Hey everyone. I'm in that "I feel kinda blue and therefore i can't sleep, so I'm cleaning up my room for the third time in a day" mood. What do you do to feel better when you're a bit down?

if you whine about shitposting you're a cop

ugh jesus christ. had a perfectly normal email exchange with this other office lady, she asked a question and i answered it. then she sent me this fucking abomination

why. why would you send this on your work email in response to a professional exchange

And then the guy began to sing, actual opera. And then some lady in the crowd joined.

My friends enjoyed it, but I could only think,all through that surreal experience, that there was no better example of late-stage capitalism

I couldn't even fathom what it would feel like being a trained opera singer, and practicing your craft a Jumbo, to sell a brand of noodles.

So! Story time.

I had some free time, so a normie friend invited me to a big supermarket, you know, one of those huge ones (It's called Jumbo)

We walked around, eating every free sample we could find, till we eventually fund one where a dude cooked some pasta and served it to us.

We sat down, were greeted by one of the cooks, and he asked us "Do you know what's needed to make good pasta?" Naturally, we nodded.

Cuando canta el gallo negro
es porque se acaba el día 
cuando canta el gallo negro
es porque se acaba el dia 
si cantara el gallo rojo
otro gallo cantaría

Se miraron en la arena
los dos gallos frente a frente
se miraron en la arena
los dos gallos frente a frente
el gallo negro era grande 
pero el rojo era valiente

To the boy who sits at the chess table, even though the library is empty:

You're kinda cute but you makee uncomfortable.

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