someone on twitter calling for people to stop making horny art of cops and make horny art of USPS workers instead

"we don't lick boots, we lick stamps"

It's so easy to stop the riots.
They just don't want it to stop.

Socialist Rifle Association, John Brown Gun Club, and similar folks, where are you? quit hobnobbing with nazis and do something useful!!

Ok, how am I supposed to help you watch a video that you pause every 30 seconds and do whatever for 10-15 minutes at a time?

I hope as buildings are seized we build community power instead of just adopting the bureaucracy and reorganizing a form of government to go along with it.

There is some pretty solid evidence now that the whole DCblackout thing was a hoax. Internet traffic monitoring never showed a cutoff, and local BLM sources confirm this.

source on net traffic:

Be careful about what you just boost or rebroadcast without question, especially on twitter, there is a lot of bot activity spreading misinfo in the trending tags for example.

the lesbian mayor of seattle is siccing the cops on protestors, happy pride month

Don't fall for the "kneeling cops" thing. I'm seeing multiple reports that immediately after kneeling for the photo, the cops beat the shit out of people.

As the link says, stay away from bridges, underpasses, and tunnels where you can be easily kettled. (I remember a particularly terrifying moment in montreal when I watched the police herd the head of our protest under a bridge. I peeled off as soon as I saw it.)

"no huwty the powice uwu" - white people who are afraid of being uncomfortable with their complicity in white supremacy

Protest resource, please boost 

listening to nypd scanners 

Business venture of the pizza taxi 

The US has always been a fascist state for Black and Indigenous folks.

@stolas "Greg Hoeft of Janesville brought 12 boxes of bees to the event.

The bees were on a trailer that he towed into the post office parking lot, just behind the protestors.

Hoeft, whose name was on the side of the bee boxes, posted his plans on Facebook: “The riot control bees are in their holding yard waiting to clear the streets of Janesville and keep peace to this county. I’m willing to bring them in and kick them over if things get out of control.”

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