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I find the concept Liberation Theology to be fascinating, because on one hand, Liberation Theology movements have done lot of good in the world,, but theology in general has done a lot of bad,. I'm highly skeptical of superstition in general, and Marx said "religion is the opiate of the people." But religion can be a tool for good or for evil, for unification or for obfuscation. It is not inherently bad.

This is a little known fact but it's possible -and in many cases good actually- to engage in political actions that may not immediately bring about the end of capitalism.

How many people honestly expect to be fighting the revolution in their lifetime?

Is there a non-confederate symbol of southern pride? I need it to prove a point.

The only good cops are fictional ones where hypothetically in that world the police do good things

I'm thinking about the fundemental human drive to create and its consequences on labor.

And as a parody of , the thing about is that Black people are persons and deserve moral consideration. That cannot be said for America, or other countries. Sure race is a social construct and whiteness is an oppressive class, but we aren't saying "Blackness Matters" we're saying the people matter.

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The thing about the tag is that in actuality, no countries matter.

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I don't claim to have a full understanding of the theory, but I think SRSLY Wrong or RevLeft Radio did a podcast episode about it.

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Clarification: The way I've had it explained to me is that force is inherently violent and atomizing whereas power is the ability to make collective change (see black power or working class power). since the system is built on violence and enacts violence (see the state as a monopoly on violence), resistance to it is an expression of power and self-defense, and is therefore justifiable.

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anarcho-pacifist analysis is underrated. Like it takes the whole definition of a state as a monopoly on violence and runs with it (in the opposite way that egoism does). I think I'd have a hard time prescriptively justifying revolution if not for collective self defense or the distinction between force and power. i think anarcho-pacifism gets a bad wrap because of hippy dippy stuff. It's important to ground our definitions of violence, the state, revolution, power, force, etc.

It's kinda sus when you completely equate everyone who engages in antifascist advocacy to anti-statist anarchists. Kinda letting the mask slip there if you're saying that the same people who are against your state are antifascist. What does that say about the state?

Here's an insidious dialogue tree I get into when I'm trying to call out a fellow white person's racism

Me: The thing you said is racist!
Them: How do you know?

And then I have a choice. I can say, "Because I listen to Black people" making me cite my sources, which is not the worst choice, but it does have the effect of making a monolith out of a diversity of opinions in the Black community. Or I can say "because Racism is defined as" setting myself up as some sort of expert, which I'm not.

What the protests are not:
- A Race War
- The Revolution
- Riots
- Antifa/anarchist organized
- Deep State Manufactured
- Liberal obfuscation of class conflict

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