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I think this is gonna be my backup (admin problems) account now

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What's the easiest way to get my hands on some RCA to Phoenix connectors for my extron switcher? I can barely find any to buy online, would it be easiest to make them myself?

It's a little unfair to unkoe that the great stage 4 game break is called the unkoe pause despite it having nothing to do with him

DIN connectors suck and are great at the same time

Well my new CRT has decent geometry and 3D games look great with component hookups, but it's a flat screen so it mangles games with a flat 2D perspective.
It'll do for now but I hope I can find a nice curved screen display soon

The M30 wireless Genesis controller is pretty good but I don't like the useless shoulder buttons.
I get that it's so you can use it on the switch but they just take up space when using it on the Genesis

Coin pusher machine but you play for real. The quarters you knock off the platform you straight up get to keep

What up yo I'm feeling down for the dumbest reason

The year is 20XX, every OWL team has their damage players flex to the other roles. Support and tank mains can't keep up with the DPS

Boy am I glad the Shock decided to pick up support subs LUL

I got a new CRT that doesn't suck and played a 240p game over component. Holy shit it looks like an arcade monitor
Never going back to composite

Killing Heimskr is one of the best decisions you can make to improve your experience playing Skyrim

A rogue independent road crew fixing potholes and replacing old traffic signals with LED ones

Hey, loving the game but why is clothing so expensive? Is it a bug or something because clothing was affordable during the alpha and stress tests

I've got some temtem stress test keys here


At least the first one should work

LA Valiant got completely outshone in the rebranding game. They ruined their nice green and gold scheme while Shock and Mayhem got a straight upgrade

480i anamorphic widescreen sucks for games. Let's take this already low res interlaced picture and just smear it across the screen yeeeaahhh that'll look great on your 16:9 HDTV

Default windows Japanese font is garbo and I have no idea how to manually install a better one

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