Fuck the patriarchy, I hate this feeling.

Fuck trains, they are great for the climate and stuff but they are soo fucking boring.

Det svenska folkhemmet, we built a fucking ideal society and then we let them take it, we built brilliance and then we voted them away, we let late stage capitalism consume us, we let a society built on solidarity flow away, it died with Tage Danielsson and Olof Palme, and we had a culture with solidarity and equality at its heart, what did we do wrong?

Merry Christmas all you scandinavia folks who don't have the patience to wait till tomorrow, let us all sit through the same fucking Christmas Disney sequence as we have every other year since the beginning of fucking television.

Family, fucking hell, already a mess, everyone hasn't even arrived yet, the ball ain't until tomorrow and we are already around 15 people here.

I really don't see why my mother insists on bringing ball gowns to grandmothers place, it's not like we don't already have some there, it's a fucking mess, I swear I could do without Christmas parties.

How are you all doing this fine eve so soon before the solstice?

Soon time for third Lucia ceremony and then quick changing and back to class.

Sick, stressed and fucking done with men, I need school to end, soon, and then I need to not be surrounded by family, I need to get back to Kenya and just cry into Esther's arms again, fuck that I didn't stay in better contact with my Kenyan friends.

I am really done with masculine guys in my life, so far they have all been jerks, including the one I became friends with for a short while who is now being an utter twat and spamming me as he attempts to guilt trip me because I ignored him after he started spamming me after I talked to his cousin about him spamming me because he doxxed me...

Yay, body I know you just figured the holiday was coming and decided to get sick, but really? couldn't you have waited until tuesday when the hard parts of school are actually over?

Liberal economics is bullshit, anyone know any modern marxist authors I can use to prove my teacher wrong?

So, who is up to helping a confused teenager who should know her error analysis skills better than she currently does?

Right, loud classmates, fucking hell I have become increasingly dependent on headphones, my hypersensitivity will make me kill someone before the year is out.

I have never in my life more wished to be eighteen so that I could join the fight against Turkey in Rojava, it is aggravating to feel such loyalty to an organisational form I have never lived under nor am connected to, fight, and I will do whatever I can to support you from here.

Patriarchy is shit, that's all that is on my mind right now dear fediverse.

The world is weird, but hey, I have survived soon 15 years in it so I think I can survive however many more the world deigns right to give me in light of the climate crisis.

I sometimes have these moments of sudden revelation about how weird my upbringing was, it wasn't that my family was really rich, or really poor, we were just middle class but aristocratic, normal working family with one exception a mention of our last name was enough to make the local conservatives bow and I regularly attended dinners and the like with the social elite, I figured out as late as yesterday that owning at least one ballgown was odd... Life...

Fuck this crap, I had a brilliant day but I still feel insecure as crap.

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