In light of @malatesta1932 most likely not being able to maintain, I have moved to

I briefly thought about taking it off her hands but realized I have too much going on already to take on another project like this.

I greatly appreciate this instance as it was my first home on Mastodon and, as a result, will be special to me.

Militant members are working to oust the labor-management leaders of their union. Members in ALL unions need to let their leadership know where power resides.

Teachers walkout fallout: Impeachment effort underway against OEA leaders | News

It’s No Longer About Social Security: Inside the Nicaraguan Student Protests - Black Rose Anarchist Federation -

Ozymandias 2040: A crumbling Pres Zuckerberg hoodie, surrounded by hundreds of miles of rusted Flint pipeline, collapsed Amazon factory, never-occupied luxury condo. Flashmob-battles fought with AR-15s between the flat-earth and reptilian overlord FB groups, commanded by decaying remnants of Goobookzon's mind, that aimlessly auto-radicalizes survivors for a long-lost Cold War.


The "cultural leftists" is a reactionary/fascist dog whistle. I wouldn't be surprised if Jaworski is an alt-right sympathizer.

Any allies in NYC should look into this guy.

They Revealed Harassment Claims Against a Professor, and Were Disciplined

Police’s Shifting Account of Black Man’s Death Raises Questions in Savannah

There is a lot of blather on the net about cultural Marxism, but little discussion of the far more insidious phenomenon of cultural Catholicism, which particularly impacts women in Latin America, the Philippines, and the Iberian peninsula, among others

Here's the truth folks:

Don't believe the media, the politicians, priests, cops, or the sycophants serving the wealthy. Things do not have to be the way they are. Capitalism is not the natural order of things.

Imagine the future. It can be yours. Now, organize for that future.

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