PSA: Remember not to use YouTube from Today to the 13th because of the BreadTube walkout

N’oubliez pas, ne utilizez pas le YouTube du jour au 13 de decembre au cause du débreyage de BreadTube

I'm not getting error 500 messages on today. wow.

I don't know weather it's a good or bad idea to have both of my masto accounts open at the same time.

us pol, Google News 

if you're not sure whether someone is enby they're enmaybe

Gendr sends you hand-picked genders every month that our gender experts know you’ll love. Try them all out— don’t like one? Send it back at no charge.

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Hey Mastodon, just to let everyone know: this account has been dormant for a while but we'll be coming back online in December. We're also going to be kicking up a PeerTube. Pardon our dust and inactivity while we're moving to a new city!

It seems like my anarchism space browser client is 2 hours behind my edfn browser client...

Like If I follow the Greta Thunberg Mirror on Masto it it won't add to her followers on Twitter right?

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