I see this bot following plenty of peeps from anarchism.space.
I think it's advisable to block followbot@pleroma.hatthieves.es for obvious reasons.

Eagle rant 

Prediction: Jair Bolsonaro repeatedly gets Covid and attacked by emus, in alternating succession, until he dies while taking a shit and eating a big mac at the same time

NRA dissolution 

You can be a statist leftist without fetishizing historical instances of state violence

its called not being a complete piece of shit

capitalism: if you don’t like how your job treats you you can just get a new job

me: ok i want a new job

capitalism: oh sorry it’s the time every six years where the entire economy is fucking destroyed so rich people can loot it right now. why don’t you beg in the street for scraps

uspol, orpol, pdx, police oversight, request for help, resource 

hilarious gun violence, genital mutilation, blood 

Big surprise how the audience for PragerU feels about the decline of civilization.

This is quite literally how well reforming legislation goes.

Mayor of Compton, Aja Brown, was pulled over by the Compton Sherriffs department (AKA the Executioners) with her child and husband in the family vehicle. She was released when they found out she was the mayor. She filed a complaint and nothing has happened.

Big surprise, mayors can't keep their own police in check.

And you see how well the "good cops" are treated.


"They killed entire threat management team. Mozilla is now without detection and incident response.

Tristan, Alicia, Lucius, even our new director are gone"


excuse me what the fuck . jpg

wired racist Relativism by Ted Nugent(NRA) 

Why are anarchists usually pigeonholed as bombers when right wing assholes have been involved in the bulk of recent bombings?

tried installing linux on my fleshlight and nvidia called me a tankie

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