five months

Do you think the pandemic finally ended the habit of dudes spitting on the ground all the time

Feel like I'm not hearing enough Misfits in this, the spookiest month of the year


I get excited every time I make a pizza dough, it's like a present to yourself for a couple days later

I've had a batch cold proofing since Sunday night and tomorrow is the day

what's a cat's favorite fruit? 


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