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Wait... people are actually anarchists? 

I thought this was a role playing forum

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Overdue intro 

Greetings and salutations.
Obviously an Anarchist. I'm also an androgynous pansexual goth POC. I mostly use he/him pronouns, but I do like it when someone uses she/her (especially when I'm not wearing any makeup and in work clothes).

I work in a clinical lab, and do a little bit of research. I mostly gripe and shit post. I'm also a multimedia junky who constantly looks for novelty. I indulge in hallucinogens, various crimes, and dabble with magic and music.

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Phone Script 

Are you aware of the IWW?
They are the Industrial Workers of the World.
They are a union dedicated to helping people like you achieve proper working conditions.
For example, if your boss is being a jerk to you, then the IWW can step in to tell your boss to be cool.
The IWW is international, and can help you where ever you work in the world.
Also, the more of your coworkers that join with you, the stronger you all can be when you fight for better working conditions and better pay.

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Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC), MARCH 

I summarized from this blog:

MARCH algorithm (preventable deaths in combat zones)

M-assive Hemorrhage
-Detect source of bleeding
-Direct pressure: hold pressure (~10min) until blood clot forms
-Devices: If necessary, use tourniquets, hemostatic gauze and pressure bandages
-Don't dilute: use concept of hypotensive resusitation to avoid thinning blood or pumping established clots

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Nintendo likes to act like one of the original pokemon wasn't just a woman in blackface

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🚨 BREAKING: new chrome 0day found where if u open chrome and navigate to sci-hub you can get scientific papers for free

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Facebook's data leak exposed "names, birthdays, gender, location & more, with each dataset made freely available online." Check if your data was leaked:

If so, beware of potential phishing scams & fraudulent calls.

Original tweet :

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@thufie fuckin' love red bean paste. red bean ice cream, red bean buns, red bean mochi, red bean soup (at which point it's not even sweet anymore). red bean really got it made

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The Brooklyn Center police's excuse was that the cop meant to fire her taser...turns out this is a fuckin veteran cop. How the fuck do you not know the difference after 25 years?

Answer: she didn't make a mistake at all. But we all knew that. #ACAB #FUCK12

"Potter has worked for the department for nearly 25 years and is president of the Brooklyn Center Police Officer's Association."

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Daunte Wright murder 

Evidently the pig who murdered Daunte Wright is the Brooklyn Central cop union president

Are there any institutes that aren't just trash?

Weird listening to MN police scanner and calling the protestors "freedom fighters"

I wish Minneapolis a very

Burn down another police precinct

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Daunte Wright pol 

Do a web search for "thought gun was taser"

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All power to the affinity groups 

If you've recently been radicalized, don't join some hierarchical organization that considers you a means to an end. You and your friends already constitute an affinity group capable of acting autonomously. Define your own objectives and fight.

They'll tell you that you need their leadership. No — you need to find comrades you can learn with as equals, developing a shared analysis and the skills to act. Being someone‘s pawn won’t amount shit. Arm yourself!!

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Never forget to remind the liberals that convicting cops isn't gonna change the end goal of the systems that propagate them.

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The police will continue to shoot, kill, and assault Black people in this fuckin' settler state, regardless of who's elected. You'd think the goals of the overarching system would become apparent after a while, but maybe systemic critiques are just rare these days. #ACAB

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Surveillance capitalism 

The lesson of the internet over the last ten years is basically that people will willingly submit to constant, intense surveillance, as long as it's convenient and they get memes out of it

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