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Can anyone point me to some good pictures of anime girls smoking weed? I just can't get enough of that.

hello god?? there's a bug in my system. please fix tjhis."gf" is set to 0... i should have one like everyone else... wtf.. fix your fucking game, devs

mastodon is:

10% hogs
20% ass
15% anarchist perspectives on class
5% slime
50% furries
and 100% people to distract from your worries

Some toots you enthusiastically favourite, and some you scroll past, sigh, and scroll back up to shamefully hit that star.

that moment when you read a post and can't figure out whether it's an ebooks bot or someone talking about something you don't understand and you're too scared to try to find out

Why are the saltines you get at restaurants always better than the ones you get at grocery stores?

God damn they’re already playing xmas carols in this store. It’s the 10th of november you idol worshippers

I wish people interacting with things you retooted showed up in notifications. I need that dopamine

My daughter told me she has “sweatpants energy.” All I could say in return was, “mood.”

She is dating Gritty, but they're not exclusive or anything. This is canon now.
RT I found another perfect mascot


Thank god, my wi-fi's finally letting me back on here. I was reduced to using twitter to fill the social media void, BUT NO LONGER. I'M BACK.

*slaps my own skull*
this baby can fit so many intrusive thoughts in it

(wake me up) wake me up inside
(can't wake up) borat voice my wife

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