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Bill Gates just surpassed Jeff Bezos as the richest person on Earth, with a net worth of $110 billion. 

Builder commits to union workers 

Top Bolivian coup plotters trained by US military's School of the Americas, served as attachés in FBI police programs | The Grayzone -

Yes, Brazil is once again in a hard times, crisis situation. A recession since 2014, and it hasn't really improved since. Around 12% unemployment, official number, probably an underestimate.

I was born there, and follow things from a distance. Gave up on the country many years ago, when things were very bad and dispiriting. Like many, I searched a way out, luckily it worked.

I notice something similar on what happened in Bolivia and Brazil, although I don't follow the news for Bolivia closely.

In Brazil's case, there was a left wing government in power, a party that started underground, clandestine and illegal in 1980 or so. By 1989, they had a candidate, legal party status and participated in the first presidential election since 1964 and the Military took over government.

Flash forward to 2003, and the Workers Party elected the president. He was in power for two terms, and things looked good in the country when I visited.

But there was corruption on the background, the party was getting huge amounts of money for its coffers, from public works and specially the national oil company (Billions of dollars in this case, used in hidden election funding in 2014 elections run).

That government BURNED the left with many, many people, leading to a protest vote that brought the current, unprepared, populist president. 😞

The party has not accepted their mistakes, and I consider that a big let down to anyone on the left spectrum.

Mr. Morales, apparently tampering with a national election after 14 years in power, legally elected, is also a huge mistake and betrayal.

The recent strife in Venezuela & Chile are in 3 words: oil, lithium, & neoliberalism.

They're US-enforced & encouraged coups in the pursuit of imperialistic profit seeking. The US has been greedily fucking around with South America for too long.

Workers of the World, Unite!

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