Don't let anyone bait you into being this aggressive toxic monster.

We fight facists in the streets, with our love rays. And Care Bear hug our Comrades with unity.....

Hey Hillary, I've got a plan, now here me out....


We running a an impeachment marathon in the Senate.

Citizens referendum, don't forget your hockey masks!

Yeah so gender fascist JK Rowling, is making a TERF version of the Turner Diaries....

Liberals don't you even point the finger at leftists for this rise in fascism.

While you were going Yasss👏queen👏slay👏 on Twitter

We were doing fascists dirty, and letting their boss and mom know how many swastikas they had tattooed on them.

And when we asked for help, you scoffed, and dismissed us for moderate voters.

It could've been a hell of lot worse...

FB, Twitter, Instagram, literally any media outlet. Is going to try and bury this Revolution, by cutting off communication. And it gets very frustrating and mentally degrading.

But they can never stop leaflets, art, memes, music, and your voice.

Keep up the fight comrades, we have always had to get inventive with bringing the message to the masses. But the movents grown so large that:

"No matter how hard you try, you can't stop us now" RATM Renegades of Funk

Ammo Availability:

.38 Special

Long range rifle:
.300 Win Mag

12 gauge

Ok I'm going to spell this out for libertarians:

Inflation from minimum wage, happens because of unregulated Capitalism.

We started minimum wage because unregulated Capitalism caused the Great Depression.

The olny way to get rid of minimum wage is to get rid of Capitalism. And replace private property with unionized workers co-ops.

So I'll just go ahead and spell this out.

The FACT Richard Spencer endorses the DNC, tells us that the DNC had shifted that far right. That Nazis see it as a viable option......

That's it, and you should be appalled, and this should be your final notice. That you fucking failed in getting rid of fascism.

Their is no lesser of 2 evils, when it's literally the same fucking evil.

The DNC could deepfake Joe Biden singing Sea shanties. And have better results than whatever the fuck they are doing now.

Just please, for the love of fucking God, just sit on your gooddam hands. You aren't making electoralism better. Your making reality worse.

If you really wanted to pull the DNC left, you would register as independent. And sue them to appoint literally anyone else too be the nom.

Instead your appeasing them by supporting a racist and a cop. During an anti racist, and anti police movement.

You do not need to fund the post office, that's taken care of already.

What you need to do, is ACLU already has an open constitutional violation lawsuit against them that needs support.

And you need to pressure the AFL-CIO to start a labor dispute through the APWU.

DNC: What are the most important issues you want to a address with this election?

Leftists: Ending systemic racism, and police brutality.

DNC: Say no more fam, we have a Racist and a Cop running for 2020!

Leftists: What? No! That's the exact opposite of what I want.

Did you salute a proud Unionized Postal Worker today?


Then you're a filthy Nazi!

They will always, I repeat, always deliver the mail! Even if their stranded on an island.

Do leftists hate pedophiles?

Omg yes we do! And we ruin their lives right along with Nazis.

But do we just pull shit out of our asses, and who, and who isn't a pedo? No! We find evidence.

Where do we usually find that evidence?
Tracking facists, Trump supporters, and libertarians.

The same people who do the Q bullshit...

You honestly think that Trump providing pissant amounts of economic relief is going to stop this Revolution from accelerationism? LMFAO no! If anything it gives everyone more padding room to buy guns, and organize the community.

Nobodies opinion is going to change about any politician, after any of what's happened since January.

In fact, it's going to get worse when the Democrats try to repeal his executive orders.

Remember those teacher unions your parents complained about?

Well, each one of them is keeping your kids safe from a pandemic right now.

It's as if, what's good for the workers, is good for everyone else.

OMG Antifa got their terrorist training in Syria from *checks notes* the Kurds. And fought *checks notes* ISIS.....

Hey, I know CPUSA and Rev Party do not represent most communists. But WTAF?! Why are you folding and riding Biden? Jesus Christ, you're making Bernie progressives look like extremists.

I absolutely laugh when liberals try to "Happy Wash" every single social movent by calling it "Non violent action"

Reality, every single social movement had started with a riot, and then turned extremely armed leftists, and Antifascist.

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