Why was I stuck in traffic today?

Oh right, because GM bought up and destroyed almost all of America's streetcars

@forAll52 Yes, exactly.

The only good thing about cars is that you can moon people from them. But you can do that from a streetcar too.

@PrisonHipster Too hate the reproductive system and being clothesless to ever moon anyone, so there's literally nothing for me

@PrisonHipster Nobody remembers this, but it was actually the plot of Who Framed Roger Rabbit

@photophoregirl Sometimes when they tear up roads to repave them the old tracks are still undearneath

And people though "Who framed Roger Rabbit?" was just a cute live action / animation composite movie...

@PrisonHipster we could've had electric public transport all across america way before the climate crisis but 1920s capitalism screws us over again

@PrisonHipster Yeah car culture is pretty disgusting. Try explaining to a hard core Driver Type that public transit is good for the common man, though. If they're honest they'll say "Yes but it's on someone ELSE's schedule and I have to ... TOUCH people!"

@feoh It kind of depends on if they live in a place that is traffic-choked.

And my conservative Boomer mother is coming around on public transportation, too, because she is getting old and hates night driving.

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