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I think this is gonna be my backup (admin problems) account now

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Really lucky all my friends are PC gamers. I don’t have to break out the Xbox or PS4 to play with any of them

Angry internet people understand you can enjoy more than one thing at once right? Or that you can like something that is flawed

I DO NOT recognize ASUS’s Republic of Gamers as a legitimate state

Very fortunate for agent 47 that everyone wears clothes exactly his size

How in the fucking hell do you install the wraith spire cooler? Why is AM4 cooler mounting so terrible

Good gear doesn’t actually make you a better player, but it sure makes you feel better.

My mousepad is bit big for most games but it’s perfect for overwatch

UPS is very intent on not updating my tracking at all ever

Sure am glad that I bought hitman 2 when the first one was cheaper and runs on my pc

It’s makes me so mad when people say vaccines are poisonous. They’re actually venomous, get it right

Wireless mouse on the way woot! I dunno if I’ll like it as much as I like my deathadder but it’s not too much money so it’s not a big deal if I don’t like it

I think a return to true mixed roster with a western addition would be good. Korean core is good but the western emotional center of shock was lost with sinatraa. I think a western flex would be good for team mental

I never love the shock more than after a loss because I know they’ll come back even better

I got a giant Razer mousepad and I really like it but I dislike that the whole nonslip underside is that acid green. I like the Razer green but it clashes with the rest of my setup’s color scheme

Maybe there will be fewer trolls and bandwagoners in the shock discord now that they lost

Whoever wins this takes the tournament 4-0 mark my worms

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