LOU BEGA: I love Angela, Pamela, Sandra, and Rita
ANGELA: okay...
LOU BEGA: And as I continue, you know they're getting sweeter
ANGELA: what the fuck

Went to my old college campus today and everything looks different, the sands of time are falling, and I am withering away into ashes

Punch Up the Jam has done 3 nu-metal songs now

I don't check Mastodon nearly enough so I'm sure this was done already but it got lodged in my head and I needed to get it out

1, 2, 3 4 5 casks of
Amontillado now come on let's ride, to the
cellar just around the corner
I know that you want to have a taste
But I really don't wanna

Am I really going to start breeding perfect IV teams now oh my god

There's too many Pokémon in this game, why are people complaining that there's not enough

I haven't played a Pokémon game since Gen 2 (Soul Silver) so I have no idea what any of these things are or which region they're from

Anyway, friend me! SW-4249-2601-8707

My girlfriend bought me Pokémon and I don't deserve her

Three days off and mostly home alone for it, shanah tovah

@actualgarbage @Louisa @jk Now that Creepypodsta is over, it's finally time for everyone's favorite podcast, Someone's PC: Johto

Time for @mattherron to be canceled for his bad cheesesteak opinion

Made a red sauce yesterday to put in baked ziti which also had homemade ricotta cheese. Used the whey from the cheese-making to make pizza dough which is currently proofing for tonight's dinner. This must be what God feels like

Somebody once told me
The cask of wine was for me
Amontillado, tasty and red

I was feeling kind of drunk
While he took me in his bunk
And the bricks started covering my head

Got out of work early and now sitting in a barber shop listening to Fox News drivel. My kingdom for a(ny) leftist business in suburban New Jersey

Dreamt that I went to a wedding and was drunkposting here. Would not recommend

More cooking adventures: used the whey from the cheese I made to boil potatoes tonight for a shepherds pie, because I am fucking resourceful, goddammit

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