Hey guys, super shitty news. You may remember me talking about the Birmingham Free Store, an awesome radical #queer space that provides #MutualAid in my hometown by collecting and giving away various things donated by folks in Bham

The landlord for the building has been working on the roof lately, and didn't properly secure the tarp before rain came last night. The store is now flooded, with much of what was inside - including the entire library section - destroyed beyond repair

They really need help right now, however you can. For cash donations, their patreon and venmo are both @bhamfreestore, and if you want to mail books or anything else their address is 3114 27th St N, Birmingham, AL 35207

Please boost this, and copy to other media if you'd like. This is an incredible space and it deserves our help!

#anarchism #solarpunk #solidarity

Sexuality expresses itself in many different ways in nature. With human beings, it isn't just monogamy or polygamy that is natural. However, we may be able to simplify the plethora of categories to measures of sex drive and socio-emotional need. These things, as most things are, are most likely contingent to circumstance and can vary fluidly throughout one's experience. Also, something that most won't admit, in our current socio-economic environment, the influence of power dynamics is prevalent.

HAVE you ever wondered about ART? HAVE you ever wondered about WHAT IT IS THAT MAKES ART WHAT IT IS? Check out my latest video!

HAVE you ever wondered about ART? HAVE you ever wondered about WHAT IT IS THAT MAKES ART WHAT IT IS? Check out my latest video!

Hey everybody! I'm happy to announce that I will be uploading my new video tomorrow! I'm thinking about calling it WHAT THE F***K IS ART? (OR ART AND EXPERIENCE). We'll see 😜

Me, with a higher cost of living even for more socially acceptable disabilities like vision:

Me, knowing I have scoliosis and still not having that checked for two decades of life because of prohibitive costs associated with "specialists":

Me, spotting how often the allistics in my work environments close in around me when they start detecting something is "off" about me that they deem "incompetent" or worse:

Me, dying from health neglect while accumulating chronic pain:

Ever notice how the ways we can render capitalism irrelevant always seem to point to "build real community, with real communal ties, where everyone is supported"

"Go to Mastodon! I'll stay here on Twitter and fight the good fight!" he said, just before he getting dragged into another four-hour feud w/ a sea-lioning white nationalist.

Hey all. Does anyone do games coverage that would like to do some coverage of mine? πŸ˜…

No one is too small to help. Press release and playable available for anyone interested.

Boosts appreciated. Tag someone who might care ( clearly I don't know anyone who does. :blobsad: )

Thanks fedifriends! πŸ’–

Animated flashy videogamey gif attached....

"But in actuality, as we all know, things as they are and as they have been, in the arts as in a hundred other areas, are stultifying, oppressive, and discouraging to all those, women among them, who did not have the good fortune to be born white, preferably middle class, and above all, male." -Linda Nochlin

For anyone waiting to watch my Getting Over It stream, sorry, I had to reschedule due to technical difficulties.

Agitating against landlords, posters, large file warning! 

The Encyclopedia of Women Philosophers: A New Web Site Presents the Contributions of Women Philosophers, from Ancient to Modern openculture.com/?p=1053158 t.co/s78zQAbx7F

Everyone's sharing the close-up image of the black hole itself, which is neat, but here is a zoomed-out view of the gigantic mass of space-stuff that it is busily consuming: chandra.harvard.edu/blog/node/

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