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@Clumsey_Wordsmith well, liberation theology has played a huge role in Latin America. Take for example the case of Ernesto Cardenal, a rebel catholic priest, poet and a key figure in the nicaraguan revolution that was excomulgated by the conservatives authoroties of the church because of it's political convictions. Most of the left wing ideas of the 70s still prevail to a large extente in the general mindset of popular religious pratices.

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@Cyborgneticz @CaribenxMarciaX @Clumsey_Wordsmith I'm not American but we don't learn much LatAm history in south africa either (we do USSR, USA, Cold War, and Apartheid as main focuses in high school). We learnt a little bit about churches and religious leaders in the struggle against apartheid but not about liberation theology itself.

@restioson @CaribenxMarciaX @Clumsey_Wordsmith American schools don't talk about that because liberation theology was the forefront of Catholicism in Latin America in the states whose governments we overthrew

@restioson @CaribenxMarciaX @Clumsey_Wordsmith I'll make the daring comment that the right-wing squads in Ecuador, among many other countries, were not communist

anyways I just find the subject very interesting. If I ever start making youtube vids or smth, I'll definitely make a video essay about this.

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@Clumsey_Wordsmith just for reference because I think the first part is very important & not oft discussed. It's like how religion is a reflection of poor material and social conditions

@CaribenxMarciaX @Clumsey_Wordsmith when it comes to Marx and religion, I think later Marxists are better than Marx. A lot of Liberation Theologians do a switcheroo of 'I'm not a Marxist but here's my Marxist analysis' to not be assasinated, so there's a bit of uncovering involved in that. For your research, I'm not sure how helpful it'd be because the authors while dunking on their Eurocentric views and needing to have a politics of Latin America are still mediating that line.

@Clumsey_Wordsmith full quote:

"Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people."

Well @Cyborgneticz Has a lil idea as to what I’m doing with my own research ;) @Clumsey_Wordsmith I’ve been looking at this primarily through how blk women and caribbean ppl in general use religion .. interestingly enough so far Marx hasn’t been brought up at all

@Clumsey_Wordsmith hmm
Anything in particular that you’re reading? Im doing research that includes this so im interested in what others are reading

@Clumsey_Wordsmith @CaribenxMarciaX I think for a beginning look at Marx and religion, reading Walter Benjamin's 'Theses on History' which criticizes Marx's take on religion and integrates Judaism into Marxism is really helpful

I find the concept Liberation Theology to be fascinating, because on one hand, Liberation Theology movements have done lot of good in the world,, but theology in general has done a lot of bad,. I'm highly skeptical of superstition in general, and Marx said "religion is the opiate of the people." But religion can be a tool for good or for evil, for unification or for obfuscation. It is not inherently bad.

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