Gender shitpost 

The hot new gender is female, but pronounced like "tamale."

Been playing a lot of Where the Water Tastes Like Wine lately, very good storytelling-centric chill game exploring Depression era Americana. Does a good job of being inclusive of various voices and is not shy about issues of racism or poverty, just as any stories about that era should be.

I know like, duh, obvs I should expect this. It's just some way more blatant stuff than I was expecting from a relatively small co-op grocery. (Consumer-owned)

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Me, before my union steward introduction meeting today: "Oh my company's pretty good, I'm glad to be part of the union to keep them in check though."

Me, after hearing the horror stories at my steward's meeting: "This company would squeeze us for everything if we let them and we are the last damn line of defense holy shit."

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everyone please look at this, it's very important and making me cry

Election results around the US looking OK. Not great, but OK. Assuming Dems can manage to avoid any deals of the "Just let us torture confessions from immigrants and we'll also provide relief for opiod addicts" compromises, we're at least not fucked.

So I mean, probably still fucked, but at least Florida restored voting rights to felons.

I remember we all had a good half a week of literally everyone making fun of this ad and it was great.

Never forget that corps won't stick their neck out an inch for you. They won't say a peep until the focus tests say it's profitable to do so.

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Like this whole ad was a trainwreck of whitewashed current events, cowardly apolitical "rebellion", and utter corporate nonsense, but this sign is magical. It signals absolutely nothing and doesn't even have the sound and fury to do it well. The T doesn't even have a reason to be up in there except to overshadow the h-turned-i!

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Nothing cheers me up quite like the "Jotin the Conversation" sign from that terrible pepsi ad about protests.

Slowly learning Twine's syntax. End goal is to use it for science writing. The simple interactivity seems like it'd benefit SciComm a lot by letting knowledgeable folks breeze through while more clueless folks can click on all the little explanations. If all goes well I'll make a Twine based on my previous research experience by mid November at the latest.

... Though, when do things ever go well with me?

As we (those in the northern hemisphere at least) drift into this most wonderful of seasons, remember that while being fall trash and *especially* being Halloween trash is queer culture, mass market capitalism is extremely not.

N++ and Transistor 

Less to say about these two tbh.

N++ is just a really good platformer with a phenomenal difficulty curve, but also some fantastic minimalist design (both visually and gameplay-wise).

Transistor is a beautiful game. Visual design and audio design are top-notch, and the gameplay design is quite interesting. It's also a rare non-capitalist/over-surveillance dystopia that actually works.

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Night In The Woods 

Awkward college dropout disaster returns home to the failing small town that she left three years ago, and shit happens. Friendship, mental illness, "small-town-politeness", and 20's-trash shenanigans presented humorously yet mercilessly. I cried a lot!

Also it's got a great "Fuck silicon valley" poem in it.

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Rain World 

A beautiful post-apocalypse. You play as a slugcat in a world where all that's left is wildlife crawling through the ruins of the old world. It's brutal and kinda rough around the edges but the design is fascinating and forces you to keep learning about the creatures that inhabit it.

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Expanding on the games cuz I physically cannot stop myself from writing more. Heaven Will Be Mine: 

Central theme of transhumanism as a metaphor for LGBTQ liberation. The writing style can be obtuse at times but is extremely My Shit.

Centers around 3 girls in space, who flirt and fight (nonlethally) for their visions of the future.

It's the game that finally made me come out as nonbinary, that plus the dev's previous visual novel, "We Know the Devil" (Which is also fantastic).

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"If you had to recommend someone 5 games to get a feel for you/your tastes, what would you pick?" Indie trash edition: 

Heaven Will Be Mine: Transhumanism, disaster lesbian romance, and an overabundance of metaphors. Big queer inspiration

Rain World: Beautiful exploration/survival game

Night in the Woods: Small-town melodrama feat. mental illness and hope against hatred

N++: Just a really good minimalist platformer

Transistor: Drop-dead gorgeous cityscape visuals and clever design

Started learning Twine. BRB moving into a trashbin where I've always belonged.

Spending 10 minutes picking up bunny shaped pasta off the floor the day before you move is queer culture.

Nothing like moving to remind you that capitalism is hell and landlords are parasites. Wheeee!

Hello! I probably won't be much into this whole Mastodon thing until some more of my favorite artists migrate over, but in the meantime, this seems like a good place to shitpost and/or go on about politics!

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