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Gonna do a better

HI I'm Pip, I'm a sweet trans girl, I redistribute the cuddles and can be your mommy if you like~

I'm an anti-civ, post-left anarchist. My aesthetic is witchy-butch. I'm sometimes hornt on main but I always CW it. I try to caption my images always so poke me if you need me to caption sth I've posted.

Follow me for the good trans shitposts and occasional anarchist ~discourse~.

every bar of jazz music that you listens to makes you more intelligent. every bar of classical music makes you dumber. hip hop is neutral, trap is god mode

and jesus spoke: let they who are without subscriber, post the first cringe

"how to disappear completely" is a song about how to configure your profile so it's unlisted in search engines

What did we sacifice this year to earn the favor of the sun god.

Our word β€œpink” referring to the color is only about 400 years old. There are older, unrelated meanings like a ship with a narrow overhanging stern

Crazy to think Hatsune Miku not only wrote Minecraft and Emacs, but also the hit series of Harry Potter novels.

for my grandas last birthday his horrible sons (my mams step brothers) put loads of clips of all of the family saying happy birthday on a usb stick. the pub we were in for the party was supposed to show the clips but it didnt work?

this did however end up being a blessing in disguise when my brother plugged it into my grandas tv at home amongst all the snotty snosed brats being like "happy birthday uncle john!" there was a clip of a woman getting totally fucking railed by a dildo machine

birdsite link, youtube bullshit 

What freedom of speech is actually about: freedom of the press, rights for creators, anti-censorship

What neo nazis think freedom of speech is about: openly being a bigot without social repercussions

[Drowning Pool voice]

1! I can count to 1...
2! I can count to 2...
3! I can count to 3...
4! I can count to 4...
1! what comes after 1?
2! what comes after 2?
3! what comes after 3?


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