While I recognize the limits of legalism, this is something which NEVER would be considered if people weren't in the streets.

Senate and Assembly Democrats discuss repeal of law shielding police files


Survived the thunderstorm, the humidity....

Thanks to everyone who tuned in tonight. I hope you found something you enjoyed.

Here's tonight's #Volkstanzclub set:


A mere 20 minutes until #Volkstanzclub.

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Looks like tonight might be heavier on Goth than usual.

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Angst seemed cool when you were a but a wee freak mallgoth emokid, didn't it? Now we're living it.

Take a break with the #Volkstanzclub and relax a little listening to old, new, obscure,one-hit wonder, and just freaking awesome Goth, Industrial, Post-Punk, and more! I'll dig into my bag to goth-serve all y'all.


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opportunity.shoutca.st/start/t (requests can be made here)

Last week's playlist:

This is an excellent teaching aid. I intend to show it to my kid to help deal with their school acquaintances who are a little more than "privileged.*

Hampton Institute (@HamptonThink): ""Corporatism" is capitalism. "Cronyism" is capitalism. Give capitalists enough time to accumulate wealth through mass exploitation and of course they will both (1) buy the state ("corporatism"), and (2) use said state to hook each other up ("cronyism").

And here we are.


Bernie Sanders (@SenSanders): "During the first two+ months of the pandemic:

Some Americans who lost poverty-wage jobs are receiving $600 a week in extra unemployment benefits. Republican response: How outrageous!

630 billionaires made $434 billion in profits. Republican response:


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