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I think this is gonna be my backup (admin problems) account now

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Me: oh this instance is having problems. hope the admin can fix it soon
Me: fuck, I'm the admin aren't I

My main TL on this instance is identical to the federated TL on my own

Maybe there isn't a problem, maybe it's only showing me posts from people I follow in the federated tl

NVM, I thought my problem fixed itself but it didn't.

I think this is gonna be my backup (admin problems) account now

I think new statuses started coming in right as I rebooted my server lol

having something weird happen on my server
for some reason new statuses aren't coming in from every server it's federating with

hey if you get another goddamn follow from me, it's my new account at my personal instance

is there a good, updated guide for deploying a mastodon server on ubuntu 18.04? the one on kinda sucks

I'm gonna shut it down for good when I wake up tonight and format the server it's on

I was wondering why no one has been interacting with me. I just looked at my profile on this instance and none of my posts show up

well fuq, I lost the temp password I got for this account. Is there some kind of account recovery that doesn't use email because I don't have that set up

I might have to just delete this instance and start over

The amount of jobs that only exist to make capitalists wealthier is astounding.

Them: “But people will abuse technology to make designer babies with blue eyes and brown hair!”

Me: “Well, they can enjoy their basic-ass baby, my baby’s gonna have wings, laser-fangs, three will weep”

hhhhh I'm having the same problem as when I first started my pleroma server where the admin account I created can't be properly deleted

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