@BunnyHearted holy moley, good catch on this one, i haven't seen it making the rounds

@georgespolitzer it was making the rounds in other spaces late last night, but I realized I hadn't seen it here yet, so :blobcat:

Love to have major media orgs openly posting the Nuremberg defence in 2020.

@BunnyHearted oh wow i didn't even see newsweek posted that lol. newsweek is a highly read magazine but i don't think anyone would ever like defer to it

@georgespolitzer tbh I'm not that familiar with US news orgs, so basically any I've at least heard of are 'major publications' to me, lol.

@BunnyHearted yeah it is a major publication, its reputation is just undeserved its like...idk junk food news. not much substance to them. you see them a lot in waiting rooms

@georgespolitzer ahh ok. Well I mean that unfortunately means it's likely quite widespread, if our own shitty grocery store and office magazines are anything to go by.

@BunnyHearted We have achieved a new milestone: Newsweek headlines are now indistinguishable from those of "The Onion"

@BunnyHearted imagine not wanting unfiltered immigration and bad shit following it... Such a nazi indeed...

@LimticLewd imagine running a transmisogynistic porn account on "neckbeard.xyz" and expecting anyone to take your dumb ass seriously.

@BunnyHearted This is one of those things where it's impossible to distinguish between real news and satire similar to The Onion.

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