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Gonna do a better

HI I'm Pip, I'm a sweet trans girl, I redistribute the cuddles and can be your mommy if you like~

I'm an anti-civ, post-left anarchist. My aesthetic is witchy-butch. I'm sometimes hornt on main but I always CW it. I try to caption my images always so poke me if you need me to caption sth I've posted.

Follow me for the good trans shitposts and occasional anarchist ~discourse~.

Reviews like this make the blood, sweat and tears working on this adventure game while being an underpaid social worker in the US ghetto worth it. And yeah, let's make cyberpunk PUNK again!

Did I memtion how bloody creepy Southern Germany can be in November? There's almost no post-work done on these. #photography #MastoArt

Kobolds In Meta-Protective Outer Space Suits Ideating Better Lives for Everyone (KIMPOSSIBLE)

fights Dark Regent Attacking Kobolds and Kin, Exempting Nobody (DRAKKEN)

and Space Hellion with Entropic Grasping Onslaughts (SHEGO).

#outofcontextdnd #packtactics

Could someone point me to any resources on what machines/tools small scale book printers use?
[Boosts appreciated]

I want to see my friends. I'm lonely.

β€” Likot AlΓ₯thulΓ₯b, broker

@Louisa it was from the New York Times!!! The article was headlined "Why is everyone drinking celery juice as though it will save them from dying?"

Saying "you can object to eugenics on moral grounds, but you can't prove that it doesn't work" is advocating for eugenics. Any notion that eugenics could or could not "work" is built on the assumptions that there is a correlation between the methods of eugenics and their stated outcomes, and that said outcomes could potentially be desirable.

For fuck's sake stop using fucking Slack for your open source project, christ. Get it through your fucking skulls, Dudebros. This is some basic fucking shit.

every bar of jazz music that you listens to makes you more intelligent. every bar of classical music makes you dumber. hip hop is neutral, trap is god mode

and jesus spoke: let they who are without subscriber, post the first cringe

"how to disappear completely" is a song about how to configure your profile so it's unlisted in search engines

What did we sacifice this year to earn the favor of the sun god.

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