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testing testinnnnng, is Mastodon still a thing? testing

So, I was kissing my boyfriend today, and I lifted him up in the air

My phone fell out of my pocket and the screen cracked. It still works, but it sucks anyways.
My mom is gonna kill me when she finds out

On a different note, I will start looking for a job to buy a new phone, so at least it served as a motivation

Jobs are scary, though

Daily reminder that, even back then, fascists did not hold up to their fake, mythical, racial standards.

Race has no biological basis, people. None, zero. Europeans made it up to justify imperialism in the XIX century. I know it sounds obvious, but it's a belief that every single american I have encountered (outside of leftist spaces) hold.

It is our job to de-naturalize this.

On June 28, 1970, a similar march was held in NYC - called the Christopher Street Liberation Day march - along with marches in Boston, Los Angeles, & San Francisco.

"It seemed as if everyone there knew that something of major importance just happened to them and there could be no turning back."

Footage of the march, with interviews of participants (no captions):

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Mood: Dressing in full drag and throwing bricks at the police

have you people ever lost a friend due to politics?

I hace a friend I talk to, he's a "centrist" and a bit of an incel, and I'm thinking of cutting him off, just because it's teally frustrating to hang out with him, makes me want to cry, he just doesen't get it.


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