For anyone waiting to watch my Getting Over It stream, sorry, I had to reschedule due to technical difficulties.

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The Encyclopedia of Women Philosophers: A New Web Site Presents the Contributions of Women Philosophers, from Ancient to Modern

Everyone's sharing the close-up image of the black hole itself, which is neat, but here is a zoomed-out view of the gigantic mass of space-stuff that it is busily consuming:

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STREAM TONIGHT! Watch if you want to see me torture myself with GETTING OVER IT WITH BENNETT FODDY while talking about the connections between DIOGENES and ANARCHIST philosophy. Link here:

furthermore, I have decided that I am now a Ben’s Rubbish Removal stan, and any hostility directed towards Ben will be met with swift retribution.

Non-violent action need not be restrained. When we say we refrain from violence, we are making as much a strategic decision as a philosophical one.

But non-violence as a principle, while powerful, must be treated with as much caution as violence.

Math teacher said that capitalism sin't popular in the US anymore

Me: "Is there some socialist revolution going on that I didn't know about?"

Here's another beautiful work of art! Everybody welcome Jeff Beelzebub!

To get you guys excited about the video I will be releasing tonight, behold! Elon Marx! The true socialist capitalist! 😂

Hey everyone. I'm going to be interviewed on the "Objectively Subjective" channel where we will be discussing such subjects as my politics. View here:

Hey everyone. I'm going to be interviewed on the "Objectively Subjective" channel where we will be discussing such subjects as my politics. View here:

The attitude towards violence is one sided. Violence can be enacted on the lower classes day after day, and nobody blinks an eye. As soon as the lower classes start speaking about violence in return, it suddenly becomes reprehensible.Know your history; know your environment; know your context; know your enemy.

Contemporary industrial society is now characterised more than ever by the need for stupefying work where it is no longer a real necessity.
-- Herbert Marcuse

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Therapist: what's on your mind?
Me: the daily inner workings of the anarchist superblock that formed out of refuse and unwanted peoples on the edge of chinese territory. Like, how did the neighbors treat each other? Was there a daycare center? Were there housekeepers? Did you have to go into china for groceries, or did they have public pantries to draw from and donate to? How did one move in and start living there?
Therapist: I mean with your emotional state.
Me (dissociating):

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