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Wait... people are actually anarchists? 

I thought this was a role playing forum

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Overdue intro 

Greetings and salutations.
Obviously an Anarchist. I'm also an androgynous pansexual goth POC. I mostly use he/him pronouns, but I do like it when someone uses she/her (especially when I'm not wearing any makeup and in work clothes).

I work in a clinical lab, and do a little bit of research. I mostly gripe and shit post. I'm also a multimedia junky who constantly looks for novelty. I indulge in hallucinogens, various crimes, and dabble with magic and music.

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Phone Script 

Are you aware of the IWW?
They are the Industrial Workers of the World.
They are a union dedicated to helping people like you achieve proper working conditions.
For example, if your boss is being a jerk to you, then the IWW can step in to tell your boss to be cool.
The IWW is international, and can help you where ever you work in the world.
Also, the more of your coworkers that join with you, the stronger you all can be when you fight for better working conditions and better pay.

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Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC), MARCH 

I summarized from this blog:

MARCH algorithm (preventable deaths in combat zones)

M-assive Hemorrhage
-Detect source of bleeding
-Direct pressure: hold pressure (~10min) until blood clot forms
-Devices: If necessary, use tourniquets, hemostatic gauze and pressure bandages
-Don't dilute: use concept of hypotensive resusitation to avoid thinning blood or pumping established clots

A gas pump played me a fucking pro-pipeline political ad. The best part was it had an example of high gas prices that we’d see if we shut down this pipeline at 60 cents a gallon less than it presently is

"This is the real #Atlanta. The City in the Forest. And it is in danger. Of displacement, demolition, defeat. Everyone knows it. And we are fighting back.

And it is precisely this fight-back, this generalized determination to live a free and joyous life, that has produced so much resistance to the destruction of the South River Forest, the construction of Cop City and the Blackhall soundstage monstrosity. If you depended on the news, you would never know any of this."

Which is more rambunctious?
Hyperpop vs Happy Hardcore

I don't know why Bush Jr. does any more public speaking since he is already fully aware of how much of a bad orator he is.

However, I'm glad at how cathartic it was for the former US president to admit that the invasion of Iraq was unjustified.

Really appreciate the comedic irony of the name stablecoin in every article written about it for the past two weeks and for the foreseeable future

Practical recommendations for arming yourself (beginners): 

And don't ever in your life listen to influencers trying to sell you something with an affiliate link. These are people trying to make a buck off of you. Get your information from real sources, not your parasocial bestie with a bridge to sell.

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Practical recommendations for arming yourself (beginners): 

Do not accept substitutes. Do not listen to people talking about how something is "just as good" unless you know enough to do the extensive research required (you don't). You need something simple, demonstrably dependable, and affordable. The G19 and P365 have the best market support in their respective classes and will save you money on parts availability and accessories.

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Practical recommendations for arming yourself (beginners): 

Carry these on a compatible holster mounted to a PHLSter Enigma chassis with a spare magazine. Carry your gun loaded with 124 grain +p Gold Dots or HSTs. Carry a can of POM pepper spray in your pocket.
Jump start your training by looking at the incredible free videos being posted by Sage Dynamics on YouTube.

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Practical recommendations for arming yourself (beginners): 

Sign up for the GSSF to get a Glock Blue Label coupon. Use it to buy a discounted Gen 5 G19 MOS. Buy a Holosun SCS for it, as red dots are absolutely mandatory. Buy a Streamlight TLR-1 HL.
If you absolutely need something smaller, buy a Sig P365, get it milled to mount a Holosun 507K, and mount a Streamlight TLR-7 Sub.

I forget... was China the first country to recognize the Taliban as the legitimate governing body of Afghanistan?

Out here watching the city of Minneapolis and bootlicking media try to manufacture consent for bringing a full on riot squad and multi-agency coordination fusion center to the next encampment sweep.... :(

Pic via tcparkresponder on twitter, which also posted city documents showing that people showing up to stand in the way of planned camp sweeps has in fact worked to delay or prevent them altogether.

One of my favorite bivalves is the oyster Gryphea. They were common in the Jurassic, when they could be found in shallow muddy environments. They were "recliners", using a boatlike lower valve to stay suspended on the sediment surface. Much of Europe is covered by sedimentary rocks from shallow marine environments of that time, so Gryphea was well known before we even knew what fossils were. They were called "devil's toenails" and carried to bring good luck and ward off rheumatism. #clamfacts

Gryphea is extinct, like most reclining bivalves. In one of my fave studies, they put a bunch of model Gryphea in an environment like where they once lived. Burrowing clams below softened the mud and caused them to sink, while crabs from above cracked them open. The 1-2 punch resulting from the evolution of sediment "reworking" and shell crushing during Cretaceous led to extinction of many invertebrates at the sediment surface, in an event called the Marine Mesozoic Revolution. #clamfacts

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Subject: this is a post 

Hi Mastodon,

damn i love writing emails. my favorite part is coming up with a greeting and an ending and a subject for them. i love it so much

Kind Regards,

why yes, i DID see that we're having "dont boost your own post" discourse yet again. sorry that you're such a fucking drag no one wants to hear from you, but i love when my friends reboost their shit to make sure i didnt miss them being funny/ hot/ badass/ asking for help

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if warhammer is so good *assistant whispers in my ear* there's how many warhammer??


years of community building yet no real world use found for a memes channel

wanted to create a collaborative knowledge database anyway, for a laugh? we had something for that it was called a WIKI

these are REAL discords created by REAL developers

they have played us for absolute fools

I recently found out that Jhonen Vasquez does art streams on twitch

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