Remembering that classic moment when the musician Prince created a symbol for himself that is a combination of the symbols for male and female, and literally sang "I'm not a woman; I'm not a man. I am something that you'll never understand." and The Cis were still like "what a man!"

@AndyTehNerd I honestly believe that if Prince were still alive he would be out as NB tbh

@AndyTehNerd I'm kinda fascinated how the 80s and 90s accepted any behavior in a man if it could be motivated by "he gets to have sex because of this". Prince, Freddie Mercury, Pet Shop Boys, and so many others so obviously gender non-conforming.
And normies are like "wow, some girls sure like some weird stuff huh".

@AndyTehNerd Also normies: "wow you gays must have a secret sixth sense to detect other gays, let's call it gaydar"

@AndyTehNerd Also, that one time he sent floppy disks out to as many journalists as possible with a font consisting entirely of his name so people could use it in print, and they still went with the 36-times-as-long "The Artist Formerly Known As Prince" every time.

@AndyTehNerd The problem with prince is that he'll never reach the younger generation because he made it as hard as possible to find his music online.

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