Just like intellectuals made 'queering' into a toothless thought experiment that doesn't really effect queers, they seem to be doing the same to the verb 'decolonize'.

To decolonize means to stop the process of colonialism and get the colonist out.

So you can't decolonize a museum by changing the wording of the signs, you have to actually return the stolen art, ALL of it.
You can't decolonize Anthropology by writing papers. You have to actually stop studying POC to advance your white career.

Don't let slip past without letting your Cis Allies know that they can count on you to be their gay friend.

Oh right, today the US finds out whether trans people who can afford a lawyer are allowed to get more justice than the rest of us.

Remembering that classic moment when the musician Prince created a symbol for himself that is a combination of the symbols for male and female, and literally sang "I'm not a woman; I'm not a man. I am something that you'll never understand." and The Cis were still like "what a man!"

US immigration 

"Openly gay Prime Minister of Luxembourg with his partner welcoming openly lesbian Prime Minister of Serbia and her partner ahead of the first official visit between two LGBT+ heads of government." IMHO #TOGTT The One Good Thing Today - Source: reddit.com/r/europe/comments/d

Read about how having a pen pal makes a positive impact on incarcerated trans and queer folks, and consider signing up yourself:
From personal experience, it's not easy, but it's definitely worth it.


Jesus was an apocalyptic preacher, which is equivalent to preppers today.

In post-fidget spinner America, are stims more acceptable?

In post-fidget spinner America, are stims more acceptable?

November 馃懜 [they]: I guess my point is there's not just one way to express yourself as a trans person, and I don't appreciate people assuming that there is.

November 馃懜 [they]: Sure, they made a deeply personal film that also happens to be one of the most influential films released in their lifetime, but when will they get a chance to really express themselves?
November 馃懜 [they]: I get that being able to openly say "hey yall, I'm a woman, please address me that way" is a big thing. but um...so is directing the most popular movie on the planet and filling it with all of your personal struggles and goals?

November 馃懜 [they]: I don't like this implication that there's some dichotomy between trans people who have come out and started the medical treatments, vs trans people who are trapped inside themselves. They also made the Matrix before they Officially Came Out鈩 and I don't know how you could say they were "trapped inside themselves".

November 馃懜 [they]: I'm pretty sure the author of this article is cis and has a limited understanding of queer issues, but I'm really annoyed by the framing that the Wachowskis were "trapped inside themselves" because they hadn't "come out" when they made Bound. I wouldn't consider anyone who wrote and directed a film like that trapped inside themselves.

November 馃懜 [they]: " The journey begins with Bound, in which they are still trapped inside themselves, but there is still a light at the end of the tunnel. In the subsequent The Matrix trilogy, Speed Racer, and Jupiter Ascending, the sisters weave massive, epic tales about discovering one鈥檚 true self."

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