@actualgarbage @Louisa @jk Now that Creepypodsta is over, it's finally time for everyone's favorite podcast, Someone's PC: Johto

Time for @mattherron to be canceled for his bad cheesesteak opinion

Made a red sauce yesterday to put in baked ziti which also had homemade ricotta cheese. Used the whey from the cheese-making to make pizza dough which is currently proofing for tonight's dinner. This must be what God feels like

Somebody once told me
The cask of wine was for me
Amontillado, tasty and red

I was feeling kind of drunk
While he took me in his bunk
And the bricks started covering my head

Got out of work early and now sitting in a barber shop listening to Fox News drivel. My kingdom for a(ny) leftist business in suburban New Jersey

Dreamt that I went to a wedding and was drunkposting here. Would not recommend

More cooking adventures: used the whey from the cheese I made to boil potatoes tonight for a shepherds pie, because I am fucking resourceful, goddammit

Made Mac & Cheese last night in my new cast iron pot with cream cheese, and I don't think I'm ever going back

country roads
fly me home
into the place
danger zone

Mara Wilson & Ben Shapiro are cousins, what the shit

@Louisa I'm sure you already know this but I just found a Simpsons reference in BOTW and I am freaking out

Spent most of the weekend playing BOTW and something I noticed was how open everything is. Like, I'm inside a giant elephant robot and there's multiple places where I can just bail out and jump back into doing whatever else I want to do.

Lukewarm take I know but it's so nice to not be bound by any real rules.

However I'm also pissed that I cooked for 30 minutes and lost all those recipes because I got sniped by a fucking Guardian laser and didn't save!!!

Taking pictures of materials for the Hyrule Compendium like I'm running a fucking Pinterest blog

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Bathroom clean, kitchen clean, everything dusted and vacuumed, time to start making the jack off motion

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Take me down to the brother-love city
Where the bell is cracked
And the mascot's Gritty

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