i love the webcomic "questionable content" but i hate that the guy who produces it is hoarding good instance names like butt.church and fart.computer. I wanna be jackofallEves on piss.farm or cum.energy >:(

Hey tankies, in all due sincerity. We will never align in solidarity with China. Not because were racist, sinophobic, or looking at CIA propaganda.


Thank you, this has been a PSA.....

I don't really remember the story behind this picture but i found it on an old disk and it made me happy so i thought i'd share it.

If I ever become an Instagram lifestyle influencer it'll be because I start putting mushrooms in cute planters. They don't last long but they are more delicious than succulents.

the future is outrunning cops til they run out of battery

1. Pirate the fuck out of all the shit. :ms_pirate_flag:
2. Because corporations can't... license the fuck out of every program you make against corporations while still leaving the code openly available to be easily pirated.
3. The system restrains itself, people stay free.

One of a diversity of tactics, #copyfarleft
#anarchism :ancom:

Honestly in getting tired of this wierd Tankies throwing an absolute, and incredibly un-theorieticaly sound. Shit fit over China, a state that can most likely hold it's own, with it's production value alone. And expect Anarchists, to align in solidarity, with a state, you know the thing we absolutely based a political ideology hating.

You ever think about how humans are biologically speaking, incredibly good endurance runners. Even before stone tools and shit, our main hunting strategy was basically just to chase an animal until it was too exhausted to move. Literally just wait until it gave up on life and would hold still enough so that we could kill it. That's pretty fuckin terrifying if you think about it. Humans are basically the animal kingdom version of the monster from It Follows

Being positive and lifting other people up is punk as fuck.

Xcom 2 posting 

Just looked up the bios of the Trans Siberian orchestra and let’s just say that I am *very* disappointed.

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