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Wait... people are actually anarchists? 

I thought this was a role playing forum

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Overdue intro 

Greetings and salutations.
Obviously an Anarchist. I'm also an androgynous pansexual goth POC. I mostly use he/him pronouns, but I do like it when someone uses she/her (especially when I'm not wearing any makeup and in work clothes).

I work in a clinical lab, and do a little bit of research. I mostly gripe and shit post. I'm also a multimedia junky who constantly looks for novelty. I indulge in hallucinogens, various crimes, and dabble with magic and music.

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Phone Script 

Are you aware of the IWW?
They are the Industrial Workers of the World.
They are a union dedicated to helping people like you achieve proper working conditions.
For example, if your boss is being a jerk to you, then the IWW can step in to tell your boss to be cool.
The IWW is international, and can help you where ever you work in the world.
Also, the more of your coworkers that join with you, the stronger you all can be when you fight for better working conditions and better pay.

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Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC), MARCH 

I summarized from this blog:

MARCH algorithm (preventable deaths in combat zones)

M-assive Hemorrhage
-Detect source of bleeding
-Direct pressure: hold pressure (~10min) until blood clot forms
-Devices: If necessary, use tourniquets, hemostatic gauze and pressure bandages
-Don't dilute: use concept of hypotensive resusitation to avoid thinning blood or pumping established clots

But can you really call it a "true crime" podcast, Becky, if you and your 29 year old friends aren't even truly committing any crimes?

**Apple Introduces Parental Control Feature That Scans Messages for Nudity**

"The feature will use machine learning to detect nudity in incoming and outgoing messages sent by children, but is concerning some experts."

#news #bot

Wow, if you like block Cloudflare, the Web becomes partly unusable. This ... isn't right.

iPhones are now compromised. For using their product, Apple is now assuming authority over any/all files on your device.

It'd be best to boycott Apple products, especially if you're doing any sort of organizing.

gonna make one of those shitty traditionalist architecture accounts but only post photos of caves


All Cuomos Are Bastards
(Looking you too, Rivers)

Lmao my girlfriend is doing a cybersecurity training at work and the hacker character is a furry wearing a collar and arm warmers

Cult comedian Andrew O'Neill and friends present this comedy fundraiser to raise money to support the Bristol Kill The Bill prisoners and the London Anarchist Bookfair.
Come and have a laugh while pushing back against state oppression! I promise you that's possible!

Raising money for the Anarchist Bookfair in London and the Bristol Kill The Bill prisoners.

A security audit of #ProtonMail reveals several issues:

- an XSS vulnerability in image attachments (medium risk)
- possible brute-forcing on Yahoo address app passwords (low risk)
- option to spoof sender's/recipient's name
- other less relevant issues

It's great that PM shares the audit with the public but it's also a bit misleading that PM says "the audit uncovered no major issues or security vulnerabilities" which isn't entirely true.



this is very poe's law to me, i can't tell if it's satire or completely serious, but inflammatory nonetheless

the admin's pinned post is self-explanatory:


lol just found out there is a loveforlandlords dot com fedi instance

Someone on the metro is screaming about a revolution and "fuck socialism" as if that is something prevalent where I live.

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