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Wait... people are actually anarchists? 

I thought this was a role playing forum

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Overdue intro 

Greetings and salutations.
Obviously an Anarchist. I'm also an androgynous pansexual goth POC. I mostly use he/him pronouns, but I do like it when someone uses she/her (especially when I'm not wearing any makeup and in work clothes).

I work in a clinical lab, and do a little bit of research. I mostly gripe and shit post. I'm also a multimedia junky who constantly looks for novelty. I indulge in hallucinogens, various crimes, and dabble with magic and music.

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Phone Script 

Are you aware of the IWW?
They are the Industrial Workers of the World.
They are a union dedicated to helping people like you achieve proper working conditions.
For example, if your boss is being a jerk to you, then the IWW can step in to tell your boss to be cool.
The IWW is international, and can help you where ever you work in the world.
Also, the more of your coworkers that join with you, the stronger you all can be when you fight for better working conditions and better pay.

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Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC), MARCH 

I summarized from this blog:

MARCH algorithm (preventable deaths in combat zones)

M-assive Hemorrhage
-Detect source of bleeding
-Direct pressure: hold pressure (~10min) until blood clot forms
-Devices: If necessary, use tourniquets, hemostatic gauze and pressure bandages
-Don't dilute: use concept of hypotensive resusitation to avoid thinning blood or pumping established clots

anti-family theory, statement of love and hope 

all i'm saying is this: if you dread holiday season with your parents and family, i love you, and i wish you all the strength, safety, fortitude and autonomy to disassociate at will and associate on your own terms, and that these decisions to relate to family be fully, consensually yours.

to the entrapped minors: i'm sorry for my failure as an adult that we have yet to burn your social prison to the ground -- i'm working on it.

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bring smarthome stuff into my vicinity and I will pwn it -lain

King Leopold II of Belgium’s Congo Free State forced labor system killed up to 50% of the population by some estimates.

Original tweet :

okay we all laughed at the time but can we admit that shingy was correct here. he was absolutely right

lain bitches about "just get a gpu" 

Also I love looking for solutions to stuff like this and seeing "what gpu" like bitch half of us can't afford a gpu because the internet monopoly money people cant stop masturbating over their useless mining rigs

What you are referring to as Windows is actually Windows+Nvidia, or as I like to call it, hell.

An experiment that needs to be tried [in minecraft] 

Throw empty vials of fentanyl at riot cops and see what happens

Our update on Google has finally been rejected.

Google asks us to provide credentials because #Fedilab cannot be used without them.

We appealed from this decision. It is technically not possible because login form is through a browser and not through the app. Also, there is no solution to specify the instance in their process.

We will keep you informed.

making an unfunny joke funny by repeating it a bunch of times is a power that we mere mortals did not deserve

good afternoon, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland must be destroyed


I've just witnessed the cringiest anti-antifa music video. It's a viola player (striking only 3 chords at most probably) while he wears a black zentai suit with a face cut out, an armband with the antifa flag symbol (and another swastika armband hidden underneath), and has a Hitler stache to top everything off. Gist of the lyrics is "antifa are the real fascists."

Ger pol, Merkel 

They played Nina Hagen for Merkel's exit ceremony?!

That's sorta funny, because of this:
Nina Hagen talking smack at Merkel and others about what to do with drug legalisation and what to do with addicts.

[next generation 2, feb 1995]
a selection of profile pictures from the X-BAND online service

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