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I keep seeing all this stuff about in-fighting on the Left. I just want to say, if u support universal health care, don't make assumptions about someone based on things like orientation, gender, race, & religion, & want more money going to programs that feed, house, & heal ppl rather than war, I love u & u are my Comrade. Anarchists, Antifa, Socialists, Commies, Progressives, Dem Soc, whatever ❤️ 🌹 ☭ :ancom: :antifa:

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love too claim it's just a few bad apples that make cops look bad

Some things are meant to be:
Peanut butter and jelly
Cookies and cream
Transphobes and walls

did you know??
punching a tree in minecraft isnt painful whatsoever, whereas punching a treee in real life is very paimful
experts believe this is because minecraft is whats known as a "computer game" whereas real life is not

A common misconception about dragons is that we can only sleep atop piles of gold and jewels.

This isn’t true, it can be piles of anything that is precious to us.

Could be video games or plushies or swords.

Could be the girl reading this.

nationalize the assets of the automobile industry and use it to pay for bullet trains

I love that the majority of you are so kind and tender toward one another. You haven't made this Birdsite Pt 2 The Remix & the foolish judgy subtoots are so few and far between. Thank you for being so sweet. 🌼💕✨

My wedding registry, FYI, is fucking lit.

boost to get me a sparkle kitten emoji <3

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