Quick poll on obscure shit I have to deal with, how well would you say you know noble or royal protocol and etiquette?
If you have to use it on daily basis let's go bond about our shared experiences.

The post is corrupt though, we are trying to fix it now.

Playing pretend UN this is fucking hilarious, I need more of this shit.

Dear fucking good at my confirmation with like 20 bourgeoisie twats from Stockholm and like 4 even remotely okay people.

Honestly I sometimes wonder if life wasn't better before I ended up with opinions nazis crush my local organisations windows in an attempt to silence.

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left unity hottake 

Sometimes I wonder if I wouldn't have a better life if I never left my ignorant years, life was better before I was disillusioned of the system.

My family may be a fancy medieval hierarchical mess, but it's still a mess.

Keep fighting, whatever battle you are fighting right now, keep strong, keep up the fight, don't forget to ask for help, even if that is a panicked "fuck the nazis are in town, help!" we are a community of people bound together by our strongest weapon, use it comrades, international solidarity, fight the battles on all fronts and keep up the work!

I really don't like most of my family bullshit at all.

My life, I am so done with shit right now.

Fancy mothers day dinner is very controversial with the EU election results the current debate topic, a communist, an anarchist, a demsoc and an extreme ecologist at the table.

I love this theater performance that I am in right now, I have two minutes to change character, gender, species and social status.

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Anti-fascism wants an end to Fascism, so anti-fascism can end.
Fascism wants to end peoples, so its tyranny can be perpetual.

Calling them equivalent is like calling fire-extinguishers same as arsons,
for "one is intended to extinguish fires and the other to extinguish lives".

Totally supposed to be analysing democracy and dictatorship in the lord of the flies, totally analysing it from an anarchist perspective.

It might actually be worth being disinherited, just for the twenty or so years of peace I would get before my little sister became head of house.

Good job me, at a orthopedic clinic hopefully I will be able to walk properly in a bit.

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Quick poll, how many of you have any idea what a head of house is?

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