Going to see a "politically charged brass band" at one of my favorite venues so tonight should be interesting. If you haven't heard of "Brass Against" they have some pretty cool RAtM covers.

I was trying to figure out what to call my friends/ lovers/ potential partners in a situation where I was trying out relationship anarchy. Every relationship will be different and so it's hard to put a finger on it. But then I just remembered "Comrade" exists and I guess that's the only pronoun/term of endearment I need.

"Look What They've Done to My Song Ma: - Melanie Safka

This is my comrades favorite song and it's stuck in my head


It's only logical that capitalism would get to the point where we're destroying old, useless products in order to deal with the frustrations we suffer living under capitalism every single day.

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*gesturing to an onion* khajiit have layers if you have coin

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The currency of trust is the only currency of a free people.

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(To be fair, the streets of Athens are covered in antifa and anarchist stickers and graffiti)

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I hope everyone has a great day today!! 👍😁✨

If you're response after meeting me is "you have to shake hands like this is you ever want to get a job," we're probably not gonna get along.

My phone autocorrected bro to brother and it's too funny to re-draft.

Brother do you even have enough money to spend on a bunch of colorful designs that show how cool you are?

About to expose my arms to flex on all these people with arms FULL of ink.

Do you ever feel like the only person at the bar without a tattoo? Weird.

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Everyone's sharing the close-up image of the black hole itself, which is neat, but here is a zoomed-out view of the gigantic mass of space-stuff that it is busily consuming: chandra.harvard.edu/blog/node/

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So my other coworker has this term called the "Will Effect" (In case you didn't know what my username meant...) where in I always turn a conversation really deep and distract everyone from what they're doing and I'm just saying that she's not wrong. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

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