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I think this is gonna be my backup (admin problems) account now

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Why are those gifs that reverse themselves before looping so prevalent

ableism and stuff 


Being a virus author in the eighties and nineties must've been really cool

Sorry about my overwatch league posting. I would CW it but it's shamelessly crossposted :P

I'm against capital punishment and most corporal punishment, but I'm all for handing out suplexes

name the youtuber from their signoff 

My love language is nice things I don't have the courage to say and physical intimacy I don't have the confidence to perform

haha, when you take the word "Pizza Hut" and replace the "U" with an "A", it says "Pizza Hat"! And when you replace some more letters, instead of "Pizza Hat," it says "Dick Cheney made money off the Iraq War."

whoopsies you are Gay. not reading replies to this.

Kinda lewdish 

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