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Wait... people are actually anarchists? 

I thought this was a role playing forum

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Overdue intro 

Greetings and salutations.
Obviously an Anarchist. I'm also an androgynous pansexual goth POC. I mostly use he/him pronouns, but I do like it when someone uses she/her (especially when I'm not wearing any makeup and in work clothes).

I work in a clinical lab, and do a little bit of research. I mostly gripe and shit post. I'm also a multimedia junky who constantly looks for novelty. I indulge in hallucinogens, various crimes, and dabble with magic and music.

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Phone Script 

Are you aware of the IWW?
They are the Industrial Workers of the World.
They are a union dedicated to helping people like you achieve proper working conditions.
For example, if your boss is being a jerk to you, then the IWW can step in to tell your boss to be cool.
The IWW is international, and can help you where ever you work in the world.
Also, the more of your coworkers that join with you, the stronger you all can be when you fight for better working conditions and better pay.

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Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC), MARCH 

I summarized from this blog:

MARCH algorithm (preventable deaths in combat zones)

M-assive Hemorrhage
-Detect source of bleeding
-Direct pressure: hold pressure (~10min) until blood clot forms
-Devices: If necessary, use tourniquets, hemostatic gauze and pressure bandages
-Don't dilute: use concept of hypotensive resusitation to avoid thinning blood or pumping established clots

I've never seen it (saw them twice), but can you pit to The Pixies?

talking smack, hip hop stuff 

Ice-T is cool
Ice Cube is bunk

Ice Cube's cousin, Del Tha Funkee Homosapien/Deltron is so much cooler than Ice Cube.

Fuck Ice Cube.

Should I go for black metal lettering or Crass font?

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Thinking of getting "PRINCESS" as a tramp stamp


Umm... why am I suddenly getting involved with married and/or soon to be married people? 馃槼

I'm not the unicorn, but more like everyone's side-bitch.

Jealous that someone I know is going to see Pavement. They keep announcing shows the day of, and tickets sell out quick.


They have all these crucifixes but refuses to crucify anyone anymore

Leftist telegram channels have mostly died out. Sticking around for the memes



"Trans girls with guns"
Seen in Haifa, Palestine

Boss getting frustrated that 550GB of data isn't transferring fast enough to the cloud, and that errors of file transfers keep popping up.

I blame windows, be he's blaming the science equipment for this (which is something we're using to its maximum potential)

Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter is filled with nonstop action and lesbian vampires

best semi-liquid?

Twin Cities: Fash from "Hold the Line MN" intend to protest Drag Story Hour in St. Paul on Saturday morning, at Arlington Hills Public Library, 1200 Payne Ave on the east side. Story hour is at 10:30; Fash have advertised they will show at 10am.

Antifascist response will be decentralized, and you are encouraged to prepare and join. Please read these slides for important things to consider if you do.

(reposted - deleted earlier post w/ wrong address)

Twin Cities drag story hour defense 

Can't make it on Saturday? Let Saint Paul Public Library know that they have the community's support in hosting these life affirming events!

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horrid lewd, don't open 

Hey babe, are you Gentoo Linux? Because you're about to make my package emerge

email should be banned because it is literally an insecure inbox for anxiety to go in. literally nothing redeems it.

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