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I think this is gonna be my backup (admin problems) account now

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I'm gonna turn it off now. Maybe I'll rejoin fedi on my main at some point

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originally I set up to crossposter to share my toots on the birdsite for my friends that were only on there but I had it set to crosspost both ways. from there I kinda just forgot it existed

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hope yall haven't been too annoyed by my overwatch league posting

just realized how long this account has been crossposting unchecked. oops

I really want that your comrades is glad sh*rt from abroad in Japan

I’d really love to have a streaming schedule but I need a sleep schedule first

ANS is gonna drag the rest of the shock kicking and screaming into a victory

I haven’t played any comp on the new patch but I think I’ll like it. I was born to play Hog-Zarya

Is there a good set of backlight compatible keycaps that aren’t lasered ABS? I want PBT for my daily driver keeb but if I decide to add backlighting I’d have to get new caps.
Razer’s are good but the lighting doesn’t shine through well and they aren’t readable without lighting

I like when you can see owl players stop to type in chat lol

I really want to mod my old blackwidow 2014 but I don’t want to ruin the backlighting. I could easily replace the switches but I’d have to remove the LEDs with no good way to put them back in

I feel like I leveled up and can notice enemies telegraphing ults now

Dampened Gateron optical switches would be nice. I’d like to use some contactless switches in one of the keyboards I want to build but there aren’t any silenced contactless switches that I can use in a custom

They need to make gen 4 compatible with Pokémon bank because the minigame to migrate in gen 5 sucks

I don’t know my way through the cinnabar mansion, but I do know the way to the spot where you can find ditto for the mew glitch

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