Right then, my motion to the municipality headquarters is up, now to use my leverage to contact the newspaper.

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Quoting my highly sarcastic anarchist neighbour "I mean I don't want a state but if I have one it should darn well be oppressive! It's just like how I don't want genocide but if I had to have it I would darn well want a successful one."

Life is pretty fucking horrid, I feel like I am about to faint.

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I am tired, sick, hungry and have a massive headache on this fucking train.

Mastodon is incredibly weird for a social media platform.

I feel like I ought to get a life outside of toots and politics.

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it is 1°C outside. it could try a little harder, be a little more positive.

Bored! how are you guys doing on this fine autumn day?

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Hello! First post here, super excited to be here😬

Trains are nice, but train rides without headphones suck.

Fuck being me, I am pro nuclear power yet anti-capitalist, I need support anyone feeling in the same minority of opinions as me?

And the nuclear power debate is on here again! Fuck this shit.

Motion sent to the municipality headquarters about feminist self defence in school, let's hope it doesn't get rejected.

Tired of the world, and now I am apparently going to have twice weekly meetings with my deputy headmaster... As an anarchist I don't like him, as a communist I feel sorry for the fact that he currently works 270%... As a person I think he behaves like an arrogant snob who thinks he is worth something too often.

Sometimes I wonder if my teachers would be surprised if I got arrested.

I am very happy I already know evolution theory, because I am apparently missing my last lesson on it...

Right then, not sure if it is morally okay for my deputy headmaster to pull me out of class to get into a meeting with him about an off curricular topic...

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