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Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC), MARCH 

Is Wikipedia trustworthy at all?

i first heard about mastodon from a local anarchist while sucking her dick (she had real bad adhd), but didn't get around to joining until the tumblr porn ban #myasstodontownhall

Shout out to that time Elon musk got twitter to suspend every account with his name in them because of shit like this

Is Canada trying to compete with the US on how brutal they can be to Indigenous people?

This kid next door was just unironically jamming to “never gonna give you up” and it reminded me how much of a banger that song is actually

Can any historians with a doctorate please explain to me how me judging the past is unethical?

Pugsly Addams was originally gonna be called Pubert

Being made fun of by old school punk anarchists for reading about anarchism in books feels weird...

uspol - elections (selections) 

Is Wikipedia trustworthy at all?

In solidarity with indigenous communities, anarchist and antifascist groups are organizing autonomous fire fighting brigades to help put out wildfires in the Brazilian rain-forest while the State does little to stop their spread.


Selfie, mask 

Riot cops in #Belarus have a really wild imagination during protests... New protest tech allowed to stream the music from his head into this video! #ACAB #Protest

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